January 2019: New Year’s Resolutions

January 1, 2019


January 2019: New Year’s Resolutions


Have you made a New Year’s resolution? Are you planning to exercise more, lose weight, eat more healthily, learn a new skill, drink less alcohol or stop smoking?

Perhaps our Who’s Who entrants will inspire you! Simon Antrobus, QC is “fighting a mid-life crisis with exercise”. Professor of Addiction Behaviour Griffith Edwards practised as he preached and gave his recreations as “putting the drink down, smoking the devils out”. Lord Mitchell is a “gym obsessive”. Meanwhile psychologist Annette Karmiloff-Smith spent her time “working out, going on multiple diets, writing a satire (Powerful Minds in Flabby Bodies)”. The diet and fitness expert Rosemary Conley, CBE founded her own diet and fitness club and has produced many books and videos on fitness and how to stay slim.

Particularly energetic Who’s Who biographees include Victoria Bingham who enjoys long-distance running, Maj. Gen. Duncan Capps (marathon kayaking), Colin Grassie (triathlete, Ironman), Hui Ling McCarthy, QC (ultra-marathoner, Channel swimmer and mountaineer) and His Honour Judge Ralton (competitive running and triathlon).

Some entrants have found it easy to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Rev. Theodore Cuylerhad “fifty-eight years of active life in such perfect health as to need no recreations except walking and entertaining, reading and talk”. George Martin, who was born in 1823, tells us “from the time that bicycles were introduced into England he was an enthusiastic cyclist; he was of opinion that the bicycle… was the principal cause of the remarkable health with which he was favoured”.

Others have found it more difficult. Healthcare consultant Barbara Stuttle’s recreation is “going to the gym - reluctantly”. Richard McKee has “assiduous gym membership - in vain attempt to combat the effects of wining, dining and general conviviality”. Some are not very successful at all.  Stephen Tall’s recreations are “failing to go to the gym or learn Spanish”, and the cartoonist, actor and author Willie Rushton spent his time “losing weight, gaining weight”.

And yet others throw caution to the wind. The food writer and one half of the ‘Two Fat Ladies’ Jennifer Paterson enjoyed “partying, drinking, smoking”.



Q: Which weightlifter and bodybuilder, named Mr Universe in 1969 and Mr Olympia 1970-75, later became Governor of California?

A: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Q: What do diplomat Sir Nicholas Kay, artist-printmaker Anne Desmet and former MEP Giles Chichester have in common?

A: They all enjoy vegetarian cookery.

Q: Which Professor of Clinical Psychology is “attempting to slow the steep trajectory of age by swimming, yoga, weight training, hiking, playing bridge and taking foreign holidays”?

A: Prof. Nicholas Tarrier, who is also “unsuccessfully entering photographic competitions and writing unpublishable novels very slowly”.

Q: Which TV chef has tried to persuade us to eat more healthily with the book ‘Everyday Super Food’?

A: Jamie Oliver