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Born Varsovie, 7 Nov. 1867; d of Professeur de Lycée Sklodowski; m 1895, Pierre Curie (d 1906); two d; died 4 July 1934...


OBE 2012; QVRM 2001; TD 1994

Born Brighton 22 March 1955; d of John Murphy and Doris Murphy

Vice Lord-Lieutenant, Greater London, since 2018


CB 1974; RRC 1971

Born 9 Feb. 1921; d of late Captain G. W. Ducat-Amos, Master Mariner, and Mrs M. Ducat-Amos; died 7 Jan. 2008...


Born 1860; d of 8th Viscount Midleton and Augusta, d of 1st Baron Cottesloe; m 1889, Philip Lyttelton Gell (d 1926); died 17 April 1944

Lady of the Manors of Hopton-Carsington and Middleton...


RRC 1990

Born 5 April 1937; d of late Sydney Ludwig Hancock and Catherine Teresa Hancock (née O’Dea)

Director and Matron-in-Chief, Princess Mary’s Royal Air Force Nursing Service, and Deputy Director, Defence Nursing Services (Organisation), 1991–94...


CB 1984; RRC 1976; SRN, SCM

Born 26 Sept. 1926; d of late Robert John Harris and Annie Martha Harris (née Breed)

Director, Nursing Services (RAF), and Matron-in-Chief, Princess Mary’s Royal Air Force Nursing Service, 1981–84...


CBE 1988 (MBE 1967); RRC 1982

Born 27 Jan. 1933; d of late Bartholomew and Nora Agnes Hennessy

Matron-in-Chief, Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps, 1985–89 and Director of Defence Nursing Service, 1986–89...


DBE 1917

Born London, 8 April 1857; d of late Thomas Radmall; m 1901, 9th Baron Byron (d 1917); no c; m 1924...


Born d of Archibald Campbell, of Thornhill, Quebec; m Capt. Sir Alfred Jephson, RN (d 1900); no c; died 26 Nov. 1930

a Lady of Grace of the Order of St John of Jerusalem in England...


CBE 2017

Born Aberdeen 7 Sept. 1962; d of Richard and Rhoda Kennedy; m 2014, Mark Durkan

Assistant Chief of Staff Medical, Head, Royal Naval Medical Service, and Medical Director General (Naval), Royal Navy, since 2017...


CB 1979; RRC 1977

Born 11 May 1923; d of late Lt-Col Oliver Nash Moriarty, DSO, RA, and Mrs Georgina Elsie Moriarty (née Moore)...


RRC 1981

Born 25 Jan. 1930; d of Captain Basil Duck Reed, RN, and Nancy Mignon Ethel Reed

Director of RAF Nursing Services, 1984–85, retired...


CB 1984; CBE 1980; RRC 1973

Born 21 Dec. 1924; d of late William James Rooke and Lily Amelia Rooke (née Cole); died 13 Sept. 2009

Matron-in-Chief (Army) and Director of Army Nursing Services, ...


CBE 1995; RRC 1990 (ARRC 1986)

Born 22 April 1940; d of Louis and Phyllis Myra (Josephine) Titley

Director of Defence Nursing Services, 1992–95



Born 1837; o d and heir of 1st and only Baron Overstone, and Harriet, d of Ichabod Wright of Mapperly Hall, Notts; m 1858...


Born 1872; d of 1st Viscount Wolseley and Louisa, d of A. Erskine; died 24 Dec. 1936 (ext)

S father, 1913


Citizen and Gardener of London; Founder of the Glynde College for Lady Gardeners, ...