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Algeo, Sir Arthur, (1903–5 Nov. 1967), JP; Managing Director, Robert Holmes, Ltd, since 1933; Member, Ulster Transport Authority, since 1953 (Chairman, since 1963); Member, Electricity Board for Northern Ireland, since 1948; Member, Pigs Marketing Board, since 1958; Director, Northern Ireland Farmers’ Bacon Co., Ltd, since 1958 (Chairman since 1963)  

Kt 1966; CBE 1949

Born April 1903; s of Thomas Henry Algeo, Fortlea, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland; m 1947, Rosemary Ivy Shaw, d of Albert Palmer, Edgware, Middlesex; two ...


Allen, Sir Frederick Charles, (19 June 1864–27 Sept. 1934)  

1st Bt cr 1933

Born 19 June 1864; s of Charles Noke Allen, York, and Hannah Parkinson; m 1902, Mary Harriet Corrie Nash (widow), d of late Rev. William Henry Parker, DD, LLD; one ...


Anderson, Gerry, (14 April 1929–26 Dec. 2012), film producer, director, and writer; Managing Director, Anderson Entertainment Ltd, since 2001  

MBE 2001

Born 14 April 1929; s of Joseph and Deborah Anderson; m 1st, 1952, Betty Wrightman; two d; 2nd, 1961, Sylvia Thamm; one s; 3rd, 1981, Mary Robins; one ...


Anson, Malcolm Allinson, (23 April 1924–13 Aug. 1992), Chairman: Imperial Group Ltd, 1980–81; Wessex Water Authority, 1982–87  

Born 23 April 1924; s of Sir Wilfrid Anson, MBE, MC, and Dinah Anson (née Bourne); m 1st, 1950, Alison Lothian (marr. diss. 1992), d of late Sir Arthur Lothian, KCIE, CSI; three ...


Arbuthnot, Sir John (Sinclair-Wemyss), (11 Feb. 1912–13 June 1992)  

1st Bt cr 1964, of Kittybrewster, Aberdeen; MBE 1944; TD 1951

Born 11 Feb. 1912; s of late Major K. W. Arbuthnot, the Seaforth Highlanders; ...


Archibald, James Montgomery, (3 April 1920–25 July 1983), JP; Chairman and Managing Director, James Archibald & Associates Ltd, since 1963; film producer, writer and director  

MBE 1945

Born 3 April 1920; s of Brig. Gordon King Archibald, DSO, and Helen Archibald; m 1956, Sheila Elizabeth Maud Stafford; two s; died...


Artus, Ronald Edward, (8 Oct. 1931–17 July 1999), non-executive Director: Electrocomponents plc, since 1990; GEC, since 1990; The Solicitors Indemnity Fund Ltd, since 1990; CLM Insurance Fund plc, since 1993; (independent) Member of Board, Securities and Futures Authority (formerly Securities Association Ltd), since 1990 (Deputy Chairman, since 1996)  

CBE 1991

Born 8 Oct. 1931; s of late Ernest and of Doris Artus; m 1st, 1956, Brenda M. Touche (marr. diss.); three sone ...


Auchincloss, Louis Stanton, (27 Sept. 1917–26 Jan. 2010), author; Partner, Hawkins Delafield and Wood, NYC, 1957–86 (Associate, 1954–57)  

Born NY, 27 Sept. 1917; s of J. H. Auchincloss and P. Stanton; m 1957, Adèle Lawrence (d 1991); three s; died 26 Jan. 2010

author; Partner, Hawkins Delafield and Wood, NYC, ...


Balfour of Inchrye, 2nd Baron, (Ian Balfour) (21 Dec. 1924–14 April 2013)  

Born 21 Dec. 1924; s of 1st Baron Balfour of Inchrye, PC, MC and Diana Blanche (d 1982), d of Sir Robert Grenville Harvey, 2nd Bt; ...


Barker, Ronald Ernest, (22 Dec. 1920–22 May 1976), author; Joint Secretary The Publishers Association; Director: Book Development Council Ltd; Standard Book Numbering Agency Ltd; Publishers’ Information Cards Services Ltd; Vice-Chairman, British Copyright Council  

OBE 1968

Born 22 Dec. 1920; s of Charles Jacob and Margaret Grace Barker; m 1941, Joyce Edith Wynne; one s one d (and one s decd); died 22 May 1976...


Barry, Norman, (30 July 1916–19 Jan. 1984), Divisional Nursing Officer (Mental Illness), South District, Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster Area Health Authority, 1975–77 retired (based at Banstead Hospital); Chairman, General Nursing Council, 1974–76  


Born 30 July 1916; s of Edward and Annie Barry; m 1940, Winifred McGowan; two d; died 19 Jan. 1984

Divisional Nursing Officer (Mental Illness), South District, Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster Area Health Authority, ...


Barton, Sir Charles Newton, (5 July 1907–31 March 1987), Chairman: Port of Brisbane Authority, 1977–79; Queensland Local Government Grants Commission, 1977–79  

Kt 1974; OBE; ED; BE; Hon. FIEAust; FAIM; FTS 1978

Born 5 July 1907; s of J. Barton, Maryborough, Qld; m 1935, Enid, d of W. Wetherell; ...


Bauer, Baron, (Peter Thomas Bauer) (6 Nov. 1915–3 May 2002)  

DSc; FBA 1975

Born 6 Nov. 1915; unmarried; died 3 May 2002

Professor of Economics, University of London, at the London School of Economics, 1960–83...


Becker, Prof. Gary Stanley, (2 Dec. 1930–3 May 2014), University Professor, Departments of Economics and Sociology, Chicago Booth School of Business, University of Chicago, since 1983  


Born 2 Dec. 1930; s of Louis William Becker and Anna (née Siskind); m 1st, 1954, Doria Slote (d 1969); two d; 2nd, 1979, Guity Nashat; two step ...


Bedford, 13th Duke of, (John Robert Russell) (24 May 1917–25 Oct. 2002)  

Born 24 May 1917; er s of 12th Duke and Louisa Crommelin Roberta (d 1960), y d of Robert Jowitt Whitwell; m 1st, ...


Bennett, Albert Joseph, (9 April 1913–18 Sept. 1996), Secretary, National Health Service Staff Commission, 1972–75; Vice-Chairman, Paddington and North Kensington Health Authority, 1982–85  

CBE 1966

Born 9 April 1913; er s of late Albert James Bennett and Alice Bennett, Stourbridge, Worcs; unmarried; died 18 Sept. 1996

Secretary, National Health Service Staff Commission, ...


Blackshaw, Alan, (7 April 1933–4 Aug. 2011), President, Union Internationale des Associations d’Alpinisme, 2005  

OBE 1992; VRD 1970

Born 7 April 1933; s of late Frederick William Blackshaw and Elsie (née MacDougall); m 1st, 1956, Jane Elizabeth Turner (marr. diss. 1983); one ...


Blake, Captain Sir (Herbert) Acton, (19 Oct. 1857–7 March 1926), JP; Deputy Master, Trinity House, EC  

KCMG 1918; KCVO 1914; FRGS

Born 19 Oct. 1857; o s of John George Blake of Winchester; m 1897, Lucy Grace, e d of James Tine, London; ...


Blake, Jack Percy, (died 19 Dec. 1950)  

Born e s of John and Mary Blake; m 1909, Maud Ethel Priestley; one s one d; died 19 Dec. 1950


Bolton, Sir Frederic, (7 March 1851–23 Jan. 1920)  

Kt 1908

Born 7 March 1851; 2nd s of late William Treacher Bolton; m 1876, Ann Haycroft (d 1915), e d of late William Pearse of Plymouth; one ...