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Arundell, Dennis Drew, (22 July 1898–10 Dec. 1988), actor, composer, producer, writer for theatre, radio, films and television, since 1926  

OBE 1978; (formerly D. D. Arundel)

Born 22 July 1898; s of Arundel Drew Arundel and Rose Lucy Campbell; died 10 Dec. 1988

actor, composer, producer, writer for theatre, radio, films and television, since ...


Bruce, George Robert, (10 March 1909–25 July 2002), poet and critic  

OBE 1984

Born 10 March 1909; s of Henry George Bruce and Jeannie Roberta (née Gray); m 1935, Elizabeth Duncan (d 1994); one ...


Carpenter, Humphrey William Bouverie, (29 April 1946–4 Jan. 2005), author, broadcaster, musician  


Born 29 April 1946; s of late Rt Rev. Harry James Carpenter and of Urith Monica Trevelyan; m 1973, Mari Christina Prichard; two d...


Carr, Ian Henry Randell, (21 April 1933–25 Feb. 2009), freelance trumpeter, composer, author and broadcaster, since 1960; Associate Professor, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, since 1982  

Born 21 April 1933; s of late Thomas Randell Carr and Phyllis Harriet Carr; m 1963, Margaret Blackburn Bell (d 1967); one d; 2nd, 1972, Sandra Louise Major (marr. diss. ...


Cooke, (Alfred) Alistair, (20 Nov. 1908–30 March 2004), journalist and broadcaster  

Hon. KBE 1973

Born 20 Nov. 1908; s of Samuel Cooke and Mary Elizabeth Byrne; US citizen, 1941; m 1st, 1934, Ruth Emerson; one s...


Cutler, Ivor, (15 Jan. 1923–3 March 2006), humorist, poet, illustrator, playwright, singer and composer, since 1957  

Born 15 Jan. 1923; s of Jack and Polly Cutler; marr. diss.; two s; died 3 March 2006

humorist, poet, illustrator, playwright, singer and composer, since 1957

Shawlands Academy; Jordanhill Coll., Glasgow....


Essex, Francis, (24 March 1929–5 March 2009), author, producer and composer  

Born 24 March 1929; s of Harold and Beatrice Essex-Lopresti; m 1956, Jeanne Shires; (one s decd) one step s; died 5 March 2009

author, producer and composer

Cotton Coll., N Staffs...


French, Philip Neville, (28 Aug. 1933–27 Oct. 2015), writer and broadcaster; Film Critic, The Observer, 1978–2013  

OBE 2013

Born Liverpool, 28 Aug. 1933; s of late John and Bessie French; m 1957, Kersti Elisabet Molin; three s; died 27 Oct. 2015

writer and broadcaster; Film Critic, The Observer, ...


Goodwin, (Trevor) Noël, (25 Dec. 1927–27 March 2013), freelance critic, writer and broadcaster, specialising in music and dance  

Born 25 Dec. 1927; s of Arthur Daniel Goodwin and Blanche Goodwin (née Stephens); m 1st, 1954, Gladys Marshall Clapham (marr. diss. 1960); 2nd, Anne Myers (née...


Gordon, Giles Alexander Esmé, (23 May 1940–14 Nov. 2003), Literary Agent, Curtis Brown, since 1995  

Born 23 May 1940; s of late Alexander Esmé Gordon, RSA, FRIBA, FRIAS and Betsy Gordon (née McCurry); m 1st, 1964, Margaret Anna Eastoe (d 1989); one ...


Gregg, Hubert Robert Harry, (19 July 1914–29 March 2004), actor, composer, lyric writer, author, playwright and director  

MBE 2002

Born London, 19 July 1914; s of Robert Joseph Gregg and Alice Maud (née Bessant); m 1st, 1943, Zoe Gail (marr. diss. 1950); one d; 2nd, ...


Gross, John Jacob, (12 March 1935–10 Jan. 2011), writer and editor  

Born 12 March 1935; s of late Abraham Gross and Muriel Gross; m 1965, Miriam Marianna May (marr. diss. 1988); one s one d; died 10 Jan. 2011

writer and editor...


Kington, Miles Beresford, (13 May 1941–30 Jan. 2008), humorous columnist  

Born 13 May 1941; s of William Beresford Nairn Kington and Jean Anne Kington; m 1st, 1964, Sarah Paine (marr. diss. 1987); one s one d; 2nd, 1987, Mrs Hilary Caroline Maynard; one ...


Kirkup, James, (23 April 1918–10 May 2009), travel writer, poet, novelist, playwright, translator, broadcaster  

Born 23 April 1918; o s of James Harold Kirkup and Mary Johnson; died 10 May 2009

travel writer, poet, novelist, playwright, translator, broadcaster

South Shields High Sch.; Durham Univ. (BA; Hon. Fellow, Grey Coll., ...


Lindsay, (John) Maurice, (21 July 1918–30 April 2009), Consultant, The Scottish Civic Trust, 1983–2002, then Hon. Trustee (Director, 1967–83)  

CBE 1979; TD 1946

Born 21 July 1918; s of Matthew Lindsay and Eileen Frances Brock; m 1946, Aileen Joyce Gordon; one s two d (and one d decd); died...


Lyttelton, Humphrey Richard Adeane, (23 May 1921–25 April 2008), musician; band-leader (specializing in Jazz); journalist  

Born Eton, Bucks, 23 May 1921; s of late Hon. George William Lyttelton; m 1st, 1948, Patricia Mary Braithwaite (marr. diss. 1952); one d; 2nd, 1952, Elizabeth Jill (...


Maitland, Col Eardley, (10 Nov. 1833–15 March 1911)  

CB 1887

Born 10 Nov. 1833; m 1st, 1855, Elizabeth Odell (d 1877), d of Thomas Baillie; 2nd, 1883, Caroline Helen, d of Thomas Metcalfe; one ...


Mayne, Richard (John), (2 April 1926–29 Nov. 2009), writer; broadcaster  

Born 2 April 1926; s of John William Mayne and Kate Hilda (née Angus); m 1st, Margot Ellingworth Lyon; 2nd, Jocelyn Mudie Ferguson; two d; died 29 Nov. 2009...


Milligan, Terence Alan, (Spike Milligan), (16 April 1918–27 Feb. 2002), actor; author  

Hon. KBE 2000 (Hon. CBE 1992)

Born 16 April 1918; s of late Captain L. A. Milligan, MSM, RA retd, and Florence Winifred Milligan; m 1st, 1952, June Marlowe (marr. diss. ...


Mitchell, Adrian, (24 Oct. 1932–20 Dec. 2008), writer  

Born 24 Oct. 1932; s of James Mitchell and Kathleen Fabian; m 1st, Maureen Bush (marr. diss. 1963); two s one d; 2nd, Celia Hewitt; two d; died 20 Dec. 2008...