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Abbado, Claudio, (26 June 1933–20 Jan. 2014), Artistic Director, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, 1989–2002; Generalmusikdirektor of Vienna, since 1987  

Born Milan, 26 June 1933; m 1st, 1956, Giovanna Cavazzoni (marr. diss. 1968); one s one d; 2nd, Gabriella Cantalupi; one s; died 20 Jan. 2014

Artistic Director, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, ...


Allan, Maud, (died 7 Oct. 1956), dancer, actress, pianist, writer  

Born Toronto; d of Dr William Allan and Dr Isabell M. Allan, née Hutchinson; unmarried; died 7 Oct. 1956

dancer, actress, pianist, writer


Angelou, Marguerite Annie, (Maya), (4 April 1928–28 May 2014), writer, singer and actress  

Born St Louis, 4 April 1928; d of Bailey Johnson and Vivian Baxter Johnson; one s; died 28 May 2014

writer, singer and actress

George Washington High Sch., San Francisco; California Labor Sch....


Arundell, Dennis Drew, (22 July 1898–10 Dec. 1988), actor, composer, producer, writer for theatre, radio, films and television, since 1926  

OBE 1978; (formerly D. D. Arundel)

Born 22 July 1898; s of Arundel Drew Arundel and Rose Lucy Campbell; died 10 Dec. 1988

actor, composer, producer, writer for theatre, radio, films and television, since ...


Bart, Lionel, (died 3 April 1999), composer, lyricist and playwright  

died 3 April 1999

composer, lyricist and playwright


Bates, Thorpe, (11 Feb. 1883–23 May 1958), Professor of Singing, Trinity College, London; actor-singer  


Born London, 11 Feb. 1883; s of Frederick and Elizabeth Bates, London; m 1907, Edith Helena Leech; one s one d; died 23 May 1958...


Bowie, David, (8 Jan. 1947–10 Jan. 2016), international recording artist and performer; film and stage actor; video and film producer; graphic designer  

Born Brixton, 8 Jan. 1947; s of Hayward Stenton Jones and late Margaret Mary Burns; n é David Robert Jones; m 1970, Angela Barnett (marr. diss. 1980); one s...


Bruce, George Robert, (10 March 1909–25 July 2002), poet and critic  

OBE 1984

Born 10 March 1909; s of Henry George Bruce and Jeannie Roberta (née Gray); m 1935, Elizabeth Duncan (d 1994); one ...


Budden, Julian Medforth, (9 April 1924–28 Feb. 2007)  

OBE 1991; FBA 1987

Born 9 April 1924; s of Prof. Lionel Bailey Budden and Dora Magdalene (née Fraser); died 28 Feb. 2007

Stowe Sch.; Queen’s Coll., Oxford (MA); Royal Coll. of Music; Trinity Coll. of Music (BMus ...


Bygraves, Max Walter, (16 Oct. 1922–1 Sept. 2012), entertainer  

OBE 1983

Born 16 Oct. 1922; s of Henry and Lilian Bygraves, Rotherhithe, SE16; m 1942, Gladys Blossom Murray (d 2011); one s two d; died 1 Sept. 2012...


Carpenter, Humphrey William Bouverie, (29 April 1946–4 Jan. 2005), author, broadcaster, musician  


Born 29 April 1946; s of late Rt Rev. Harry James Carpenter and of Urith Monica Trevelyan; m 1973, Mari Christina Prichard; two d...


Carr, Ian Henry Randell, (21 April 1933–25 Feb. 2009), freelance trumpeter, composer, author and broadcaster, since 1960; Associate Professor, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, since 1982  

Born 21 April 1933; s of late Thomas Randell Carr and Phyllis Harriet Carr; m 1963, Margaret Blackburn Bell (d 1967); one d; 2nd, 1972, Sandra Louise Major (marr. diss. ...


Coffin, Charles Hayden, (22 April 1862–8 Dec. 1935), actor, singer  

Born Manchester, 22 April 1862; parents both Americans from Maine, New England, USA; m Adeline, d of Friedrich de Leuw; died 8 Dec. 1935

actor, singer...


Cooke, (Alfred) Alistair, (20 Nov. 1908–30 March 2004), journalist and broadcaster  

Hon. KBE 1973

Born 20 Nov. 1908; s of Samuel Cooke and Mary Elizabeth Byrne; US citizen, 1941; m 1st, 1934, Ruth Emerson; one s...


Crosby, Harry Lillis, (Bing), (2 May 1904–14 Oct. 1977), singer; motion picture actor  

Born Tacoma, Washington, 2 May 1904; s of Harry L. and Catherine Crosby; m 1st, Wilma Wyatt (Dixie Lee) (d 1952); four s...


Cutler, Ivor, (15 Jan. 1923–3 March 2006), humorist, poet, illustrator, playwright, singer and composer, since 1957  

Born 15 Jan. 1923; s of Jack and Polly Cutler; marr. diss.; two s; died 3 March 2006

humorist, poet, illustrator, playwright, singer and composer, since 1957

Shawlands Academy; Jordanhill Coll., Glasgow....


Downes, Sir Edward (Thomas), (17 June 1924–10 July 2009), Associate Music Director and Principal Conductor, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, since 1991  

Kt 1991; CBE 1986

Born 17 June 1924; m 1955, Joan (d 10 July 2009); one s one d; died 10 July 2009

Associate Music Director and Principal Conductor, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, since ...


Ellis, Mary, (15 June 1897–30 Jan. 2003), actress; singer; authoress  

Born New York City, 15 June 1897; took British citizenship, 1946; m 1st, 1919, L. A. Bernheimer (decd); 2nd, Edwin Knopf (marr. diss.); 3rd, Basil Sydney (marr. diss.); 4th, J. Muir Stewart Roberts (decd); ...


Essex, Francis, (24 March 1929–5 March 2009), author, producer and composer  

Born 24 March 1929; s of Harold and Beatrice Essex-Lopresti; m 1956, Jeanne Shires; (one s decd) one step s; died 5 March 2009

author, producer and composer

Cotton Coll., N Staffs...


Franklin, David, (17 May 1908–22 Oct. 1973), broadcaster and lecturer, sometime singer  

Born 17 May 1908; s of Henry James Franklin and Jane Maria Franklin (née Chapman); m 1931, Hilda Mary Bickell; two d; died 22 Oct. 1973

broadcaster and lecturer, sometime singer...