General Abbreviations

Some of the designatory letters in this list are used merely for economy of space and do not necessarily imply any professional or other qualification.



Automobile Association
Architectural Association
Augustinians of the Assumption
Associate in Arts
AAAAmateur Athletic Association
American Accounting Association
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
AAALAmerican Academy of Arts and Letters
AA&QMGAssistant Adjutant and Quartermaster-General
AAArbMember, Association of Arbitrators (South Africa)
AAASAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science
AABC(Register of) Architects Accredited in Building Conservation
AACArmy Air Corps
Amateur Athletic Club
AADBAccountancy and Actuarial Discipline Board
AAFAuxiliary Air Force (now see RAuxAF)
AAFCEAllied Air Forces in Central Europe
AAGAssistant Adjutant-General
AAIAssociate, Chartered Auctioneers’ and Estate Agents’ Institute (later, after amalgamation, ARICS)
AAILAmerican Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters (now see AAAL)
AAMCAustralian Army Medical Corps (now see RAAMC)
A&AEEAeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment
A&EAccident and Emergency
A&RArtists and Repertoire
A and SHArgyll and Sutherland Highlanders
AAPSAquatic and Atmospheric Physical Sciences
AASAmerican Astronomical Society
AASAAssociate, Australian Society of Accountants (now see FCPA)
AASCAustralian Army Service Corps
AATSEAustralian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
AAUQAssociate in Accountancy, University of Queensland
ABBachelor of Arts (US)
able-bodied seaman
Alberta (postal)
ABAAmateur Boxing Association
Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association
American Bar Association
ABAEAmateur Boxing Association of England
ABBSIAssociate Member, British Boot and Shoe Institute
ABCAustralian Broadcasting Commission
American Broadcasting Companies
Amateur Boxing Club
Associate, Birmingham Conservatoire
Accredited Business Communicator
ABCCAssociation of British Chambers of Commerce
ABFArmy Benevolent Fund
ABIAssociation of British Insurers
ABIPPAssociate, British Institute of Professional Photography
ABMAdvisory Board of Ministry
ABNMAmerican Board of Nuclear Medicine
ABPAssociated British Ports
ABPIAssociation of British Pharmaceutical Industry
ABPsSAssociate, British Psychological Society (now see AFBPsS)
ABRCAdvisory Board for the Research Councils
ABSAAssociation for Business Sponsorship of the Arts
ABSMAssociate, Birmingham and Midland Institute School of Music
ABTAAssociation of British Travel Agents
ACCompanion, Order of Australia
Ante Christum (before Christ)
ACAAssociate, Institute of Chartered Accountants
ACARDAdvisory Council for Applied Research and Development
ACASAdvisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service
Assistant Chief of the Air Staff
ACCAssociation of County Councils
Anglican Consultative Council
ACCAAssociate, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (formerly Chartered Association of Certified Accountants)
ACCEAssociation of County Chief Executives
ACCELAmerican College of Cardiology Extended Learning
ACCMAdvisory Council for the Church’s Ministry (now see ABM)
AcDipAcademic Diploma in the History of Art
AcDipEdAcademic Diploma in Education
ACDPAustralian Committee of Directors and Principals
ACDSAssistant Chief of Defence Staff
ACEAssociation of Consulting Engineers
Member, Association of Conference Executives
Allied Command Europe
ACENVOAssociation of Chief Executives of National Voluntary Organisations (now see ACEVO)
ACEOAssociation of Chief Education Officers
ACEVOAssociation of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations
ACFArmy Cadet Force
ACFAArmy Cadet Force Association
ACFASAssociation Canadienne-Française pour l’avancement des sciences
ACFHEAssociation of Colleges for Further and Higher Education
ACGAssistant Chaplain-General
ACGIAssociate, City and Guilds of London Institute
ACGSAssistant Chief of the General Staff
ACIAirports Council International (Europe)
ACIArbAssociate, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
ACIBAssociate, Chartered Institute of Bankers
ACIBSAssociate, Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland
ACIEAAssociate, Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors
ACIHortAssociate, Chartered Institute of Horticulture
ACIIAssociate, Chartered Insurance Institute
ACIMAssociate, Chartered Institute of Marketing
ACISAssociate, Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (formerly Chartered Institute of Secretaries)
ACLSAmerican Council of Learned Societies
ACMAssociation of Computing Machinery
ACMAAssociate, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (formerly Institute of Cost and Management Accountants)
ACMIAssociate, Chartered Management Institute
ACNSAssistant Chief of Naval Staff
ACommAAssociate, Society of Commercial Accountants (now see ASCA)
ACORDAdvisory Committee on Research and Development
ACOSAssistant Chief of Staff
ACOSTAdvisory Council on Science and Technology
ACPAssociation of Clinical Pathologists
Associate, College of Preceptors
ACPOAssociation of Chief Police Officers
ACRAccredited Conservator-Restorer
ACREAction with Rural Communities in England
ACSAmerican Chemical Society
Additional Curates Society
acscpassed Advanced Command and Staff Course
ACSMAssociate, Camborne School of Mines
AcSSMember, Academy of Learned Societies for the Social Sciences (now see FAcSS)
ACTAustralian Capital Territory
Australian College of Theology
Associate, College of Technology
Association of Corporate Treasurers
ACTTAssociation of Cinematograph, Television and Allied Technicians
ACTUAustralian Council of Trade Unions
ACUAssociation of Commonwealth Universities
ACWAAssociate, Institute of Cost and Works Accountants (now see ACMA)
ADDame of the Order of Australia
Anno Domini (in the year of the Lord)
Air Defence
ADASAgricultural Development and Advisory Service
ADASSAssociation of Directors of Adult Social Services
ADBAsian Development Bank
Associate of the Drama Board (Education)
Association of District Councils
ADCMArchbishop of Canterbury’s Diploma in Church Music
AD CorpsArmy Dental Corps (now RADC)
ADC(P)Personal Aide-de-camp to HM The Queen
ADEMEAssistant Director Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
Ad eundAd eundem gradum
and see under aeg
ADGMSAssistant Director-General of Medical Services
ADipCAdvanced Postgraduate Diploma in Management Consulting
ADJAGAssistant Deputy Judge Advocate General
ADMAdvanced Diploma in Midwifery
ADMSAssistant Director of Medical Services
ADOSAssistant Director of Ordnance Services
ADPAutomatic Data Processing
ADPAAssociate Diploma of Public Administration
ADS&TAssistant Director of Supplies and Transport
ADSSAssociation of Directors of Social Services
ADSWAssociation of Directors of Social Work
AdvDipAdvanced Diploma
ADVSAssistant Director of Veterinary Services
ADWE&MAssistant Director of Works, Electrical and Mechanical
AEAir Efficiency Award
AEAAtomic Energy Authority
Air Efficiency Award (now see AE)
American Economic Association
AEAFAllied Expeditionary Air Force
AECAgriculture Executive Council
Army Educational Corps (now see RAEC)
Atomic Energy Commission
AEEAtomic Energy Establishment
AEEUAmalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union
AEFAmalgamated Union of Engineering and Foundry Workers (later AEU, then AEEU)
American Expeditionary Forces
Air Experience Flight
aegad eundem gradum (to the same degree-of the admission of a graduate of one university to the same degree at another without examination)
AEIAssociated Electrical Industries
AELTCAll England Lawn Tennis Club
AEMAir Efficiency Medal
AERArmy Emergency Reserve
AEREAtomic Energy Research Establishment (Harwell)
Ætatis (aged)
AEUAmalgamated Engineering Union (later AEEU)
AEWVHAssociation for the Education and Welfare of the Visually Handicapped
AFAdmiral of the Fleet
AFBAir Force Base
AFBPsSAssociate Fellow, British Psychological Society
AFCAir Force Cross
Association Football Club
AFCEAArmed Forces Communications and Electronics Association
AFCENTAllied Forces in Central Europe
AFDDoctor of Fine Arts (US)
AFDSAir Fighting Development Squadron
AFGEAssociate Fellow, Guild of Glass Engravers
AFHQAllied Force Headquarters
AFIAmerican Film Institute
AFIAPArtiste, Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique
AFIASAssociate Fellow, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences (US) (now see AFAIAA)
AFIMAAssociate Fellow, Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
AFMAir Force Medal
AFNORTHAllied Forces in Northern Europe
AFOMAssociate, Faculty of Occupational Medicine
AFRAeSAssociate Fellow, Royal Aeronautical Society (now see MRAeS)
AFRCAgricultural and Food Research Council (now see BBSRC)
AFSOUTHAllied Forces in Southern Europe
AFVArmoured Fighting Vehicles
AGARDAdvisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development
AGAvAAssociate, Guild of Aviation Artists
AGCAdjutant General’s Corps
AGIAlliance Graphique Internationale
Associate, Institute of Certificated Grocers
AGRAdvanced Gas-cooled Reactor
AGRAArmy Group Royal Artillery
Association of Genealogists and Record Agents
AGRIAnimal Genetic Resources Information
AGSMAssociate, Guildhall School of Music and Drama
Australian Graduate School of Management
AHAArea Health Authority
American Hospitals Association
Associate, Institute of Health Service Administrators (later AHSM)
AHA(T)Area Health Authority (Teaching)
AHIAssociation of Heritage Interpretation
AHQArmy Headquarters
AHRBArts and Humanities Research Board (now see AHRC)
AHRCArts and Humanities Research Council
AHSMAssociate, Institute of Health Services Management
aiad interim
AIAAssociate, Institute of Actuaries
American Institute of Architects
Association of International Artists
AIAAAmerican Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AIACEAssociation Internationale des Anciens des Communautés Européennes
AIAgrEAssociate, Institution of Agricultural Engineers
AIASAssociate Surveyor Member, Incorporated Association of Architects and Surveyors
AIBAssociate, Institute of Bankers (now see ACIB)
AIBDAssociate, Institute of British Decorators
AICAgricultural Improvement Council
Associate of the Institute of Chemistry (later ARIC, MRIC; now see MRSC)
aicarmour infantry course
AICAAssociate Member, Commonwealth Institute of Accountants
Association Internationale des Critiques d’Art
AICEAssociate, Institution of Civil Engineers
AIChEAmerican Institute of Chemical Engineers
AICPAAmerican Institute of Certified Public Accountants
AICSAssociate, Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
AIDArtificial Insemination by Donor
AIDBAccountancy Investigation and Discipline Board (now see AADB)
AIDSAcquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome
AIEAssociate, Institute of Education
AIEEAssociate, Institution of Electrical Engineers
AIFAustralian Imperial Forces
AIFireEAssociate, Institution of Fire Engineers
AIHAssociate, Institute of Housing
AIHortAssociate, Institute of Horticulture (now see ACIHort)
AIIAAssociate, Insurance Institute of America
Associate, Indian Institute of Architects
AIIMRAssociate, Institute of Investment Management and Research (later ASIP; now see CFA)
AIIRAAssociate, International Industrial Relations Association
AILAssociate, Institute of Linguists
AILAAssociate, Institute of Landscape Architects (later ALI)
AIMAssociate, Institution of Metallurgists (later MIM)
Australian Institute of Management
Alternative Investment Market
Advanced Institute of Management Research
AIMarEAssociate, Institute of Marine Engineers
AIMBEAmerican Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering
AIMCAssociate, Institute of Management Consultants
AIMEAmerican Institute of Mechanical Engineers
AIMgtAssociate, Institute of Management (now see ACMI)
AIMSWAssociate, Institute of Medical Social Work
AInstPAssociate, Institute of Physics
AIPAssociation of Independent Producers
American Institute of Physics
AIPRAssociate, Institute of Public Relations
AIQSAssociate Member, Institute of Quantity Surveyors
AIRCENTAllied Air Forces Central Europe
AIRTOAssociation of Independent Research and Technology Organizations
AISAssociate, Institute of Statisticians (later MIS)
AIStructEAssociate, Institution of Structural Engineers
AITPAssociate, Institute of Town Planners, India
AJAGAssistant Judge Advocate General
AJEXAssociation of Jewish Ex-Service Men and Women
AKKnight, Order of Australia
Alaska (postal)
AKCAssociate, King’s College London
ALAlabama (postal)
ALAAssociate, Library Association (now see MCLIP)
Association of London Authorities
ALAAAssociate, Library Association of Australia
ALAIAssociate, Library Association of Ireland
ALAMAssociate, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art
ALCDAssociate, London College of Divinity
ALCMAssociate, London College of Music
ALCM (TD)Associate, London College of Music (Teaching Diploma)
ALCSAuthors Lending and Copyright Society
ALIArgyll Light Infantry
Associate, Landscape Institute (now see MLI)
ALICEAutistic and Language Impaired Children’s Education
ALLCAssociation for Literary and Linguistic Computing
ALPAustralian Labor Party
ALPSPAssociation of Learned and Professional Society Publishers
ALSAssociate, Linnean Society
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
ALVAAssociation of Leading Visitor Attractions
AMAlbert Medal
Member, Order of Australia
Master of Arts (US)
Alpes Maritimes
AMAAssociation of Metropolitan Authorities
Assistant Masters Association (later AMMA, now see ATL)
Associate, Museums Association
Australian Medical Association
