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MBE 1999

Born 4 Sept. 1924; d of Conrad Potter Aiken and Jessie McDonald; m 1st, 1945, Ronald George Brown (d 1955); one ...


Born St Louis, 4 April 1928; d of Bailey Johnson and Vivian Baxter Johnson; one s; died 28 May 2014

writer, singer and actress

George Washington High Sch., San Francisco; California Labor Sch....


DCMG 1994

Born 25 June 1926; d of Edward Curtis Anstee and Anne Adaliza (née Mills); died 25 Aug. 2016

lecturer, writer and consultant on UN issues and peacekeeping training; Adviser to: President and Government of Bolivia (...


Born Dublin, 28 May 1940; d of William Binchy and Maureen Blackmore; m 1977, Gordon Snell, writer and broadcaster; died 30 July 2012


Holy Child Convent, Killiney, Dublin; University College, Dublin...


Born 13 May 1861; d of late John Ireland Blackburne, Chester, and Mary (née Buchanan); died 28 Nov. 1951

Chairman Writers’ Club, 1916–17 and 1930; Joint Hon. Sec. Women Writers’ Dinner, ...


Born 16 Jan. 1923; m 1st, 1944, Rodney Bax (marr. diss); 2nd, 1953, Jerzy Pietrkiewicz (marr. diss. 1975; he d 2007); 3rd, 1981, Claude Brooke (marr. diss. 1982); ...


CBE 1990

Born 16 July 1928; oc of Newson and Maude Brookner; died 10 March 2016

Reader, Courtauld Institute of Art, 1977–88

James Allen’s Girls’ Sch.; King’s Coll., Univ. of London (BA ...


CBE 1998

Born 21 April 1906; d of Michael Browse and Gladys Browse (née Meredith); m 1st, 1934, Ivan H. Joseph; 2nd, 1964, Sidney H. Lines (decd); ...


DPhil; FBA 2002

Born 11 Feb. 1937; d of Sir Trevor Evans, CBE and Margaret (née Gribbin); m 1962, David Edgeworth Butler (Sir David Butler, CBE, FBA); two s...


DBE 2007 (CBE 1992); FBA 1989

Born 25 March 1921; d of late Gilbert Charles Tew and Phyllis Twomey; m 1951, James A. T. Douglas, OBE (d 2004...


OBE 1992

Born 25 Aug. 1923; d of Alexander Halliday and Dorothy Eveline Millard; m 1946, Sir Alastair MacTavish Dunnett (d 1998); two ...


Born 13 June 1932; d of Gustav and Ingeborg Ekeblad; m 1959, Roger Ewbank; one s two d; died 7 June 2004

Professor of English Literature, University of Leeds, ...


FBA 1976

Born 3 Oct. 1920; d of William Sydney Bence Bosanquet, DSO, and Esther Cleveland Bosanquet, d of Grover Cleveland, Pres. of USA; m 1945, Michael Richard Daniell Foot, CBE, TD (marr. diss. ...


Born 1860; d of 8th Viscount Midleton and Augusta, d of 1st Baron Cottesloe; m 1889, Philip Lyttelton Gell (d 1926); died 17 April 1944

Lady of the Manors of Hopton-Carsington and Middleton...


FBA 2006; FRSL

Born 27 June 1924; d of Maurice and Gladys Nathan; m 1946, Ernest Dawson Hardy (d 1977); two d; died 12 Feb. 2016

Professor of English Literature, Birkbeck College, University of London, ...


Born 2 May 1936; d of Gilbert L. Jones and Marjorie H. Jones; m 1963, Clifford Alfred Horn (d 2008); died 17 July 2013

author; freelance lecturer, since ...


CBE 2005; FRS 2015; PhD

Born 12 April 1944; d of Jacob Bronowski and Rita (née Coblenz); m 1st, 1969, Nicholas Jardine, FBA (marr. diss. 1979); one s...


CBE 1992

Born 18 July 1926; d of Dr H. C. Jennings, Oxon; died 26 Oct. 2001


Oxford High Sch.; St Anne’s Coll., Oxford

Asst at Oxford City Library, ...


AC 1993; DBE 1983 (OBE 1976); DPhil

Born 1 Oct. 1924; d of Alfred and Gertrude Gibson; m 1952, Harold Kramer (d 1988); two d; died 20 April 2016...


CBE 1974

Born 30 Aug. 1906; d of late N. B. Harman, FRCS, and Katherine (née Chamberlain); m 1931, Hon. F. A. Pakenham (later 7th Earl of Longford, KG, PC; he ...