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Aiken, Joan Delano, (Mrs Julius Goldstein), (4 Sept. 1924–4 Jan. 2004), writer of historical, mystery and children’s novels, plays and poetry  

MBE 1999

Born 4 Sept. 1924; d of Conrad Potter Aiken and Jessie McDonald; m 1st, 1945, Ronald George Brown (d 1955); one ...


Allan, Maud, (died 7 Oct. 1956), dancer, actress, pianist, writer  

Born Toronto; d of Dr William Allan and Dr Isabell M. Allan, née Hutchinson; unmarried; died 7 Oct. 1956

dancer, actress, pianist, writer


Angelou, Marguerite Annie, (Maya), (4 April 1928–28 May 2014), writer, singer and actress  

Born St Louis, 4 April 1928; d of Bailey Johnson and Vivian Baxter Johnson; one s; died 28 May 2014

writer, singer and actress

George Washington High Sch., San Francisco; California Labor Sch....


Bainbridge, Dame Beryl, (21 Nov. 1934–2 July 2010), actress, writer  

DBE 2000; FRSL

Born 21 Nov. 1934; d of Richard Bainbridge and Winifred Baines; m 1954, Austin Davies (marr. diss.); one s one d; and one d by Alan Sharp; ...


Butler, Prof. Marilyn Speers, (Lady Butler), (11 Feb. 1937–11 March 2014), Rector, Exeter College, 1993–2004, and Titular Professor of English Language and Literature, 1998–2004, University of Oxford  

DPhil; FBA 2002

Born 11 Feb. 1937; d of Sir Trevor Evans, CBE and Margaret (née Gribbin); m 1962, David Edgeworth Butler (Sir David Butler, CBE, FBA); two s...


Coleridge, Lady (Marguerite) Georgina, (19 March 1916–25 March 2003), Editor, Homes and Gardens, 1949–63  

Born 19 March 1916; d of 11th Marquess of Tweeddale; m 1941, Arthur Coleridge (d 1988), yr s of John Duke Coleridge; one d; died 25 March 2003...


Collins, Jacqueline Jill, (Jackie), (4 Oct. 1937–19 Sept. 2015), writer  

OBE 2013

Born London, 4 Oct. 1937; d of late Joseph Collins and Elsa (née Bessant); m 1960, Wallace Austin (marr. diss.; he d 1966); one d; m...


Cresswell, Helen, (11 July 1934–26 Sept. 2005), freelance author and television scriptwriter  

Born 11 July 1934; d of Annie Edna Clarke and Joseph Edward Cresswell; m 1962, Brian Rowe (marr. diss. 1995); two d; died 26 Sept. 2005...


Dilnot, Mary, (Mrs Thomas Ruffle), (23 Jan. 1921–5 Nov. 2010), Director, IPC Women’s Magazines Group, 1976–81; Editor, Woman’s Weekly, 1971–81  

OBE 1982

Born 23 Jan. 1921; 2nd d of George Dilnot, author, and Ethel Dilnot; m 1974, Thomas Ruffle; died 5 Nov. 2010

Director, IPC Women’s Magazines Group, 1976–81; Editor, Woman’s Weekly, ...


Dunnett, Dorothy, (Lady Dunnett), (25 Aug. 1923–9 Nov. 2001), portrait painter, since 1950, and novelist, since 1961  

OBE 1992

Born 25 Aug. 1923; d of Alexander Halliday and Dorothy Eveline Millard; m 1946, Sir Alastair MacTavish Dunnett (d 1998); two ...


Ellis, Mary, (15 June 1897–30 Jan. 2003), actress; singer; authoress  

Born New York City, 15 June 1897; took British citizenship, 1946; m 1st, 1919, L. A. Bernheimer (decd); 2nd, Edwin Knopf (marr. diss.); 3rd, Basil Sydney (marr. diss.); 4th, J. Muir Stewart Roberts (decd); ...


Healey, Lady, (Edna May Healey) (14 June 1918–21 July 2010)  

Born 14 June 1918; d of Rose and Edward Edmunds; m 1945, Denis Winston Healey (later Baron Healey, CH, MBE, PC); one s two d; died 21 July 2010



Jekyll, Agnes, (Lady Jekyll), (12 Oct. 1861–28 Jan. 1937), JP  

DBE 1918

Born 12 Oct. 1861; d of William Graham, MP, and Jane Catherine Lowndes; m 1881, Col Sir Herbert Jekyll, KCMG (d 1932...


Jhabvala, Mrs Ruth Prawer, (7 May 1927–3 April 2013), author  

CBE 1998

Born in Germany, of Polish parents, 7 May 1927; d of Marcus Prawer and Eleonora Prawer (née Cohn); came to England as refugee, ...


Kelly, Rosaline, (27 Nov. 1922–11 April 2013), publishing and industrial relations consultant; Visiting Lecturer in Journalism, London College of Printing, 1981–85  

Born 27 Nov. 1922; d of Laurence Kelly and Ellen (née Fogarty), Drogheda, Co. Louth, Eire; died 11 April 2013

publishing and industrial relations consultant; Visiting Lecturer in Journalism, London College of Printing, ...


Lamburn, Patricia, (Mrs Donald Derrick), (died 8 Dec. 2006), Editorial Director, IPC Magazines Ltd, 1981–86; Director, IPC, 1968–86  

CBE 1985

Born er d of Francis John Lamburn and Nell Winifred (née Kennedy); m 1949, Donald G. E. Douglas Derrick, DDS, LDSRCS, FRCD(Can.), FACD; one ...


Lewis, Naomi, (3 Sept. 1911–5 July 2009), writer, poet, critic and broadcaster  


Born coastal Norfolk, 3 Sept. 1911; died 5 July 2009

writer, poet, critic and broadcaster

Contributor at various times to Observer, New Statesman, New York Times, Listener, Encounter, TLS, TES, etc. FRSL ...


MacDonald, Margo, (Mrs James Sillars), (19 April 1943–4 April 2014), Member, Lothian, Scottish Parliament, since 2011 (Lothians, 1999–2011) (SNP 1999–2003, Ind since 2003); journalist  

Born 19 April 1943; d of Robert and Jean Aitken; m 1st, 1965, Peter MacDonald (marr. diss. 1980); two d; 2nd, 1981, James Sillars; died 4 April 2014

Member, Lothian, Scottish Parliament, since ...


McCaffrey, Anne Inez, (1 April 1926–21 Nov. 2011), writer  

Born 1 April 1926; d of George H. McCaffrey and Anne Dorothy McElroy-McCaffrey; m 1950, H. Wright Johnson (marr. diss. 1970; he d 2009); two s one d; died...


Montgomery, Kathleen, (died 22 Dec. 1960), wrote (with her sister, Letitia who d 1930), as K. L. Montgomery  

Born d of late Robert Hobart Montgomery, of The Knocks, Co. Kildare; on maternal side connected with Oliver Goldsmith; died 22 Dec. 1960

wrote (with her sister, Letitia who ...