AMARCAssociated Marine and Related Charities
AMBIMAssociate Member, British Institute of Management (later AIMgt)
AMCAssociation of Municipal Corporations
AMCSTAssociate, Manchester College of Science and Technology
AMCTAssociate, Manchester College of Technology
AMDEAAssociation of Manufacturers of Domestic Electrical Appliances
AMFAustralian Military Forces
AMFLAllied Command Europe Mobile Force Land
AMICEAssociate Member, Institution of Civil Engineers (now see MICE)
AMIChemEAssociate Member, Institution of Chemical Engineers
AMIEEAssociate Member, Institution of Electrical Engineers (later MIEE)
AMIEREAssociate Member, Institution of Electronic and Radio Engineers
AMIMechEAssociate Member, Institution of Mechanical Engineers (now see MIMechE)
AMInstCEAssociate Member, Institution of Civil Engineers (now see MICE)
AmInstEEAmerican Institute of Electrical Engineers
AMMAAssistant Masters & Mistresses Association (now see ATL)
AMNAhli Mangku Negara (Malaysia)
AMPAdvanced Management Program
Air Member for Personnel
AMRAeSAssociate Member, Royal Aeronautical Society
AMRCAssociation of Medical Research Charities
AMREFAfrican Medical and Research Foundation
AMRIAssociate Member, Royal Institution
AMRSAssociate, Market Research Society
AMRSHAssociate Member, Royal Society of Health
AMSAssistant Military Secretary
Army Medical Services
AMSIAssociate Member, Securities Institute
AMSOAir Member for Supply and Organisation
AMTRIAdvanced Manufacturing Technology Research Institute
ANCAfrican National Congress
ANUAustralian National University
ANZAASAustralian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science
AnzacAustralian and New Zealand Army Corps
AOOfficer, Order of Australia
Air Officer
AOAAir Officer in charge of Administration
AOCAir Officer Commanding
AOC-in-CAir Officer Commanding-in-Chief
AODArmy Ordnance Department
AOEAlberta Order of Excellence
AOERArmy Officers Emergency Reserve
APAAmerican Psychiatric Association
APACSAssociation of Payment and Clearing Systems
APDArmy Pay Department
APEXAssociation of Professional, Executive, Clerical and Computer Staff
APHAAmerican Public Health Association
APISArmy Photographic Intelligence Service
APMAssistant Provost Marshal
APMIAssociate, Pensions Management Institute
APNIAlliance Party of Northern Ireland
APRAccredited Public Relations Practitioner
APSAborigines Protection Society
American Physical Society
APSWAssociation of Psychiatric Social Workers
APT&CAdministrative, Professional, Technical and Clerical
APTCArmy Physical Training Corps
AQAdministration and Quartering
AQMGAssistant Quartermaster-General
ARAssociated Rediffusion (Television)
Arkansas (postal)
ARAAssociate, Royal Academy
Armada de la República Argentina
ARACIAssociate, Royal Australian Chemical Institute
ARADAssociate, Royal Academy of Dancing
ARAeSAssociate, Royal Aeronautical Society
ARAgSAssociate, Royal Agricultural Societies (ie of England, Scotland and Wales)
ARAIAAssociate, Royal Australian Institute of Architects
ARAMAssociate, Royal Academy of Music
ARASAssociate, Royal Astronomical Society
ARBArchitects’ Registration Board
ARBAAssociate, Royal Society of British Artists
ARBSAssociate, Royal Society of British Sculptors
ARCArchitects’ Registration Council (now see ARB)
Agricultural Research Council (later AFRC)
Aeronautical Research Council
Arthritis and Rheumatism Council
ARCAAssociate, Royal College of Art
Associate, Royal Canadian Academy
ARCamAAssociate, Royal Cambrian Academy of Art
ARCICAnglican-Roman Catholic International Commission
ARCMAssociate, Royal College of Music
ARCOAssociate, Royal College of Organists
ARCO(CHM)Associate, Royal College of Organists with Diploma in Choir Training
ARCPAffiliate, Royal College of Physicians
ARCSAssociate, Royal College of Science
Accreditation Review and Consulting Service (now see ISI)
ARCSTAssociate, Royal College of Science and Technology (Glasgow)
ARCUKArchitects’ Registration Council of the United Kingdom (now see ARB)
ARCVSAssociate, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
AREAssociate, Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (formerly of Painter-Etchers and Engravers)
Arab Republic of Egypt
Admiralty Research Establishment
AREINZAssociate, Real Estate Institute, New Zealand
ARHistSAssociate, Royal Historical Society
ARIASAssociate, Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland
ARIBAAssociate, Royal Institute of British Architects (now see RIBA)
ARICAssociate, Royal Institute of Chemistry (later MRIC; now see MRSC)
ARICSProfessional Associate, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (now see MRICS)
ARINAAssociate, Royal Institution of Naval Architects
ARLISArt Libraries Association
ARMSAssociate, Royal Society of Miniature Painters
ARPAir Raid Precautions
ARPSAssociate, Royal Photographic Society
ARRAssociation of Radiation Research
ARRCAssociate, Royal Red Cross
Allied (formerly Allied Command Europe) Rapid Reaction Corps
ARSAAssociate, Royal Scottish Academy
ARSCAssociation for Recorded Sound Collections
ARSCMAssociate, Royal School of Church Music
ARSMAssociate, Royal School of Mines
ARTCAssociate, Royal Technical College (Glasgow) (now see ARCST)
ARVOAssociation for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
ARWAAssociate, Royal West of England Academy
ARWSAssociate, Royal Society of Painters in Water-Colours
ASAAssociate Member, Society of Actuaries
Associate of Society of Actuaries (US)
Australian Society of Accountants
Army Sailing Association
Advertising Standards Authority
Alment Aksjeselskap
ASAAAssociate, Society of Incorporated Accountants and Auditors
ASAIAssociate, Society of Architectural Illustrators
ASAQSAssociation of South African Quantity Surveyors
ASBAHAssociation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus
ASCAdministrative Staff College, Henley
ASCAPAmerican Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
ASCEAmerican Society of Civil Engineers
ASCHBAssociation for Study of Conservation of Historic Buildings
ASCLAssociation of School and College Leaders
AScWAssociation of Scientific Workers (later ASTMS)
ASDArmament Supply Department
ASEAmalgamated Society of Engineers (later AUEW, then AEU, subsequently AEEU)
Association for Science Education
ASEANAssociation of South East Asian Nations
ASEEESAssociation for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies
ASHAction on Smoking and Health
ASIADAssociate, Society of Industrial Artists and Designers
ASIPAssociate, UK Society of Investment Professionals (now see CFA)
ASLEAmerican Society of Lubrication Engineers
ASLEFAssociated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen
Association for Information Management (formerly Association of Special Libraries and Information Bureaux)
ASMAssociation of Senior Members
Australian Service Medal
ASMEAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers
Association for the Study of Medical Education
ASOAir Staff Officer
ASSETAssociation of Supervisory Staffs, Executives and Technicians (later ASTMS)
ASTAAssociation of Short Circuit Testing Authorities
ASTCAdministrative Service Training Course
ASTMSAssociation of Scientific, Technical and Managerial Staffs (subsequently part of MSF)
ASTSArmy School of Training Support
ASVUArmy Security Vetting Unit
ASWEAdmiralty Surface Weapons Establishment
ATAAir Transport Auxiliary
ATAEAssociation of Tutors in Adult Education
ATAFAllied Tactical Air Force
ATCAir Training Corps
Art Teacher’s Certificate
ATCDEAssociation of Teachers in Colleges and Departments of Education (now see NATFHE)
ATCLAssociate, Trinity College of Music, London
ATDArt Teacher’s Diploma
ATIAssociate, Textile Institute
ATIIAssociate Member, Chartered Institute (formerly Incorporated Institute, then Institute) of Taxation
ATLAssociation of Teachers and Lecturers
atoAmmunition Technical Officer
ATPAssociation of Tennis Players
Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (Aeroplanes), or (Helicopters)
ATR (BC)Art Therapist Registered (Board Certified)
ATSAuxiliary Territorial Service (later WRAC)
ATTIAssociation of Teachers in Technical Institutions (now see NATFHE)
ATVAssociated Television (formerly Association TeleVision)
AUAAmerican Urological Association
Association of University Administrators
AUEWAmalgamated Union of Engineering Workers (later AEU, then AEEU)
AUSArmy of the United States
AUTAssociation of University Teachers
AVCCAustralian Vice-Chancellors’ Committee
AVDArmy Veterinary Department
AVMAAssociation for Victims of Medical Accidents
AVRArmy Volunteer Reserve
AWAAnglian Water Authority
AWHCTAssociate, West Ham College of Technology
AWOAssociation of Water Officers (now see IWO)
AWREAtomic Weapons Research Establishment
awsGraduate of Air Warfare Course
AZArizona (postal)


BABachelor of Arts
BAABritish Airports Authority
British Accounting Association
BAABBritish Amateur Athletic Board
BAALBritish Association for Applied Linguistics
BAASBritish Association for the Advancement of Science
BACBritish Aircraft Corporation
BAccBachelor of Accountancy
BaccPhilBaccalaureate in Philosophy
BACSBritish Academy of Composers & Songwriters (now see BASCA)
BACSABritish Association for Cemeteries in South Asia
BACUPBritish Association of Cancer United Patients
BADABritish American Drama Academy
BAeBritish Aerospace
BAEDBachelor of Arts in Environmental Design
BAFTABritish Academy of Film and Television Arts
BAgricAdminBachelor of Agricultural Administration
BAgrScBachelor of Agricultural Science
BAIBaccalarius in Arte Ingeniaria (Bachelor of Engineering)
BAIEBritish Association of Industrial Editors
BALPABritish Air Line Pilots’ Association
BAMEBlack, Asian and minority ethnic
BAOBachelor of Art of Obstetrics
BAOMSBritish Association of Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgeons
BAORBritish Army of the Rhine (formerly on the Rhine)
BAOSBritish Association of Oral Surgeons (now see BAOMS)
BAppSc(MT)Bachelor of Applied Science (Medical Technology)
BAPSBritish Association of Plastic Surgeons
BARBBroadcasters’ Audience Research Board
BARCBritish Automobile Racing Club
BArchBachelor of Architecture
BASBachelor in Agricultural Science
BAScBachelor of Applied Science
BASCABritish Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors
BASEBritish Association for Service to the Elderly
BASEEFABritish Approvals Service for Electrical Equipment in Flammable Atmospheres
BASESBritish Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences
BASHHBritish Association for Sexual Health and HIV
BASICBritish American Security Information Council
BASWBritish Association of Social Workers
BBABritish Bankers’ Association
Bachelor of Business Administration
BBB of CBritish Boxing Board of Control
BBCBritish Broadcasting Corporation
BBFCBritish Board of Film Classification
BBSBachelor of Business Studies
BBSRCBiotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
BCBefore Christ
British Columbia
Borough Council
BCABachelor of Commerce and Administration
BCCBritish Council of Churches (later CCBI)
BCEBachelor of Civil Engineering
Before the Christian Era
Bachelor of Surgery
BChDBachelor of Dental Surgery
BCLBachelor of Civil Law
BCMFBritish Ceramic Manufacturers’ Federation
Bachelor of Commerce
BComptBachelor of Accounting
BComScBachelor of Commercial Science
BCPCBritish Crop Protection Council
BCSBengal Civil Service
British Computer Society
Bachelor of Combined Studies
BCSABritish Constructional Steelwork Association
BCSCBritish Council of Shopping Centres
BCTSBristol Certificate in Theological Studies
BCURABritish Coal Utilization Research Association
BDBachelor of Divinity
BDABritish Dental Association
British Deaf Association
British Dyslexia Association
BDQBachelor of Divinity Qualifying
BDSBachelor of Dental Surgery
BDScBachelor of Dental Science
BEBachelor of Engineering
British Element
BEABritish East Africa
British European Airways
British Epilepsy Association
BEAMAFederation of British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers’ Associations (formerly British Electrical and Allied Manufacturers’ Association)
BE&ABachelor of Engineering and Architecture (Malta)
BEARRBritish Emergency Aid for Russia and the Republics
BECBusiness Education Council (now see BTEC)
BEcBachelor of Economics
BECTUBroadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematograph and Theatre Union
BEdBachelor of Education
BEEBachelor of Electrical Engineering
BEFBritish Expeditionary Force
British Equestrian Federation
BEISDepartment for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
BEMBritish Empire Medal
BEMASBritish Educational Management and Administration Society
BEMEBrigade Electrical and Mechanical Engineer
BEngBachelor of Engineering
BEOBase Engineer Officer
BERRDepartment for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform
BESBachelor of Environmental Studies
BESOBritish Executive Service Overseas
BEVABritish Equine Veterinary Association
BFABachelor of Fine Arts
BFIBritish Film Institute
BFMIRABritish Food Manufacturing Industries Research Association
BFPOBritish Forces Post Office
BFSSBritish Field Sports Society
BFUWBritish Federation of University Women (now see BFWG)
BGCStJBailiff Grand Cross, Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem
BGSBrigadier General Staff
BHABritish Hospitality Association
BHBBachelor of Human Biology
BHFBritish Heart Foundation
BHLBachelor of Hebrew Letters
BHRABritish Hydromechanics Research Association
BHRCABritish Hotels, Restaurants and Caterers’ Association (now see BHA)
BHSBritish Horse Society
BHScBachelor of Home Science
BIBritish Invisibles
BIBABritish Insurance Brokers’ Association
BIBRABritish Industrial Biological Research Association
