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Ampthill, 4th Baron, (Geoffrey Denis Erskine Russell) (15 Oct. 1921–23 April 2011)  

CBE 1986; PC 1995

Born 15 Oct. 1921; s of 3rd Baron Ampthill, CBE, and Christabel, Lady Ampthill (d 1976); m 1st, 1946...


Ashley of Stoke, Baron, (Jack Ashley) (6 Dec. 1922–20 April 2012)  

CH 1975

Born 6 Dec. 1922; s of John Ashley and Isabella Bridge; m 1951, Pauline Kay Crispin (d 2003); three d; died...


Attenborough, Baron cr 1993 (Life Peer), of Richmond upon Thames, in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, (Richard Samuel Attenborough) (29 Aug. 1923–24 Aug. 2014)  

Kt 1976; CBE 1967

Born 29 Aug. 1923; s of late Frederick Levi Attenborough and Mary Attenborough (née Clegg); m 1945, Sheila Beryl Grant Sim; one s one d...


Backhouse, Sir Jonathan Roger, (30 Dec. 1939–15 Nov. 2007), formerly Managing Director, W. H. Freeman & Co. Ltd, Publishers  

4th Bt cr 1901

Born 30 Dec. 1939; s of Major Sir John Edmund Backhouse, 3rd Bt, MC, and Jean Marie Frances, d of Lieut-Col G. R. V. Hume-Gore, MC, The Gordon Highlanders; ...


Barran, Sir John (Napoleon Ruthven), (14 Feb. 1934–25 March 2010), Head of Information Technology, Central Office of Information, 1985–87  

4th Bt cr 1895

Born 14 Feb. 1934; s of Sir John Leighton Barran, 3rd Bt, and Hon. Alison Mary (d 1973), 3rd ...


Barrington, Sir Alexander (Fitzwilliam Croker), (19 Nov. 1909–6 Feb. 2003)  

7th Bt cr 1831

Born 19 Nov. 1909; s of Sir Charles Burton Barrington, 5th Bt, and Mary Rose (d 1943), d of Sir Henry Hickman Bacon, 10th and 11th Bt; ...


Beaumont of Whitley, Baron, (Rev. Timothy Wentworth Beaumont) (22 Nov. 1928–8 April 2008)  

MA (Oxon)

Born 22 Nov. 1928; o s of Major and Hon. Mrs M. W. Beaumont; m 1955, Mary Rose Wauchope; one s two d...


Bernstein of Craigweil, Baron cr 2000 (Life Peer), of Craigweil, in the co. of West Sussex, (Alexander Bernstein) (15 March 1936–12 April 2010)  

Born 15 March 1936; s of late Cecil Bernstein and of Myra Ella, d of Lesser and Rachel Lesser; m 1st, 1962, Vanessa Anne Mills (marr. diss. 1993; she d...


Bethell, 4th Baron, (Nicholas William Bethell) (19 July 1938–8 Sept. 2007)  

Born 19 July 1938; s of Hon. William Gladstone Bethell (d 1964) (3rd s of 1st Baron), and Ann Margaret Bethell (d...


Boston of Faversham, Baron, (Terence George Boston) (21 March 1930–23 July 2011)  

Born 21 March 1930; yr surv. s of late George T. Boston and Kate (née Bellati); m 1962, Margaret Joyce (Member: SE Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board, ...


Brain, 2nd Baron cr 1962, of Eynsham, (Christopher Langdon Brain) (30 Aug. 1926–15 Aug. 2014)  

Born 30 Aug. 1926; s of 1st Baron Brain, MA, DM, FRS, FRCP and Stella, er d of late Reginald L. Langdon-Down; m 1953, Susan Mary (d 2007), ...


Burnham, 6th Baron, (Hugh John Frederick Lawson) (15 Aug. 1931–1 Jan. 2005)  

Born 15 Aug. 1931; yr s of 4th Baron Burnham, CB, DSO, MC, TD and (Marie) Enid Burnham, CBE (d 1979), d of Hugh Scott Robson, Buenos Aires; ...


Buxton of Alsa, Baron, (Aubrey Leland Oakes Buxton) (15 July 1918–1 Sept. 2009)  

KCVO 1996; MC 1943

Born 15 July 1918; s of Leland Wilberforce Buxton and Mary, d of Rev. Thomas Henry Oakes; m 1st, 1946, Pamela Mary (...


Carter, Baron, (Denis Victor Carter) (17 Jan. 1932–18 Dec. 2006)  

Born 17 Jan. 1932; s of Albert William and Annie Julia Carter; m 1957, Teresa Mary Greengoe; (one s one d decd); died 18 Dec. 2006...


Cary, Sir Roger Hugh, (8 Jan. 1926–29 Dec. 2011), a consultant to BBC’s Director-General, 1986–2002  

2nd Bt cr 1955

Born 8 Jan. 1926; o s of Sir Robert (Archibald) Cary, 1st Bt, and Hon. Rosamond Mary Curzon (d 1985...


Chamberlain, Sir Henry Hamilton Erroll, (22 Nov. 1857–28 June 1936), 4th Bt cr 1828  

Born 22 Nov. 1857; m 1887, Gwendolen (d 1928), d of J. Inglis Jones, Royal Horse Guards, Derry Ormond, Cardiganshire, and Lady Elizabeth Inglis Jones; one ...


Crossley, Sir Julian (Charles), (11 Dec. 1964–5 Dec. 2003), production manager, screen writer and consultant, film industry  

5th Bt cr 1909, of Glenfield, Dunham Massey, co. Chester

Born 11 Dec. 1964; yr s of Sir Christopher John Crossley, 3rd Bt and of his 1st wife, Carolyne Louise (...


Curtis, Michael Howard, (28 Feb. 1920–3 July 2004), Executive Aide to HH The Aga Khan, 1959–86; Director, Aga Khan Health and Education Services, Geneva, 1985–92; Chairman, Nation Printers and Publishers, Nairobi, Kenya, 1972–77; Director, Nation Newspapers, 1959–94 (Managing Director and Chief Executive, 1959, retired)  

Born 28 Feb. 1920; e s of late Howard and Doris May Curtis; m 1st, 1947, Barbara Winifred Gough (marr. diss. 1961); two s...


Dacre of Glanton, Baron, (Hugh Redwald Trevor-Roper) (1914–26 Jan. 2003)  

Born 15 January, 1914; er s of late Dr B. W. E. Trevor-Roper, Glanton and Alnwick, Northumberland; m 1954, Lady Alexandra Howard-Johnston (d 1997...


Evans of Temple Guiting, Baron cr 2000 (Life Peer), of Temple Guiting in the co. of Gloucestershire, (Matthew Evans) (7 Aug. 1941–6 July 2016)  

CBE 1998

Born 7 Aug. 1941; s of late George Ewart Evans, and Florence Ellen Evans; m 1st, 1966, Elizabeth Amanda (née Mead) (marr. diss. 1991); two s...