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Aiken, Joan Delano, (Mrs Julius Goldstein), (4 Sept. 1924–4 Jan. 2004), writer of historical, mystery and children’s novels, plays and poetry  

MBE 1999

Born 4 Sept. 1924; d of Conrad Potter Aiken and Jessie McDonald; m 1st, 1945, Ronald George Brown (d 1955); one ...


Alderson, John Cottingham, (28 May 1922–7 Oct. 2011), writer and commentator on police and penal affairs; Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall, 1973–82  

CBE 1981; QPM 1974

Born 28 May 1922; e s of late Ernest Cottingham Alderson and Elsie Lavinia Rose; m 1948, Irené Macmillan Stirling (d 2008); one s...


Alexander, Michael Charles, (20 Nov. 1920–19 Dec. 2004), writer  

Born 20 Nov. 1920; s of late Rear-Adm. Charles Otway Alexander and Antonia Geermans; m 1963, Sarah Wignall (marr. diss.); one adopted d; died 19 Dec. 2004


Stowe; RMC, Sandhurst; Oflag IVC, Colditz...


Allan, Maud, (died 7 Oct. 1956), dancer, actress, pianist, writer  

Born Toronto; d of Dr William Allan and Dr Isabell M. Allan, née Hutchinson; unmarried; died 7 Oct. 1956

dancer, actress, pianist, writer


Anderson, Gerry, (14 April 1929–26 Dec. 2012), film producer, director, and writer; Managing Director, Anderson Entertainment Ltd, since 2001  

MBE 2001

Born 14 April 1929; s of Joseph and Deborah Anderson; m 1st, 1952, Betty Wrightman; two d; 2nd, 1961, Sylvia Thamm; one s; 3rd, 1981, Mary Robins; one ...


Anderson, Robert (Woodruff), (28 April 1917–9 Feb. 2009), playwright  

Born NYC, 28 April 1917; s of James Hewston Anderson and Myra Esther (née Grigg); m 1st, 1940, Phyllis Stohl (d 1956); 2nd, 1959, Teresa Wright (marr. diss. ...


Angelou, Marguerite Annie, (Maya), (4 April 1928–28 May 2014), writer, singer and actress  

Born St Louis, 4 April 1928; d of Bailey Johnson and Vivian Baxter Johnson; one s; died 28 May 2014

writer, singer and actress

George Washington High Sch., San Francisco; California Labor Sch....


Arden, John, (26 Oct. 1930–28 March 2012), novelist and playwright  

Born 26 Oct. 1930; s of C. A. Arden and A. E. Layland; m 1957, Margaretta Ruth D’Arcy; four s (and one s decd); died 28 March 2012

novelist and playwright...


Arundell, Dennis Drew, (22 July 1898–10 Dec. 1988), actor, composer, producer, writer for theatre, radio, films and television, since 1926  

OBE 1978; (formerly D. D. Arundel)

Born 22 July 1898; s of Arundel Drew Arundel and Rose Lucy Campbell; died 10 Dec. 1988

actor, composer, producer, writer for theatre, radio, films and television, since ...


Askew, Barry Reginald William, (13 Dec. 1936–16 April 2012), journalist, broadcaster and public relations consultant  

Born 13 Dec. 1936; s of late Reginald Ewart Askew and Jane Elizabeth Askew; m 1st, 1958, June Roberts (marr. diss. 1978), d of late Vernon and Betty Roberts; one ...


Astor, Hon. (Francis) David (Langhorne), (5 March 1912–6 Dec. 2001), Editor of The Observer, 1948–75; Director, The Observer, 1976–81  

CH 1994

Born 5 March 1912; s of 2nd Viscount Astor and Nancy, Viscountess Astor, CH, MP (d 1964); m 1st, 1945, Melanie Hauser; one ...


Bainbridge, Dame Beryl, (21 Nov. 1934–2 July 2010), actress, writer  

DBE 2000; FRSL

Born 21 Nov. 1934; d of Richard Bainbridge and Winifred Baines; m 1954, Austin Davies (marr. diss.); one s one d; and one d by Alan Sharp; ...


Barnes, Peter, (10 Jan. 1931–1 July 2004), dramatist  

Born 10 Jan. 1931; s of Frederick and Martha Barnes; m 1958, Charlotte (née Beck) (d 1995); m 1995, Christie (née...


Barstow, Stan, (28 June 1928–1 Aug. 2011), writer  


Born 28 June 1928; s of Wilfred Barstow and Elsie Gosnay; m 1951, Constance Mary Kershaw; one s one d; died 1 Aug. 2011


Ossett Grammar Sch.


Bartlett, (Charles) Vernon (Oldfeld), (30 April 1894–18 Jan. 1983), author  

CBE 1956

Born Westbury, Wilts, 30 April 1894; s of late T. O. Bartlett, Swanage; m 1st, Marguerite van den Bemden (d 1966); two s; 2nd, 1969, Eleanor Needham Ritchie; ...


Baxter, Raymond Frederic, (25 Jan. 1922–15 Sept. 2006), broadcaster and writer  

OBE 2003; FRSA

Born 25 Jan. 1922; s of Frederick Garfield Baxter and Rosina Baxter (née Rivers); m 1945, Sylvia Kathryn (née Johnson) (d 1996), Boston, Mass; one ...


Beaumont of Whitley, Baron, (Rev. Timothy Wentworth Beaumont) (22 Nov. 1928–8 April 2008)  

MA (Oxon)

Born 22 Nov. 1928; o s of Major and Hon. Mrs M. W. Beaumont; m 1955, Mary Rose Wauchope; one s two d...


Bellows, James Gilbert, (12 Nov. 1922–6 March 2009), TV, newspaper, on-line executive  

Born 12 Nov. 1922; s of Lyman Hubbard Bellows and Dorothy Gilbert Bellows; m 1950, Marian Raines (decd); three d; m 1964, Maggie Savoy (decd); m 1971, Keven Ryan; one ...


Benavente, Jacinto, (1866–14 July 1954), Spanish dramatist and poet; Nobel Prize for Literature, 1922  

Born 1866; died 14 July 1954

Spanish dramatist and poet; Nobel Prize for Literature, 1922

Works: El teatro fantastico; El nido ajeno, 1894; Gente conocida, 1896; La comida de las fieras, ...


Bentine, Michael, (26 Jan. 1922–26 Nov. 1996), actor, comedian, and writer  

CBE 1995

Born 26 Jan. 1922; m 1st, 1941, Marie Barradell (marr. diss.); (one d decd); 2nd, 1947, Clementina Theresa Gadesden Stuart-McCall; one s one d (and one s one ...