BICCBritish Insulated Callender’s Cables
BICERABritish Internal Combustion Engine Research Association (now see BICERI)
BICERIBritish Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute
BICScBritish Institute of Cleaning Science
BIDABritish Interior Design Association
BIECBritish Invisible Exports Council (now see BI)
BIEEBritish Institute of Energy Economics
BIFABritish Independent Film Awards
BIFUBanking Insurance and Finance Union
BIIBritish Institute of Innkeeping
BIIBABritish Insurance & Investment Brokers’ Association (now see BIBA)
BIMBritish Institute of Management
BIRBritish Institute of Radiology
BISBank for International Settlements
British Interplanetary Society
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
BISPABritish Independent Steel Producers Association
BISRABritish Iron and Steel Research Association
BITCBusiness in the Community
BJBachelor of Journalism
BJOGBritish Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
BJPBharatiya Janata Party
BJSMBritish Joint Services Mission
BJurBachelor of Law
BKSTSBritish Kinematograph, Sound and Television Society
BLBachelor of Law
British Library
BLEBachelor of Land Economy
BLegSBachelor of Legal Studies
BLESMABritish Limbless Ex-Servicemen’s Association
BLittBachelor of Letters
BMBritish Museum
Bachelor of Medicine
Brigade Major
British Monomark
BMABritish Medical Association
BMedSciBachelor of Medical Science
BMetBachelor of Metallurgy
BMEWSBallistic Missile Early Warning System
BMGBritish Military Government
BMHBritish Military Hospital
BMilScBachelor of Military Science
BMJBritish Medical Journal
BMRBureau of Mineral Resources
BMRABrigade Major Royal Artillery
BMSBachelor of Management Studies
BMusBachelor of Music
BNABritish Nursing Association
BNCBrasenose College
BNFBritish National Formulary
BNFLBritish Nuclear Fuels Ltd
BNOCBritish National Oil Corporation
British National Opera Company
BNPBanque Nationale de Paris
British National Party
BNSCBritish National Space Centre
BNScBachelor of Nursing Science
BOACBritish Overseas Airways Corporation
BoTBoard of Trade
BOTBBritish Overseas Trade Board
BOUBritish Ornithologists’ Union
BPABritish Paediatric Association (later CPCH; now see RCPCH)
Bachelor of Performing Arts
BPGBroadcasting Press Guild
BPharmBachelor of Pharmacy
BPIFBritish Printing Industries Federation
BPMFBritish Postgraduate Medical Federation
BProcBachelor of Procurationis
BPsSBritish Psychological Society
BRBritish Rail
BRABrigadier Royal Artillery
British Rheumatism & Arthritis Association
BRBBritish Railways Board
BRCSBritish Red Cross Society
BREBuilding Research Establishment
BRITBritish Recording Industry Trust
BritIREBritish Institution of Radio Engineers (now see IERE)
BRNCBritannia Royal Naval College
BRSBritish Road Services
BRTPBachelor of Regional and Town Planning
BRurScBachelor of Rural Science
BSBachelor of Surgery
Bachelor of Science
British Standard
BSABachelor of Scientific Agriculture
Birmingham Small Arms
Building Societies’ Association
BSAPBritish South Africa Police
BSBIBotanical Society of the British Isles
BSCBritish Steel Corporation
Bengal Staff Corps
BScBachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
BSc(Dent)Bachelor of Science in Dentistry
BScEconBachelor of Science in Economics
BScEngBachelor of Science in Engineering
BSc (Est. Man.)Bachelor of Science in Estate Management
BScNBachelor of Science in Nursing
BScSocBachelor of Social Sciences
BSEBachelor of Science in Engineering (US)
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
BSEEBachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
BSESBritish Schools Exploring Society
BSFBritish Salonica Force
BSFABritish Science Fiction Association
BSFSBachelor of Science in Foreign Service
BSIBritish Standards Institution
BSIABritish Security Industry Association
BSJABritish Show Jumping Association
BSMEBachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
British Society of Magazine Editors
BSNBachelor of Science in Nursing
BSNSBachelor of Naval Science
BSocScBachelor of Social Science
BSocStudBachelor of Social Studies
BSRABritish Ship Research Association
BSRIABuilding Services Research and Information Association
BSSBachelor of Science (Social Science)
BSScBachelor of Social Science
BSTBachelor of Sacred Theology
BSurvBachelor of Surveying
BSWBachelor of Social Work
BTBachelor of Teaching
British Telecommunications
BTABritish Tourist Authority (formerly British Travel Association)
BTCVBritish Trust for Conservation Volunteers
BTDBBritish Transport Docks Board (now see ABP)
BTECBusiness and Technology (formerly Technician) Education Council
BTechBachelor of Technology
BThBachelor of Theology
BTPBachelor of Town Planning
BTSBachelor of Theological Studies
BUASBritish Universities Association of Slavists
BUGBBaptist Union of Great Britain
BUNACBritish Universities North America Club
BUnivBachelor of the University
BUPABritish United Provident Association
BURABritish Urban Regeneration Association
BVBesloten Vennootschap
BVABritish Veterinary Association
British Video Association
BVCBar Vocational Course
BVCABritish Private Equity and Venture Capital Association
BVetMedBachelor of Veterinary Medicine
BVIBritish Virgin Islands
BVMBlessed Virgin Mary
BVMSBachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery
BVPABritish Veterinary Poultry Association
BVScBachelor of Veterinary Science
BWIBritish West Indies
BWMBritish War Medal


circa (about)
CACentral America
County Alderman
Chartered Accountant (Scotland and Canada)
California (postal)
CAACivil Aviation Authority
CAABUCouncil for the Advancement of Arab and British Understanding
CAAV(Member of) Central Association of Agricultural Valuers
CABCitizens’ Advice Bureau
Centre for Agricultural and Biosciences (formerly Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau)
CABECommission for Architecture and the Built Environment
CACTMCentral Advisory Council of Training for the Ministry (later ACCM; now see ABM)
CAERConservative Action for Electoral Reform
CAFCharities Aid Foundation
CAFCASSChild and Family Court Advisory and Support Service
CAFODCatholic Agency for Overseas Development
CAJCommittee on the Administration of Justice
CAMCommunications, Advertising and Marketing
CAMCCanadian Army Medical Corps
CAMRACampaign for Real Ale
CAMSCertificate of Advanced Musical Study
C&GCity and Guilds of London Institute
CantabCantabrigiensis (of Cambridge)
CantuarCantuariensis (of Canterbury)
CAPCommon Agricultural Policy
CARDCampaign against Racial Discrimination
CARDSCommunity Assistance for Reconstruction, Development and Stabilisation
CARECottage and Rural Enterprises
CARICOMCaribbean Community
CARIFTACaribbean Free Trade Area (now see CARICOM)
CASChief of the Air Staff
CASECouncil for the Advancement and Suppport of Education
CATCollege of Advanced Technology
Countryside Around Towns
CATECouncil for the Accreditation of Teacher Education
CAWUClerical and Administrative Workers’ Union (later APEX)
CBCompanion, Order of the Bath
County Borough
CBCCounty Borough Council
CBECommander, Order of the British Empire
CBIConfederation of British Industry
CBIICompanion, British Institute of Innkeeping
CBIMCompanion, British Institute of Management (later CIMgt)
CBiolChartered Biologist
CBNSCommander British Navy Staff
CBSColumbia Broadcasting System
CBSIChartered Building Societies Institute (now see CIB)
CBSOCity of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
CCCompanion, Order of Canada
City Council
County Council
Cricket Club
Cycling Club
County Court
CCABConsultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies
CCAHCCentral Council for Agricultural and Horticultural Co-operation
CCBECommission Consultative des Barreaux de la Communauté Européenne
CCBICouncil of Churches for Britain and Ireland (now see CTBI)
CCCCorpus Christi College
Central Criminal Court
County Cricket Club
CCEChartered Civil Engineer
CCETSWCentral Council for Education and Training in Social Work
CCFCombined Cadet Force
CCFMCombined Cadet Forces Medal
CCGControl Commission Germany
Clinical Commissioning Group
CCHCacique’s Crown of Honour, Order of Service of Guyana
CChemChartered Chemist
CCIPDCompanion, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
CCISCommand Control Information System
CCJCouncil of Christians and Jews
CCLRCCouncil for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils
CCMICompanion, Chartered Management Institute
CCMSCommittee on the Challenges of Modern Society
CCPRCentral Council of Physical Recreation
CCQICompanion, Chartered Quality Institute
CCRACommander Corps of Royal Artillery
CCRECommander Corps of Royal Engineers
CCREMECommander Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CCRSigsCommander Corps of Royal Signals
CCSCasualty Clearing Station
Ceylon Civil Service
Countryside Commission for Scotland
CCSUCouncil of Civil Service Unions
CCTACommission de Coöpération Technique pour l’Afrique
Central Computer and Telecommunications Authority
CCTSCombat Crew Training Squadron
CDCanadian Forces Decoration
Commander, Order of Distinction (Jamaica)
Civil Defence
Compact Disc
CDACo-operative Development Agency
Christian Democratic Alliance
CDCCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
CDEEChemical Defence Experimental Establishment
CDipAFCertified Diploma in Accounting and Finance
CDirChartered Director
CDISSCentre for Defence and International Security Studies
CDSChief of the Defence Staff
CDUChristlich-Demokratische Union
CECivil Engineer
CEACentral Electricity Authority
CECCommission of the European Communities
CECAMCentre Européen de Calcul Atomique et Moléculaire
CECDConfédération Européenne du Commerce de Détail
CEDACommittee for Economic Development of Australia
CEDEPCentre Européen d’Education Permanente
CEDRCentre for Effective Dispute Resolution
CEECommunauté Economique Européenne
CEEDCentre for Economic and Environmental Development
CEFCanadian Expeditionary Force
CeFACertificate for Financial Advisers
CEFASCentre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science
CEFICConseil Européen des Fédérations de l’Industrie Chimique
CEGBCentral Electricity Generating Board
CEHCentre for Ecology & Hydrology
CEICouncil of Engineering Institutions
CEIRCorporation for Economic and Industrial Research
CEMCouncil of European Municipalities (now see CEMR)
College of Emergency Medicine
CeMAPCertificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice
CEMRCouncil of European Municipalities and Regions
CEMSChurch of England Men’s Society
CENComité Européen de Normalisation
CENELECEuropean Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization
CEngChartered Engineer
CentoCentral Treaty Organisation
CEnvChartered Environmentalist
CEOChief Executive Officer
CEPSCenter for Economic Policy Studies
CERAChartered Enterprise Risk Analyst
CeRGICertificate of Regulated General Insurance
CERLCentral Electricity Research Laboratories
CERNOrganisation (formerly Centre) Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire
CERTCharities Effectiveness Review Trust
CertCPECertificate in Clinical Pastoral Education
CertDSCertificate in Dramatic Studies
Cert EdCertificate of Education
CertHECertificate in Higher Education
CertITPCertificate of International Teachers’ Program (Harvard)
CertTPCertificate in Town Planning
CESTCentre for Exploitation of Science and Technology
CETCouncil for Educational Technology
CETSWCouncil for Education and Training in Social Work
CFChaplain to the Forces
Companion, Order of Fiji
Corporate Finance
Corporate Financier
CFACanadian Field Artillery
Chartered Financial Analyst
CFECentral Fighter Establishment
CFMCadet Forces Medal
CFPSCertificate of Further Professional Studies
CFRCommander, Order of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
CFSCentral Flying School
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
CGACommunity of the Glorious Ascension
Country Gentlemen’s Association
CGeogChartered Geographer
CGeolChartered Geologist
CGIAInsignia Award of City and Guilds of London Institute (now see FCGI)
CGLICity and Guilds of London Institute (now see C&G)
CGMConspicuous Gallantry Medal
CGMAChartered Global Management Accountant
CGRMCommandant-General Royal Marines
CGSChief of the General Staff
CHCompanion of Honour
ChapStJChaplain, Order of St John of Jerusalem (now see ChStJ)
CHARCampaign for the Homeless and Rootless
CHBCompanion of Honour of Barbados
ChBBachelor of Surgery
CHCCommunity Health Council
CHIUCommittee for Heads of Irish Universities
ChLJChaplain, Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem
(CHM)see under ARCO(CHM), FRCO(CHM)
ChMMaster of Surgery
Chm.Chairman or Chairwoman
CHNCommunity of the Holy Name
CHortChartered Horticulturalist
ChStJChaplain, Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem
CIImperial Order of the Crown of India
Channel Islands
CIAChemical Industries Association
Central Intelligence Agency
CIAgrECompanion, Institution of Agricultural Engineers
CIArbChartered Institute of Arbitrators
CIBChartered Institute of Bankers
CIBSChartered Institution of Building Services (now see CIBSE)
CIBSEChartered Institution of Building Services Engineers
CICChemical Institute of Canada
Community Interest Company
CICAPCriminal Injuries Compensation Appeal Panel
CICBCriminal Injuries Compensation Board
CICHECommittee for International Co-operation in Higher Education
CICIConfederation of Information Communication Industries
CIDCriminal Investigation Department
CIECompanion, Order of the Indian Empire
Confédération Internationale des Etudiants
CIESCompanion, Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland
CIExCompanion, Institute of Export
CIFECouncil (formerly Conference) for Independent Further Education
CIGasECompanion, Institution of Gas Engineers (now see CIGEM)
CIGEMCompanion, Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers
CIGREConférence Internationale des Grands Réseaux Electriques
CIGSChief of the Imperial General Staff (now see CGS)
CIHMCompanion, Institute of Healthcare Management
CIHRCanadian Institutes of Health Research
CIIACanadian Institute of International Affairs
CILCorpus inscriptionum latinarum
CILIPChartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals
CILTChartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
CIMChina Inland Mission
Chartered Institute of Marketing
CIMAChartered Institute of Management Accountants
CIMarECompanion, Institute of Marine Engineers
CIMEMMECompanion, Institution of Mining Electrical and Mining Mechanical Engineers
CIMgtCompanion, Institute of Management (now see CCMI)
CIMGTechECompanion, Institution of Mechanical and General Technician Engineers
CIMOCommission for Instruments and Methods of Observation
CIMRCambridge Institute for Medical Research
CINCHANAllied Commander-in-Chief Channel
CInstLMCompanion, Institute of Leadership and Management
CINOAConfédération Internationale des Négotiants en Œuvres d’Art
CIOBChartered Institute of Building
CIPAChartered Institute of Patent Agents
CIPDCompanion, Institute of Personnel and Development (now see CCIPD)
Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
CIPFAChartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy
CIPMCompanion, Institute of Personnel Management (later CIPD)
CIPRChartered Institute of Public Relations
CIQACompanion, Institute of Quality Assurance (now see CCQI)
CIRCommission on Industrial Relations
CIRESCo-operative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
CIRIAConstruction Industry Research and Information Association
CIRPCollège Internationale pour Recherche et Production
CISInstitute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (formerly Chartered Institute of Secretaries)
Command Control Communications and Information Systems
Commonwealth of Independent States
CISACConfédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Auteurs et Compositeurs
Centre for International Security and Arms Control
CISIChartered Institute for Securities & Investment
CITChartered Institute of Transport
California Institute of Technology
CITBConstruction Industry Training Board
CITDCertificate of Institute of Training and Development
CITPChartered Information Technology Professional
CIVCity Imperial Volunteers
CIWEMChartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management
CJMCongregation of Jesus and Mary (Eudist Fathers)
CLCommander, Order of Leopold
clcum laude
CLACountry Land & Business Association (formerly Country Landowners’ Association)
CLICCancer and Leukemia in Childhood
CLitCompanion of Literature (Royal Society of Literature Award)
CLJCommander, Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem
CLPConstituency Labour Party
CLRAECongress (formerly Conference) of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe
CLYCity of London Yeomanry
CMMember, Order of Canada
Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians)
Master in Surgery
Certificated Master
Canadian Militia
CMACanadian Medical Association
Cost and Management Accountant (NZ)
Competition and Markets Authority
CMarEngChartered Marine Engineer
CMarSciChartered Marine Scientist
CMathChartered Mathematician
CMBCentral Midwives’ Board
CMCCertified Management Consultant
Civil Mediation Council
CMEContinuing Ministerial Education
CMetChartered Meteorologist
CMFCommonwealth Military Forces
Central Mediterranean Force
CMGCompanion, Order of St Michael and St George
CMgrChartered Manager
CMILTChartered Member, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
CMIWScCertified Member, Institute of Wood Science
CMJCommander, Supreme Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem
CMLIChartered Member, Landscape Institute
CMLJCommander of Merit, Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem
CMMCommander, Order of Military Merit (Canada)
CMOChief Medical Officer
CMPCorps of Military Police (now see CRMP)
CMSChurch Mission (formerly Church Missionary) Society
Certificate in Management Studies
CMTChaconia Medal of Trinidad
CNAACouncil for National Academic Awards
CNDCampaign for Nuclear Disarmament
CNICompanion, Nautical Institute
CNOChief of Naval Operations
CNOCSCaptain Naval Operational Command Systems
CNRCanadian National Railways
CNRSCentre National de la Recherche Scientifique
CNSClinical Nurse Specialist
CNZMCompanion, New Zealand Order of Merit
COCommanding Officer
Commonwealth Office (after Aug. 1966) (now see FCO)
Colonial Office (before Aug. 1966)
Conscientious Objector
Colorado (postal)
Congregation of the Oratory
Coalition Liberal
Coalition Unionist
COBSEOConfederation of British Service and Ex-Service Organisations
CODESTCommittee for the Development of European Science and Technology
C of EChurch of England
C of IChurch of Ireland
C of SChief of Staff
Church of Scotland
COHSEConfederation of Health Service Employees
COICentral Office of Information
CoIDCouncil of Industrial Design (now Design Council)
COMECCouncil of the Military Education Committees of the Universities of the UK
CompICECompanion, Institution of Civil Engineers
CompIEECompanion, Institution of Electrical Engineers (later FIEE)
CompIERECompanion, Institution of Electronic and Radio Engineers
CompIGasECompanion, Institution of Gas Engineers
CompILECompanion, Institution of Lighting Engineers
CompIMechECompanion, Institution of Mechanical Engineers
CompInstECompanion, Institute of Energy
CompInstMCCompanion, Institute of Measurement and Control
CompORCompanion, Operational Research Society
CompTICompanion of the Textile Institute
CONCommander, Order of the Niger
ConfEdConfederation of Education Service Managers
CONULCouncil of National and University Librarians
COPAComité des Organisations Professionels Agricoles de la CEE
COPECConference of Politics, Economics and Christianity
COPUSCommittee on the Public Understanding of Science
Corresp. Mem.Corresponding Member
COSChief of Staff
Charity Organization Society
CoSIRACouncil for Small Industries in Rural Areas
COSLAConvention of Scottish Local Authorities
COSPARCommittee on Space Research
COSSACChief of Staff to Supreme Allied Commander
COTCCanadian Officers’ Training Corps
CPCentral Provinces
Cape Province
Congregation of the Passion
CPACommonwealth Parliamentary Association
Chartered Patent Agent
Certified Public Accountant (USA)
CPAGChild Poverty Action Group
CPAGBCredit, Photographic Alliance of Great Britain
CPASChurch Pastoral Aid Society
CPCConservative Political Centre
CPCHCollege of Paediatrics and Child Health (now see RCPCH)
CPDContinuing Professional Development
CPECommon Professional Examination
Clinical Pastoral Education
CPEngChartered Professional Engineer (of Institution of Engineers of Australia)
CPFAMember or Associate, Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy
CPHVACommunity Practitioners & Health Visitors’ Association
CPhysChartered Physicist
CPLChief Personnel and Logistics
CPLSCertificate of Professional Legal Studies
CPMColonial Police Medal
CPRCanadian Pacific Railway
CPRECampaign to Protect Rural England (formerly Council for the Protection of Rural England)
CPRWCampaign for the Protection of Rural Wales
CPSCrown Prosecution Service
Certificate in Pastoral Studies
CPSACivil and Public Services Association (now see PCS)
Church of the Province of South Africa
CPSUCommunist Party of the Soviet Union
CPsycholChartered Psychologist
CPUCommonwealth Press Union
CQChevalier, National Order of Quebec
CQIChartered Quality Institute
CQPChartered Quality Professional
CQSWCertificate of Qualification in Social Work
CRCommunity of the Resurrection
crcreated or creation
CRACommander, Royal Artillery
CRACCareers Research and Advisory Centre
CRadPChartered Radiation Protection Professional
CRAeSCompanion, Royal Aeronautical Society
CRASCCommander, Royal Army Service Corps
CRCCancer Research Campaign (now see CRUK)
Community Relations Council
CRECommander, Royal Engineers
Commission for Racial Equality
Commercial Relations and Exports
Conference of Rectors of European Universities (formerly Association of European Universities)
CRMPCorps of Royal Military Police
CRNCMCompanion, Royal Northern College of Music
CROCommonwealth Relations Office (now see FCO)
CRSNZCompanion, Royal Society of New Zealand
CRUKCancer Research United Kingdom
CSCivil Service
Clerk to the Signet
Companion, Order of Samoa
CSAConfederate States of America
Child Support Agency
CSABCivil Service Appeal Board
CSBBachelor of Christian Science
CSCConspicuous Service Cross
Congregation of the Holy Cross
CSCACivil Service Clerical Association (later CPSA)
CSCEConference on Security and Co-operation in Europe
CSciChartered Scientist
CSDCivil Service Department
Co-operative Secretaries Diploma
Chartered Society of Designers
CSDECentral Servicing Development Establishment
CSEUConfederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions
CSGCompanion, Order of the Star of Ghana
Company of the Servants of God
CSICompanion, Order of the Star of India
Cross, Order of Solomon Islands
CSIRCommonwealth Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (now see CSIRO)
Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India
CSIROCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (Australia)
CSMCivil Service Medal (Fiji)
Companion, Star of Merit (Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis)
Companion, Star of Melanesia (Papua New Guinea)
CSOChief Scientific Officer
Chief Signal Officer
Chief Staff Officer
Central Statistical Office (now see ONS)
CSPChartered Society of Physiotherapists
Civil Service of Pakistan
CSPQCertificat de Spécialiste de la Province de Québec
CSSCompanion, Star of Sarawak
Council for Science and Society
Certificate in Social Studies
CSSBCivil Service Selection Board
CSSDCzech Social Democratic Party
CSSpHoly Ghost Father
CSSRCongregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorist Order)
CStatChartered Statistician
CSTICouncil of Science and Technology Institutes
CStJCommander, Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem
CSUChristlich-Soziale Union in Bayern
CSVCommunity Service Volunteers
CSWCertificate in Social Work
CTConnecticut (postal)
CTAChaplain Territorial Army
Chartered Tax Adviser
CTBIChurches Together in Britain and Ireland
CTCCyclists’ Touring Club
Commando Training Centre
City Technology College
CTextChartered Textile Technologist
CThCertificate in Theology
CTLCompanion, Trinity Laban
CTMCertificate of Theology for Ministry
CTSCertificate in Terrorism Studies
CUCambridge University
CUACCambridge University Athletic Club
Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion
CUAFCCambridge University Association Football Club
CUCCCambridge University Cricket Club
CUFCommon University Fund
CUNYCity University of New York
CUPCambridge University Press
CUPGRACambridge University Postgraduate Research Association
CURUFCCambridge University Rugby Union Football Club
CVCross of Valour (Canada)
CVCPCommittee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals of the Universities of the United Kingdom (now see UUK)
CVOCommander, Royal Victorian Order
CVSCouncil for Voluntary Service
CWACrime Writers Association
CWEMChartered Water and Environmental Manager
CWGCCommonwealth War Graves Commission
CWSCo-operative Wholesale Society
CWUCommunication Workers Union


DADame of St Andrew, Order of Barbados
Diploma in Anaesthesia
Diploma in Art
Doctor of Arts
DAADiploma in Archive Administration
DAA&QMGDeputy Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster-General
DAADDesigners and Art Directors Association
DAAGDeputy Assistant Adjutant-General
DA&QMGDeputy Adjutant and Quartermaster-General
DACDevelopment Assistance Committee
Diocesan Advisory Committee
DAcadDoctor of the Academy
DACGDeputy Assistant Chaplain-General
DACLAMDiplomate, American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine
DACOSDeputy Assistant Chief of Staff
DADDeputy Assistant Director
DAdminDoctor of Administration
DADMSDeputy Assistant Director of Medical Services
DADOSDeputy Assistant Director of Ordnance Services
DADQDeputy Assistant Director of Quartering
DADSTDeputy Assistant Director of Supplies and Transport
DAEdDiploma in Art Education
DAGDeputy Adjutant-General
DAgrDoctor of Agriculture
DAgrForDoctor of Agriculture and Forestry
DAgrScDoctor of Agricultural Science
DAMSDeputy Assistant Military Secretary
D&ADDesign and Art Direction (formerly Designers and Art Directors Association)
DAppScDoctor of Applied Science
DAQMGDeputy Assistant Quartermaster-General
DArchDoctor of Architecture
DArtDoctor of Art
DArtsDoctor of Arts
DAScDoctor in Agricultural Sciences
DASSDiploma in Applied Social Studies
DATADraughtsmen’s and Allied Technicians’ Association (later AUEW(TASS))
DATECArt and Design Committee, Technician Education Council
DAvMedDiploma in Aviation Medicine, Royal College of Physicians
DBADoctor of Business Administration
DBEDame Commander, Order of the British Empire
DBTSDiploma in Biblical and Theological Studies
DBusDoctor of Business
DCDistrict Council
District of Columbia
DCADoctor of Creative Arts
Department for Constitutional Affairs
DCASDeputy Chief of the Air Staff
DCBDame Commander, Order of the Bath
DCCDiploma of Chelsea College
DCCHDiploma in Community Child Health
DCDSDeputy Chief of Defence Staff
DCEDiploma of a College of Education
DCGDeputy Chaplain-General
DCGSDeputy Chief of the General Staff
DChDoctor of Surgery
DCHDiploma in Child Health
DChADiploma in Charity Accounting
DCHSDame Commander, Order of the Holy Sepulchre
DCLDoctor of Civil Law
Doctor of Canon Law
DCLGDepartment for Communities and Local Government
DCLIDuke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry
DCLJDame Commander, Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem
DCMDistinguished Conduct Medal
DCMGDame Commander, Order of St Michael and St George
DCMSDepartment for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (formerly Department for Culture, Media and Sport)
DCnLDoctor of Canon Law
DCNZMDistinguished Companion, New Zealand Order of Merit
DCODuke of Cambridge’s Own
Doctor of Commerce
DCPDiploma in Clinical Pathology
Diploma in Conservation of Paintings
DCSDeputy Chief of Staff
Doctor of Commercial Sciences
DCSFDepartment for Children, Schools and Families
DCSGDame Commander, Order of St Gregory the Great
DCSODeputy Chief Scientific Officer
DCTDoctor of Christian Theology
DCVODame Commander, Royal Victorian Order
DDDoctor of Divinity
DDAMDiploma in Disability Assessment Medicine
DDesDoctor of Design
DDGAMSDeputy Director General, Army Medical Services
DDHDiploma in Dental Health
DDLDeputy Director of Labour
DDMEDeputy Director of Mechanical Engineering
DDMIDeputy Director of Military Intelligence
DDMODeputy Director of Military Operations
DDMSDeputy Director of Medical Services
DDMTDeputy Director of Military Training
DDNIDeputy Director of Naval Intelligence
DDODiploma in Dental Orthopaedics
DDPHDiploma in Dental Public Health
DDPRDeputy Director of Public Relations
DDPSDeputy Director of Personal Services
DDRDeutsche Demokratische Republik
DDRADeputy Director Royal Artillery
DDraDoctor of Drama
DDSDoctor of Dental Surgery
Director of Dental Services
DDScDoctor of Dental Science
DDSDDeputy Director Staff Duties
DDSMDefense Distinguished Service Medal
DDSTDeputy Director of Supplies and Transport
DDWE&MDeputy Director of Works, Electrical and Mechanical
DEDoctor of Engineering
Delaware (postal)
DEADepartment of Economic Affairs
Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies
DEcDoctor of Economics
DECCDepartment of Energy and Climate Change
DEconDoctor of Economics
DEconScDoctor of Economic Science
DEdDoctor of Education
DEFRADepartment for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
DEMEDirectorate of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
DEMSDefensively Equipped Merchant Ships
(DemU)Democratic Unionist
DenDDocteur en Droit
DEngDoctor of Engineering
DenMDocteur en Médicine
DEOVRDuke of Edinburgh’s Own Volunteer Rifles
DEPDepartment of Employment and Productivity
European Progressive Democrats
DERADefence Evaluation and Research Agency
DESDepartment of Education and Science (later DFE)
Dr in Environmental Studies
DèsLDocteur ès lettres
Docteur ès sciences
DesRCADesigner of the Royal College of Art
DESSDiplôme d’Etudes Supérieures Specialisées
DESUDiplôme d’Etudes Supérieures d’Université
DETRDepartment of the Environment, Transport and the Regions
DExEUDepartment for Exiting the European Union
DFADoctor of Fine Arts
DFASDecorative and Fine Art Society
DFCDistinguished Flying Cross
DFEDepartment for Education
Department for Education and Employment (later DFES)
Department for Education and Skills
DFFPDiploma in Fertility and Family Planning
DFHDiploma of Faraday House
DFIDDepartment for International Development
DFilDoctor en Filosofía
DFMDistinguished Flying Medal
Diploma of Forensic Medicine
DFPHMDiplomate Member, Faculty of Public Health Medicine
DfTDepartment for Transport
DGDirector General
Directorate General
Dragoon Guards
DGAADistressed Gentlefolks Aid Association
DGAMSDirector-General Army Medical Services
DGCHSDame Grand Cross, Order of the Holy Sepulchre
DGDPDiploma in General Dental Practice, Royal College of Physicians
DGEMEDirector General Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
DGLP(A)Director General Logistic Policy (Army)
DGMSDirector-General of Medical Services
DGMTDirector-General of Military Training
DGMWDirector-General of Military Works
DGNPSDirector-General of Naval Personal Services
DGPDirector-General of Personnel
DGPSDirector-General of Personal Services
DGSDiploma in Graduate Studies
DGStJDame of Grace, Order of St John of Jerusalem (now see DStJ)
DGUDoctor of Griffith University
DHDoctor of Humanities
Doctor of Health
DHADistrict Health Authority
Doctor honoris causa
DHEDefence Housing Executive
DHEWDepartment of Health Education and Welfare (US)
DHLDoctor of Humane Letters
Doctor of Hebrew Literature
DHLittDoctor of Humane Letters
DHMDean Hole Medal
DHMSADiploma in the History of Medicine (Society of Apothecaries)
DHQDistrict Headquarters
DHSDame, Order of the Holy Sepulchre
DHSSDepartment of Health and Social Security
DHumDoctor of Humanities
DHumLitDoctor of Humane Letters
DIADiploma in Industrial Administration
DIBDoctor of International Business
DICDiploma of the Imperial College
DIFCDubai International Financial Centre
DIGDeputy Inspector-General
DIHDiploma in Industrial Health
DIMPDarjah Indera Mahkota Pahang (Malaysia)
DIntLawDiploma in International Law
DipADiploma of Arts in Theology
DipAADiploma in Applied Art
DipABRSMDiploma, Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music
DipADDiploma in Art and Design
DipAEDiploma in Adult Education
DipAeDiploma in Aeronautics
DipAgrDiploma in Agriculture
DipArchDiploma in Architecture
DipASEDiploma in Advanced Study of Education, College of Preceptors
DipASSDiploma in Applied Social Studies
DipBADiploma in Business Administration
DipBSDiploma in Fine Art, Byam Shaw School
DipCAMDiploma in Communications, Advertising and Marketing of CAM Foundation
DipCATDiploma in Cognitive Analytic Therapy
DipCDDiploma in Civic Design
DipCEDiploma in Civil Engineering
Diploma of a College of Education (Scotland)
DipChADiploma in Chartered Accounting
DipCIIDiploma in Insurance, Chartered Insurance Institute
DipConsDiploma in Conservation
DipCSDiploma in Classical Studies
DipECLAMDiplomate, European College of Laboratory Animal Medicine
DipEconDiploma in Economics
DipECVODiploma in Veterinary Ophthalmology, European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists
DipEdDiploma in Education
DipEEDiploma in Electrical Engineering
DipElDiploma in Electronics
DipESLDiploma in English as a Second Language
DipEthDiploma in Ethnology
DipEurHumDiploma in European Humanities
DipEVPCDiplomate, European Veterinary Parasitology College
DipFBOMDiploma in Farm Business Organisation and Management
DipFDDiploma in Funeral Directing
DipFEDiploma in Further Education
DipFMDiploma in Forensic Medicine
Diploma in Financial Management
DipFMSDiploma in Forensic Medicine and Science
DipFSDiploma in Financial Services
DipGSMDiploma in Music, Guildhall School of Music and Drama
DipHADiploma in Hospital Administration
DipHEDiploma in Higher Education
DipHSMDiploma in Health Services Management
DipHICDiploma in Hospital Infection Control
DipHumDiploma in Humanities
DipHVDiploma in Health Visiting
DipICArbDiploma in International Commercial Arbitration
DipITDiploma in Information Technology
DipLADiploma in Landscape Architecture
DipLawDiploma in Law
DipLibDiploma of Librarianship
DipLLPDiploma in Law and Legal Practice
DipLPDiploma in Legal Practice
DipLSDiploma of Legal Studies
DipMDiploma in Marketing
DipMedDiploma in Medicine
DipMinDiploma in Ministry
DipNDiploma in Nursing
DipNECDiploma of Northampton Engineering College (now City University)
DIPPDiploma of Interventional Pain Practice
DipPADiploma of Practitioners in Advertising (now see DipCAM)
DipPEDiploma in Physical Education
DipPFSDiploma in Financial Planning, Chartered Insurance Institute
DipPSADiploma in Public Service Administration
DipPSWDiploma in Psychiatric Social Work
DipPsychDiploma in Psychology
DipREDiploma in Religious Education
DipREMDiploma in Rural Estate Management
DipRSDiploma in Religious Studies
DipSMSDiploma in School Management Studies
DipSocDiploma in Sociology
DipSocScDiploma in Social Science
DipSRAADiploma in the Study of Records and Administration of Archives
DipStatDiploma in Statistics
DipSWDiploma in Social Work
DipTADiploma in Tropical Agriculture
DipT&CPDiploma in Town and Country Planning
DipThDiploma in Theology
DipTMHADiploma in Training and Further Education of Mentally Handicapped Adults
DipTPDiploma in Town Planning
DipTPTDiploma in Theory and Practice of Teaching
DipTRPDiploma in Town and Regional Planning
DipYCSDiploma in Youth and Community Studies
DISDiploma in Industrial Studies
DistTPDistinction in Town Planning
DITDepartment for International Trade
DIurDoctor of Law
DIUSDepartment for Innovation, Universities and Skills
DJAGDeputy Judge Advocate General
DJPDDato Jasa Purba Di-Raja Negeri Sembilan (Malaysia)
DJStJDame of Justice, Order of St John of Jerusalem (now see DStJ)
DJurDoctor Juris (Doctor of Law)
DKMost Esteemed Family Order (Brunei)
DLDeputy Lieutenant
Democratie Libérale
DLASDiploma in Laboratory Animal Science, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
DLawsDoctor of Laws
DLCDiploma of Loughborough College
DLESDoctor of Letters in Economic Studies
DLIDurham Light Infantry
DLISDiploma in Library and Information Studies
Doctor of Literature
Doctor of Letters
DLittSDoctor of Sacred Letters
DLJDame of Grace, Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem
DLODiploma in Laryngology and Otology
DLPDiploma in Legal Practice
Democratic Labour Party
DLRDocklands Light Railway
DMDoctor of Medicine
DMADiploma in Municipal Administration
DManDoctor of Management
DMCCDiploma in the Medical Care of Catastrophe, Society of Apothecaries
DMDDoctor of Medical Dentistry (Australia)
DMEDirector of Mechanical Engineering
DMedDoctor of Medicine
DMedSciDoctor of Medical Science
DMetDoctor of Metallurgy
DMIDirector of Military Intelligence
DMinDoctor of Ministry
DMissDoctor of Missiology
DMJDiploma in Medical Jurisprudence
DMJ(Path)Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence (Pathology)
DMLJDame of Merit, Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem
DMODirector of Military Operations
DMRDiploma in Medical Radiology
DMRDDiploma in Medical Radiological Diagnosis
DMREDiploma in Medical Radiology and Electrology
DMRTDiploma in Medical Radio-Therapy
DMSDirector of Medical Services
Decoration for Meritorious Service (South Africa)
Diploma in Management Studies
DMScDoctor of Medical Science
DMTDirector of Military Training
DMusDoctor of Music
DNDiploma in Nursing
DNBDictionary of National Biography
DNEDirector of Naval Equipment
DNHDepartment of National Heritage
DNIDirector of Naval Intelligence
DNursingProfessional Doctorate in Nursing
DNZMDame Companion, New Zealand Order of Merit
DODiploma in Ophthalmology
DOAEDefence Operational Analysis Establishment
DObstRCOGDiploma of Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (now see DRCOG)
DOCDistrict Officer Commanding
DocArtsDoctor of Arts
DocEngDoctor of Engineering
DoEDepartment of the Environment
DoHDepartment of Health
DoIDepartment of Industry
DOLDoctor of Oriental Learning
Dom.Dominus (Lord)
DOMSDiploma in Ophthalmic Medicine and Surgery
DORDirector of Operational Requirements
DOrthRCSDiploma in Orthodontics, Royal College of Surgeons
DOSDirector of Ordnance Services
Doctor of Ocular Science
DPData Processing
DPADiploma in Public Administration
Discharged Prisoners’ Aid
Doctor of Public Administration
DPDDiploma in Public Dentistry
DPEcDoctor of Political Economy
DPedDoctor of Pedagogy
DPHDiploma in Public Health
Doctor of Philosophy
DPharmDoctor of Pharmacy
DPhilMedDiploma in Philosophy of Medicine
DPhysMedDiploma in Physical Medicine
DPLGDiplômé par le Gouvernement
DPMDiploma in Psychological Medicine
Diploma in Personnel Management
DPMSDato Paduka Mahkota Selangor (Malaysia)
DPMSADiploma in Philosophy and Ethics of Medicine, Society of Apothecaries
DPPDirector of Public Prosecutions
DPRDirector of Public Relations
DProfDoctor of Professional Studies
DPSDirector of Postal Services
Director of Personal Services
Doctor of Public Service
Diploma in Pastoral Studies
DPSADiploma in Public and Social Administration
DPSEDiploma in Professional Studies in Education
DPSMDiploma in Public Sector Management
DPSNDiploma in Professional Studies in Nursing
DPsychDoctor of Psychology
DQMGDeputy Quartermaster-General
DRADefence Research Agency (later DERA)
DRACDirector Royal Armoured Corps
DRCDiploma of Royal College of Science and Technology, Glasgow
DRCOGDiploma of Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
DRDDiploma in Restorative Dentistry
Dr hab.Doctor of Habilitation
Dr ingDoctor of Engineering
Dr jurDoctor of Laws
DrŒcPolDoctor Œconomiæ Politicæ (Doctor of Political Economy)
Dr philDoctor of Philosophy
Dr rer. nat.Doctor of Natural Science
Dr rer. pol.Doctor of Political Science
Dr rer. soc. oec.Doctor of Social and Economic Sciences
DRSDiploma in Religious Studies
DRSAMDDiploma of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama
DSDirecting Staff
Doctor of Science
DSADiploma in Social Administration
DSACDefence Scientific Advisory Council
DSAODiplomatic Service Administration Office
DSCDistinguished Service Cross
DScDoctor of Science
DScADocteur en sciences agricoles
DSc(Eng)Doctor of Engineering Science
DSCHEDiploma of the Scottish Council for Health Education
DSCMDiploma of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music
DScMilDoctor of Military Science
DSc (SocSci)Doctor of Science in Social Science
DSDDirector Staff Duties
Diploma in Speech and Drama
DSFDirector Special Forces
DSGDame, Order of St Gregory the Great
DSIRDepartment of Scientific and Industrial Research (later SRC; then SERC)
DSLDoctor of Sacred Letters
DSLJDato Seri Laila Jasa (Brunei)
DSMDistinguished Service Medal
DSNBDato Setia Negara Brunei
DSNSDato Setia Negeri Sembilan (Malaysia)
DSOCompanion of the Distinguished Service Order
DSocScDoctor of Social Science
DSPDirector of Selection of Personnel
Docteur en sciences politiques (Montreal)
dspdecessit sine prole (died without issue)
DSportDoctor of Sport
DSSDepartment of Social Security
Doctor of Sacred Scripture
DSScDoctor of Social Science
DSTDirector of Supplies and Transport
DStJDame of Grace, Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem
Dame of Justice, Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem
DSTLDefence Science and Technology Laboratory
DTADiploma in Tropical Agriculture
DTechDoctor of Technology
DTHDiploma in Tropical Hygiene
Doctor of Theology
DThMinDoctor of Theology and Ministry
DThPTDiploma in Theory and Practice of Teaching
DTIDepartment of Trade and Industry
DTLRDepartment for Transport, Local Government and the Regions
DTM&HDiploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
Honorary Doctor of the University
DunelmDunelmensis (of Durham)
DUPDemocratic Unionist Party
Docteur de l’Université de Paris
DVADiploma of Veterinary Anaesthesia
DVHDiploma in Veterinary Hygiene
DVLADriver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
DVLCDriver and Vehicle Licensing Centre
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery
DVODriver, Vehicle and Operator
DVOphthalDiploma in Veterinary Ophthalmology
DVRDiploma in Veterinary Radiology
DVScDoctor of Veterinary Science
DVSMDiploma in Veterinary State Medicine
DWPDepartment for Work and Pensions


EAEnvironment Agency
EAAEdinburgh Architectural Association
EACREuropean Association for Cancer Research
EADSEuropean Aeronautics Defence and Space Company
EAFEast African Forces
EAGAEnergy Action Grants Agency
EAHYEuropean Architectural Heritage Year
EASDEuropean Association of Securities Dealers
European Association for the Study of Diabetes
EBCEnglish Benedictine Congregation
EborEboracensis (of York)
EBRDEuropean Bank for Reconstruction and Development
EBUEuropean Broadcasting Union
ECEtoile du Courage (Canada)
European Community
European Commission
Emergency Commission
ECAEconomic Co-operation Administration
Economic Commission for Africa
ECAFEEconomic Commission for Asia and the Far East (now see ESCAP)
ECBEngland and Wales Cricket Board
ECCTISEducation Courses and Credit Transfer Information Systems
ECEEconomic Commission for Europe
ECGDExport Credits Guarantee Department
ECHREuropean Court of Human Rights
ECLACUnited Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
ECOSOCEconomic and Social Committee of the United Nations
ECREuropean Conservatives and Reformists Group
ECSCEuropean Coal and Steel Community
EDEfficiency Decoration
Doctor of Engineering (US)
European Democrat
EdBBachelor of Education
EDCEconomic Development Committee
EdDDoctor of Education
EDFEuropean Development Fund
EDGEuropean Democratic Group
Employment Department Group
EDPExecutive Development Programme
EdSSpecialist in Education
EDSACElectronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator
EEAEuropean Environment Agency
EECEuropean Economic Community (now see EC)
Commission of the European Communities
EEFEngineering Employers’ Federation
Egyptian Expeditionary Force
EETPUElectrical Electronic Telecommunication & Plumbing Union (later AEEU)
EETSEarly English Text Society
EFCEEuropean Federation of Chemical Engineering
EFIAPExcellence, Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique
EFQMEuropean Foundation Quality Management
EFTAEuropean Free Trade Association
EGCLJEcclesiastical Grand Cross Chaplain, Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem
ehehrenhalber (honorary)
EIEast Indian
East Indies
EIAEngineering Industries Association
EIBEuropean Investment Bank
EIEMAElectrical Installation Equipment Manufacturers’ Association
EISEducational Institute of Scotland
EISCATEuropean Incoherent Scatter Association
EIUEconomist Intelligence Unit
ELBSEnglish Language Book Society
ELDREuropean Liberal, Democrat and Reform Party
ELTEnglish Language Teaching
EMEdward Medal
Earl Marshal
EMBLEuropean Molecular Biology Laboratory
EMBOEuropean Molecular Biology Organisation
EMEAEuropean Medicines Agency (formerly European Agency for the Evaluation of Medical Products)
Europe, Middle East and Africa
EMIEuropean Monetary Institute
EMPElectro Magnetic Pulse
Executive Management Program Diploma
EMSEmergency Medical Service
EMUEuropean Monetary Union
EngDDoctor of Engineering
ENOEnglish National Opera
ENTEar Nose and Throat
ENTOEmployment National Training Organisation
EOExecutive Officer
EOCEqual Opportunities Commission
EOPHExamined Officer of Public Health
EORTCEuropean Organisation for Research on Treatment of Cancer
EPEuropean Parliament
EPOSElectronic Point of Sale
EPPEuropean People’s Party
EPSAExcellence, Photographic Society of America
EPSRCEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
EPsSExperimental Psychology Society
EREastern Region (BR)
East Riding
ERAElectrical Research Association
ERCElectronics Research Council
ERDEmergency Reserve Decoration (Army)
ESAEuropean Space Agency
ESCEuropean Society of Cardiology
ESCAPEconomic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
ESCP-EAPEcole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris-Ecole des Affaires de Paris
ESFEuropean Science Foundation
ESLEnglish as a Second Language
ESOLEnglish for Speakers of Other Languages
ESPEnglish for Special Purposes
ESPIDEuropean Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases
EsqStJEsquire, Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem
ESRCEconomic and Social Research Council
Electricity Supply Research Council
ESROEuropean Space Research Organization (now see ESA)
ESSKAEuropean Society for Surgery of the Knee and Arthroscopy
ESTAEuropean Science and Technology Assembly
ESUEnglish-Speaking Union
ETAEngineering Training Authority
ETHEidgenössische Technische Hochschule
ETSEducational and Training Services
ETS(A)Educational and Training Services (Army)
ETUElectrical Trades Union
ETUCEuropean Trade Union Confederation
ETUCEEuropean Trade Union Committee for Education
EUEuropean Union
EuratomEuropean Atomic Energy Community
EurBiolEuropean Biologist (now see EurProBiol)
EurChemEuropean Chemist
EurGeolEuropean Geologist
Eur IngEuropean Engineer
EUROMEuropean Federation for Optics and Precision Mechanics
EurProBiolEuropean Professional Biologist
EUWEuropean Union of Women
eVeingetragener Verein
EVPCEuropean Veterinary Parasitology College


FAFootball Association
FAAFellow, Australian Academy of Science
Fleet Air Arm
FAAAIFellow, American Association for Artificial Intelligence
FAAASFellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
FAACRFellow, American Association for Cancer Research
FAAHMSFellow, Australian Academy of Health and Sciences
FAANFellow, American Academy of Neurology
Fellow, American Academy of Nursing
FAAOFellow, American Academy of Optometry
FAAPFellow, American Academy of Pediatrics
FAARMFellow, American Academy of Reproductive Medicine
FAAVFellow, Central Association of Agricultural Valuers
FAAVCTFellow, American Academy of Veterinary and Comparative Toxicology
FABEFellow, Association of Building Engineers
FAcadMedFellow, Academy of Medical Educators
FACBFellow, National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry, USA
FACCFellow, American College of Cardiology
FACCAFellow, Association of Certified and Corporate Accountants (now see FCCA)
FACCPFellow, American College of Chest Physicians
FACDFellow, American College of Dentistry
FACDSFellow, Australian College of Dental Surgeons (now see FRACDS)
FACEFellow, Australian College of Educators (formerly of Education)
FACerSFellow, American Ceramic Society
FAChAMFellow, Australasian Chapter of Addiction Medicine, Royal Australian College of Physicians
FAChPMFellow, Australasian Chapter of Palliative Medicine, Royal Australian College of Physicians
FACHSEFellow, Australian College of Health Service Executives
FACIFellow, Australian Chemical Institute (now see FRACI)
FACMFellow, Associaton of Computing Machinery
FACMAFellow, Australian College of Medical Administrators (now see FRACMA)
FACMGFellow, American College of Medicinal Genetics
FACOGFellow, American College of Obstetricians and Gynæcologists
FACOMFellow, Australian College of Occupational Medicine
FACPFellow, American College of Physicians
FACPMFellow, American College of Preventive Medicine
FACRFellow, American College of Radiology
FACRMFellow, Australian College of Rehabilitation Medicine
FACSFellow, American College of Surgeons
FAcSSFellow, Academy of Social Sciences
FACVScFellow, Australian College of Veterinary Scientists
FACVTFellow, American College of Veterinary Toxicology (now see FAAVCT)
FADMFellow, Academy of Dental Materials
FADOFellow, Association of Dispensing Opticians
FAEMFaculty of Accident and Emergency Medicine (now see CEM)
FAeSIFellow, Aeronautical Society of India
FAFMSFellow, Academy of Forensic Medical Sciences
FAfNFellow, Association for Nutrition
FAFPHMFellow, Australian Faculty of Public Health Medicine
FAGSFellow, American Geographical Society
FAHAFellow, Australian Academy of the Humanities
Fellow, American Heart Association
FAHMSFellow, Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences
FAIFellow, Chartered Auctioneers’ and Estate Agents’ Institute (now (after amalgamation) see FRICS)
Fédération Aéronautique Internationale
FAIAFellow, American Institute of Architects
Fellow, Association of International Accountants
FAIAAFellow, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
FAIASFellow, Australian Institute of Agricultural Science (now see FAIAST)
FAIASTFellow, Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology
FAIBFellow, Australian Institute of Bankers
FAIBFFellow, Australasian Institute of Bankers + Finance
FAIBiolFellow, Australian Institute of Biology
FAICDFellow, Australian Institute of Company Directors
FAIEFellow, Australian Institute of Energy
FAIExFellow, Australian Institute of Export
FAIFSTFellow, Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology
FAIIFellow, Australian Insurance Institute
FAIIAFellow, Australian Information Industry Association
FAIMFellow, Australian Institute of Management
FAIMBEFellow, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering
FAIPFellow, Australian Institute of Physics
FAISBFellow, Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour
FAMFellow, Academy of Marketing
FAMAFellow, Australian Medical Association
FAMIFellow, Australian Marketing Institute
FAMINZ(Arb)Fellow, Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand
FAMMFellow, Academy of Medicine, Malaysia
FAmNucSocFellow, American Nuclear Society
FAMSFellow, Ancient Monuments Society
Fellow, Academy of Medicine, Singapore
Fellow, American Mathematical Society
FANAFellow, American Neurological Association
F and GPFinance and General Purposes
FANYFirst Aid Nursing Yeomanry
FANZCAFellow, Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists
FANZCPFellow, Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (now see FRANZCP)
FAOFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
FAOrthAFellow, Australian Orthopaedic Association
FAPAFellow, American Psychiatric Association
FAPHAFellow, American Public Health Association
FAPIFellow, Association of Physicians of India
FAPMFellow, Association for Project Management (formerly of Project Managers)
FAPSFellow, American Phytopathological Society
FAPTFellow, Association for Preservation Technology (US)
FArborAFellow, Arboricultural Association
FAREFederation of Alcoholic Rehabilitation Establishments
FARELFFar East Land Forces
FASFellow, Antiquarian Society
Fellow, Nigerian Academy of Science
Funding Agency for Schools
FASAFellow, Australian Society of Accountants (now see FCPA)
FAScFellow, Indian Academy of Sciences
FASCEFellow, American Society of Civil Engineers
FASIFellow, Architects’ and Surveyors’ Institute
FASMEFellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers
FASPOGFellow, Australian Society for Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynaecology
FASSAFellow, Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia
FAusIMMFellow, Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
FAustCOGFellow, Australian College of Obstetricians and Gynæcologists (later FRACOG; now see FRANZCOG)
FBAFellow, British Academy
Federation of British Artists
FBAHAFellow, British Association of Hotel Accountants
FBAMFellow, British Academy of Management
FBCFellow, Birmingham Conservatoire
FBCartSFellow, British Cartographic Society
FBCOFellow, British College of Optometrists (formerly of Ophthalmic Opticians (Optometrists)) (now see FCOptom)
FBCSFellow, British Computer Society
FBCS CITPFellow, British Computer Society, with Chartered Professional Status
FBEngFellow, Association of Building Engineers
FBESFellow, Biological Engineering Society (now see FIPEM)
FBHAFellow, British Hospitality Association
FBHIFellow, British Horological Institute
FBHSFellow, British Horse Society
FBIFederation of British Industries (now see CBI)
Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBIATFellow, British Institute of Architectural Technicians
FBIBAFellow, British Insurance Brokers’ Association (now see FBIIBA)
FBIDFellow, British Institute of Interior Design
FBIDAFellow, British Interior Design Association
FBIDSTFellow, British Institute of Dental and Surgical Technologists
FBIIFellow, British Institute of Innkeeping
FBIIBAFellow, British Insurance and Investment Brokers’ Association
FBIMFellow, British Institute of Management (later FIMgt)
FBINZFellow, Bankers’ Institute of New Zealand
FBIPMFellow, British Institute of Payroll Management (now see FIPPM)
FBIPPFellow, British Institute of Professional Photography
FBIRFellow, British Institute of Radiology
FBIRAFellow, British Institute of Regulatory Affairs
FBISFellow, British Interplanetary Society
FBKSFellow, British Kinematograph Society (now see FBKSTS)
FBKSTSFellow, British Kinematograph, Sound and Television Society
FBNAFellow, British Naturalists’ Association
FBOAFellow, British Optical Association
FBOUFellow, British Ornithologists’ Union
FBPharmacolSFellow, British Pharmacological Society (now see FBPhS)
FBPhSFellow, British Pharmacological Society
FBPICSFellow, British Production and Inventory Control Society
FBPsSFellow, British Psychological Society
FBritIREFellow, British Institution of Radio Engineers (later FIERE)
FBSFellow, Building Societies Institute (later FCBSI; now see FCIB)
FBSEFellow, Biomaterials Science and Engineering
FBSGFellow, British Society for Geomorphology
FBSIFellow, Boot and Shoe Institution (now see FCFI)
FBSMFellow, Birmingham School of Music (now see FBC)
FBTSFellow, British Toxicology Society
FCFootball Club
FCAFellow, Institute of Chartered Accountants
Fellow, Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia
Fellow, New Zealand Society of Accountants
Federation of Canadian Artists
FCAEFellow, Canadian Academy of Engineering
FCAHSFellow, Canadian Academy of Health Sciences
FCAIFellow, New Zealand Institute of Cost Accountants
Fellow, Canadian Aeronautical Institute (now see FCASI)
Fellow, College of Anaesthetists of Ireland
FCAMFellow, CAM Foundation
FCAnaesFellow, College of Anaesthetists (now see FRCA)
FCARCSIFellow, College of Anaesthetists, Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland
FCA(SA)Fellow, College of Anaesthetists (South Africa)
FCASIFellow, Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute
FCBSIFellow, Chartered Building Societies Institute (merged with Chartered Institute of Bankers; now see FCIB)
FCCAFellow, Chartered Association of Certified Accountants
FCCEAFellow, Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration
FCCPFellow, American College of Chest Physicians
FCCSFellow, Corporation of Secretaries (formerly of Certified Secretaries)
FCCTFellow, Canadian College of Teachers
FCDSHKFellow, College of Dental Surgeons of Hong Kong
FCECFederation of Civil Engineering Contractors
FCEMFellow, College of Emergency Medicine (now see FRCEM)
FCFIFellow, Clothing and Footwear Institute
FCGAFellow, Certified General Accountants of Canada
FCGCFellow, Council of Geriatric Cardiology
FCGIFellow, City and Guilds of London Institute
FCGPFellow, College of General Practitioners (now see FRCGP)
FChSFellow, Society of Chiropodists
FCIFellow, Institute of Commerce
FCIAFellow, Corporation of Insurance Agents
FCIArbFellow, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
FCIBFellow, Corporation of Insurance Brokers
Fellow, Chartered Institute of Bankers
FCIBSFellow, Chartered Institution of Building Services (now see FCIBSE)
Fellow, Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland
FCIBSEFellow, Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers
FCICFellow, Chemical Institute of Canada (formerly Canadian Institute of Chemistry)
FCICMFellow, Chartered Institute of Credit Management
FCIEEMFellow, Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management
FCIEHFellow, Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
FCIHFellow, Chartered Institute of Housing
FCIHortFellow, Chartered Institute of Horticulture
FCIHTFellow, Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation
FCIIFellow, Chartered Insurance Institute
FCIJFellow, Chartered Institute of Journalists
FCILFellow, Chartered Institute of Linguists
FCILAFellow, Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters
FCILTChartered Fellow, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
FCIMFellow, Chartered Institute of Marketing
Fellow, Institute of Corporate Managers (Australia)
FCInstCESFellow, Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors
FCIOBFellow, Chartered Institute of Building
FCIPAFellow, Chartered Institute of Patent Agents (now see CPA)
FCIPDFellow, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
FCIPHEFellow, Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering
FCIPRFellow, Chartered Institute of Public Relations
FCIPSFellow, Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply
FCISFellow, Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (formerly Chartered Institute of Secretaries)
FCISAFellow, Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators (Australia)
FCITFellow, Chartered Institute of Transport (now see FCILT)
FCIWEMFellow, Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management
FCIWMFellow, Chartered Institution of Wastes Management
FCJEIFellow, Commonwealth Judicial Education Institute
FCLIPFellow, Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals
FCMFaculty of Community Medicine
FCMAFellow, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (formerly Institute of Cost and Management Accountants)
Fellow, Communications Management Association
FCMCFellow grade, Certified Management Consultant
FCMIFellow, Chartered Management Institute
FCMSAFellow, College of Medicine of South Africa
FCNAFellow, College of Nursing, Australia
FCOForeign and Commonwealth Office
FCOG(SA)Fellow, South African College of Obstetrics and Gynæcology
FCollHFellow, College of Handicraft
FCollPFellow, College of Preceptors
FCollTFellow, College of Teachers
FCommAFellow, Society of Commercial Accountants (now see FSCA)
FCOphthFellow, College of Ophthalmologists (now see FRCOphth)
FCOptomFellow, College of Optometrists
FCOTFellow, College of Teachers
FCPFellow, College of Preceptors
FCPAFellow, Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants
FCPathFellow, College of Pathologists (now see FRCPath)
FCPCHFellow, College of Paediatrics and Child Health (now see FRCPCH)
FCPodMedFellow, College of Podiatric Medicine
FCPSFellow, College of Physicians and Surgeons
FCP(SoAf)Fellow, College of Physicians, South Africa
FCPSO(SoAf)Fellow, College of Physicians and Surgeons and Obstetricians, South Africa
FCPS (Pak)Fellow, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan
FCQIFellow, Chartered Quality Institute
FCRAFellow, College of Radiologists of Australia (now see FRACR)
FCSFederation of Conservative Students
Fellow, Chemical Society (now absorbed into Royal Society of Chemistry)
FCSDFellow, Chartered Society of Designers
FCSFSFellow, Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences
FCSHKFellow, College of Surgeons of Hong Kong
FCSIFellow, Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment
FCSLTFellow, College of Speech and Language Therapists (now see FRCSLT)
FCSMFellow, Cambridge School of Music
FCSPFellow, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
Fellow, College of Surgeons, South Africa
FCSSLFellow, College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka
FCSTFellow, College of Speech Therapists (later FCSLT; now see FRCSLT)
FCTFederal Capital Territory (now see ACT)
Fellow, Association of Corporate Treasurers
Fellow, College of Teachers
FCTBFellow, College of Teachers of the Blind
FCUFighter Control Unit
FCWAFellow, Institute of Costs and Works Accountants (now see FCMA)
FDDoctor of Philosophy
FDAAssociation of First Division Civil Servants
FdAFoundation Degree of Arts
FDFFood and Drink Federation
FDIFédération Dentaire Internationale
FDPFreie Demokratische Partei
FDSFellow in Dental Surgery
FdScFoundation Degree in Science
FDSRCPSGlasFellow in Dental Surgery, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow
Fellow in Dental Surgery, Royal College of Surgeons of England
FDSRCSEFellow in Dental Surgery, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
FEFar East
Further Education
FEAFellow, English Association
FEAFFar East Air Force
FEANFellow, European Academy of Neurology
FEANIFédération Européenne d’Associations Nationales d’Ingénieurs
FEBSFederation of European Biochemical Societies
Fellow, European Board of Surgery
FECIFellow, Institute of Employment Consultants
FECTSFellow, European Association for Cardiothoracic Surgery
FEEFédération des Expertes Comptables Européens
FEFFar East Fleet
Further Education Funding Council for England
FEFCWFurther Education Funding Council for Wales
FEIFédération Equestre Internationale
Fellow, Energy Institute
FEICFellow, Engineering Institute of Canada
FEIDCTFellow, Educational Institute of Design Craft and Technology
FEISFellow, Educational Institute of Scotland
FEMACFellow, European Marketing Academy
FEngFellow, Royal Academy (formerly Fellowship) of Engineering (now see FREng)
FEPSFederation of European Physiological Societies
FERSFellow, European Respiratory Society
FESFellow, Entomological Society
Fellow, Ethnological Society
FESCFellow, European Society of Cardiology
FETCSFellow, European Board of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons
FFFianna Fáil
Field Force
FFAFellow, Faculty of Actuaries (in Scotland)
Fellow, Institute of Financial Accountants
FFAEMFellow, Faculty of Accident and Emergency Medicine (later FCEM)
FFARACSFellow, Faculty of Anaesthetists, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (now see FANZCA)
FFARCSFellow, Faculty of Anaesthetists, Royal College of Surgeons of England (now see FRCA)
FFARCSIFellow, Faculty of Anaesthetists, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (now see FCAI)
FFASFellow, Faculty of Architects and Surveyors, London (now see FASI)
FFA(SA)Fellow, Faculty of Anaesthetists (South Africa) (now see FCA(SA))
FFBFellow, Faculty of Building
FFCMFellow, Faculty of Community Medicine (now see FFPH)
Fellow, Faculty of Church Music
FFCMIFellow, Faculty of Community Medicine of Ireland
FFCSFounding Fellow, Contemporary Scotland
FFDRCSIFellow, Faculty of Dentistry, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
FFFLMFellow, Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine, Royal College of Physicians
FFFPFellow, Faculty of Family Planning & Reproductive Health Care of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (now see FFSRH)
FFGDP(UK)Fellow, Faculty of General Dental Practitioners of the Royal College of Surgeons
FFHomFellow, Faculty of Homeopathy
FFIFinance for Industry
Fauna & Flora International
FFICMFellow, Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine
FFOMFellow, Faculty of Occupational Medicine
FFOMIFellow, Faculty of Occupational Medicine of Ireland
FFOP (RCPA)Fellow, Faculty of Oral Pathology, Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia
FFPath, RCPIFellow, Faculty of Pathologists of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
FFPHFellow, Faculty of Public Health
FFPHMFellow, Faculty of Public Health Medicine (now see FFPH)
FFPHMIFellow, Faculty of Public Health Medicine of Ireland
FFPMFellow, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine
FFPMRCAFellow, Faculty of Pain Medicine, Royal College of Anaesthetists
FFPRHCFaculty of Family Planning & Reproductive Health Care, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
FFPSFauna and Flora Preservation Society (now see FFI)
FFRFellow, Faculty of Radiologists (now see FRCR)
FFRRCSIFellow, Faculty of Radiologists of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
FFSEMFellow, Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland and Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
FFSRHFellow, Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
FFSSocFellow, Forensic Science Society (now see FCSFS)
FFTM(Glas)Fellow, Faculty of Travel Medicine, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow
FGFine Gael
FGAFellow, Gemmological Association
FGCLFellow, Goldsmiths’ College, London
FGCMFellow, Guild of Church Musicians
FGDP(UK)Fellow, Faculty of General Dental Practice of the Royal College of Surgeons of England
FGDSFédération de la Gauche Démocratique et Socialiste
FGEFellow, Guild of Glass Engravers
FGGEFellow, Guild of Glass Engravers (now see FGE)
FGIFellow, Institute of Certificated Grocers
FGMSFellow, Guild of Musicians and Singers
FGSFellow, Geological Society
Fellow, Guildhall School of Music and Drama
FGSMFellow, Guildhall School of Music and Drama (now see FGS)
FGSM(MT)Fellow, Guildhall School of Music and Drama (Music Therapy)
FHAFellow, Institute of Health Service Administrators (formerly Hospital Administrators) (later FHSM)
Fellow, Historical Association
FHASFellow, Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland
FHCIMAFellow, Hotel Catering and International (formerly Institutional) Management Association (now see FIH)
FHEAFellow, Higher Education Academy
FHKAESFellow, Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences
FHKAMFellow, Hong Kong Academy of Medicine
FHKCCMFellow, Hong Kong College of Community Medicine
FHKCPFellow, Hong Kong College of Physicians
FHKCPathFellow, Hong Kong College of Pathologists
FHKCSFellow, Hong Kong College of Surgeons
FHKIEFellow, Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
FHMAAASForeign Honorary Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
FHRSFellow, Heart Rhythm Society
FHSFellow, Heraldry Society
Forces Help Society and Lord Roberts Workshops (now see SSAFA)
FHSAFamily Health Services Authority
FHSMFellow, Institute of Health Services Management (later FIHM)
FIAFellow, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (formerly Institute of Actuaries)
FIAAFellow, Institute of Actuaries of Australia
FIAASFellow, Institute of Australian Agricultural Science
FIAA&SFellow, Incorporated Association of Architects and Surveyors
FIACMFellow, International Association of Computational Mechanics
FIAEFellow, Irish Academy of Engineering
FIAFoSTFellow, International Academy of Food Science and Technology
FIAgrEFellow, Institution of Agricultural Engineers
FIAgrMFellow, Institute of Agricultural Management
FIAMFellow, International Academy of Management
FIAMBEFellow, International Academy for Medical and Biological Engineering
FIAPFellow, Institution of Analysts and Programmers
Fellow, Indian Academy of Paediatrics
FIArbFellow, Institute of Arbitrators (now see FCIArb)
FIArbAFellow, Institute of Arbitrators of Australia
FIASFellow, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences (US) (now see FAIAA)
FIAScFellow, Indian Academy of Sciences
FIASSIDFellow, International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disability
FIBFellow, Institute of Bankers (now see FCIB)
FIBAFellow, Institute of Business Administration, Australia (now see FCIM)
FIBCFellow, Institute of Business Consulting (now see FIC)
FIBIFellow, Institute of Bankers of Ireland
FIBiolFellow, Institute of Biology (later FSB, now see FRSB)
FIBiotechFellow, Institute for Biotechnical Studies
FIBMSFellow, Institute of Biomedical Sciences
FIBScotFellow, Institute of Bankers in Scotland (now see FCIBS)
FICFellow, Institute of Chemistry (then FRIC; now see FRSC)
Fellow, Imperial College, London
Fellow, Institute of Consulting
FICAFellow, Commonwealth Institute of Accountants
Fellow, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (now see FCA)
FICAIFellow, Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland
FICBFellow, Institute of Canadian Bankers
FICDFellow, Institute of Civil Defence
Fellow, Indian College of Dentists
Fellow, International College of Dentists
FICEFellow, Institution of Civil Engineers
FICeramFellow, Institute of Ceramics (later FIM)
FICESFellow, Institution of Chartered Engineering Surveyors
FICFMFellow, Institute of Charity Fundraising Managers (now see FInstF)
FICForFellow, Institute of Chartered Foresters
FIChemEFellow, Institution of Chemical Engineers
FICMFellow, Institute of Credit Management (now see FCICM)
FICMAFellow, Institute of Cost and Management Accountants
FICOGFellow, Indian College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
FICorrFellow, Institute of Corrosion
FICorrSTFellow, Institution of Corrosion Science and Technology (now see FICorr)
FICPDFellow, Institute of Continuing Professional Development
FICPEMFellow, Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management
FICSFellow, Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
Fellow, International College of Surgeons
FICTFellow, Institute of Concrete Technology
FIDAFellow, Institute of Directors, Australia (now see FAICD)
FIDDAFellow, Interior Decorators and Designers Association (now see FBIDA)
FIDEFédération Internationale des Echecs
Fellow, Institute of Design Engineers
Fédération Internationale pour le Droit Européen
FIDEMFédération Internationale de la Médaille d’Art
FIDMFellow, Institute of Direct Marketing
FIDPMFellow, Institute of Data Processing Management
FIEAustFellow, Institution of Engineers, Australia
FIEDFellow, Institution of Engineering Designers
FIEEFellow, Institution of Electrical Engineers (now see FIET)
FIEEEFellow, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (NY)
FIEEIEFellow, Institution of Electronics and Electrical Incorporated Engineers (later FIIE)
FIEEMFellow, Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (now see FCIEEM)
FIEHKFellow, Institution of Engineering, Hong Kong
FIEIFellow, Institution of Engineering Inspection (later FIQA)
Fellow, Institution of Engineers of Ireland
FIEIEFellow, Institution of Electronic Incorporated Engineers (later FIEEIE)
FIEJFédération Internationale des Editeurs de Journaux et Publications
FIEMAFellow, Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment
FIEnvScFellow, Institution of Environmental Sciences
FIEREFellow, Institution of Electronic and Radio Engineers (later FIEE)
FIESFellow, Illuminating Engineering Society (later FIllumES; now see FCIBSE)
Fellow, Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders, Scotland
FIETFédération Internationale des Employés, Techniciens et Cadres
Fellow, Institution of Engineering and Technology
FIExFellow, Institute of Export
FIExpEFellow, Institute of Explosives Engineers
FIFAFédération Internationale de Football Association
FIFEMFellow, International Federation of Emergency Medicine
FIFFFellow, Institute of Freight Forwarders (now see FIFP)
FIFireEFellow, Institution of Fire Engineers
FIFMFellow, Institute of Fisheries Management
FIForFellow, Institute of Foresters (now see FICFor)
FIFPFellow, Institute of Freight Professionals
FIFSTFellow, Institute of Food Science and Technology
FIGasEFellow, Institution of Gas Engineers (now see FIGEM)
FIGCMFellow, Incorporated Guild of Church Musicians
FIGDFellow, Institute of Grocery Distribution
FIGEMFellow, Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers
FIGOInternational Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics
FIHFellow, Institute of Housing (now see FCIH)
Fellow, Institute of the Horse
Fellow, Institute of Hospitality
FIHEFellow, Institute of Health Education
FIHEEMFellow, Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management
FIHMFellow, Institute of Housing Managers (later FIH; now see FCIH)
Fellow, Institute of Healthcare Management
FIHortFellow, Institute of Horticulture (now see FCIHort)
FIHospEFellow, Institute of Hospital Engineering
FIHTFellow, Institution of Highways & Transportation (now see FCIHT)
FIHVEFellow, Institution of Heating & Ventilating Engineers (later FCIBS and MCIBS)
FIIAFellow, Institute of Industrial Administration (later CBIM and FBIM)
Fellow, Institute of Internal Auditors
FIIBFellow, International Institute of Biotechnology
FIICFellow, International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works
FIIDAFellow, International Interior Design Association
FIIEFellow, Institution of Incorporated Engineers in Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (now see FIET)
FIIMFellow, Institution of Industrial Managers
FIInfScFellow, Institute of Information Scientists (now see FCLIP)
FIIPFellow, Institute of Incorporated Photographers (now see FBIPP)
FIITFellow, Institute of Indirect Taxation
FILFellow, Institute of Linguists (now see FCIL)
FILAFellow, Institute of Landscape Architects (now see FLI)
FILAMFellow, Institute of Leisure and Amenity Management
FILDMFellow, Institute of Logistics and Distribution Management (later FILog)
FilDrDoctor of Philosophy
Fil.Hed.Filosofie Hedersdoktor
FIllumESFellow, Illuminating Engineering Society (now see FCIBSE)
FILogFellow, Institute of Logistics (later FILT)
FILTFellow, Institute of Logistics and Transport (now see FCILT)
FIMFellow, Institute of Materials (formerly Institution of Metallurgists, then Institute of Metals) (now see FIMMM)
FIMAFellow, Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
FIMarEFellow, Institute of Marine Engineers (now see FIMarEST)
FIMarESTFellow, Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology
FIMatMFellow, Institute of Materials Management (later FILog)
FIMBRAFinancial Intermediaries, Managers and Brokers Regulatory Association
FIMCFellow, Institute of Management Consultants (now see FCMC)
FIMCBFellow, International Management Centre from Buckingham
FIMCRCSEFellow in Immediate Medical Care, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
FIMechEFellow, Institution of Mechanical Engineers
FIMFFellow, Institute of Materials Finishing
FIMfgEFellow, Institution of Manufacturing Engineers (later FIEE)
FIMgtFellow, Institute of Management (now see FCMI)
FIMHFellow, Institute of Materials Handling (later FIMatM)
Fellow, Institute of Military History
FIMIFellow, Institute of the Motor Industry
FIMinEFellow, Institution of Mining Engineers (later FIMM)
FIMITFellow, Institute of Musical Instrument Technology
FIMLSFellow, Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences (now see FIBMS)
FIMLTFellow, Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology (later FIMLS)
FIMMFellow, Institution of Mining and Metallurgy (now see FIMMM)
FIMMAFellow, Institute of Metals and Materials Australasia
FIMMMFellow, Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining
FIMSFellow, Institute of Mathematical Statistics
FIMTFellow, Institute of the Motor Trade (now see FIMI)
FIMTAFellow, Institute of Municipal Treasurers and Accountants (now see IPFA)
FIMunEFellow, Institution of Municipal Engineers (now amalgamated with Institution of Civil Engineers)
FINFellow, Institute of Navigation (now see FRIN)
FINRAFinancial Industry Regulatory Authority
FInstAMFellow, Institute of Administrative Management
FInstArb(NZ)Fellow, Institute of Arbitrators of New Zealand
FInstBiolFellow, Institute of Biology (later FIBiol)
FInstCESFellow, Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (now see FCInstCES)
FInstDFellow, Institute of Directors
FInstEFellow, Institute of Energy (now see FEI)
FInstFFellow, Institute of Fuel (later FInstE)
Fellow, Institute of Fundraising
FInstFFFellow, Institute of Freight Forwarders Ltd (later FIFF)
FInstHEFellow, Institution of Highways Engineers (later FIHT, now see FCIHT)
FInstKTFellow, Institute of Knowledge Transfer
FInstLExFellow, Institute of Legal Executives
FInstLMFellow, Institute of Leadership and Management
FInstMFellow, Institute of Meat
Fellow, Institute of Marketing (now see FCIM)
FInstMCFellow, Institute of Measurement and Control
FInstMSMFellow, Institute of Marketing and Sales Management (later FInstM; now see FCIM)
FInstMetFellow, Institute of Metals (later part of Metals Society; then FIM)
FInstNDTFellow, Institute of Non-Destructive Testing
FInstPFellow, Institute of Physics
FInstPetFellow, Institute of Petroleum (now see FEI)
FInstPkgFellow, Institute of Packaging
FInstPSFellow, Institute of Purchasing and Supply (now see FCIPS)
FInstREFellow, Institution of Royal Engineers
FInstSMFellow, Institute of Sales Management (now see FInstSMM)
FInstSMMFellow, Institute of Sales and Marketing Management
FInstTTFellow, Institute of Travel & Tourism
FInstWFellow, Institute of Welding (now see FWeldI)
FINucEFellow, Institution of Nuclear Engineers (now see FNucI)
FIOAFellow, Institute of Acoustics
FIOBFellow, Institute of Building (now see FCIOB)
FIOHFellow, Institute of Occupational Hygiene
FIOMFellow, Institute of Office Management (now see FIAM)
FIOPFellow, Institute of Printing (now see FIP3)
FIOSHFellow, Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
FIPFellow, Australian Institute of Petroleum
FIPAFellow, Institute of Practitioners in Advertising
Fellow, Insolvency Practitioners Association
FIPAAFellow, Institute of Public Administration Australia
FIPDFellow, Institute of Personnel and Development (now see FCIPD)
FIPDMFellow, Institute of Physical Distribution Management (later FILDM)
FIPEMFellow, Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine
FIPENZFellow, Institution of Professional Engineers, New Zealand
FIPGFellow, Institute of Professional Goldsmiths
FIPharmMFellow, Institute of Pharmacy Management
FIPHEFellow, Institution of Public Health Engineers (later FIWEM)
FIPlantEFellow, Institution of Plant Engineers
FIPMFellow, Institute of Personnel Management (later FIPD)
FIPPMFellow, Institute of Payroll and Pensions Management
FIPRFellow, Institute of Public Relations (now see FCIPR)
FIProdEFellow, Institution of Production Engineers (later FIMfgE)
FIPSMFellow, Institute of Physical Sciences in Medicine (now see FIPEM)
FIP3Fellow, Institute of Paper, Printing and Publishing
FIQFellow, Institute of Quarrying
FIQAFellow, Institute of Quality Assurance (now see FCQI)
FIRIFellow, Institution of the Rubber Industry (later FPRI)
FIRMFellow, Institute of Risk Management
FIROFellow, Institution of Railway Operators
FIRSEFellow, Institute of Railway Signalling Engineers
FIRTEFellow, Institute of Road Transport Engineers
FISFellow, Institute of Statisticians
FISAFellow, Incorporated Secretaries’ Association
Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Aviron
FISEFellow, Institution of Sales Engineers
Fellow, Institution of Sanitary Engineers
FISITAFédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Ingénieurs des Techniques de l’Automobile
FISMFellow, Institute of Supervisory Managers (now see FInstLM)
Fellow, Institute of Sports Medicine
FISOBFellow, Incorporated Society of Organ Builders
FISPALFellow, Institute for Sport, Parks and Leisure
FISTCFellow, Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators
FISTDFellow, Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing
FIStructEFellow, Institution of Structural Engineers
FITDFellow, Institute of Training and Development (later FIPD)
FITEFellow, Institution of Electrical and Electronics Technician Engineers
FITSAFellow, Institute of Trading Standards Administration
FIWFellow, Welding Institute (now see FWeldI)
FIWEFellow, Institution of Water Engineers (later FIWES)
FIWEMFellow, Institution of Water and Environmental Management (now see FCIWEM)
FIWESFellow, Institution of Water Engineers and Scientists (later FIWEM)
FIWMFellow, Institution of Works Managers (now see FIIM)
Fellow, Institute of Wastes Management (now see FCIWM)
FIWOFellow, Institute of Water Officers
FIWPCFellow, Institute of Water Pollution Control (later FIWEM)
FIWScFellow, Institute of Wood Science
FIWSPFellow, Institute of Work Study Practitioners (now see FMS)
FJIFellow, Institute of Journalists (now see FCIJ)
FJIEFellow, Junior Institution of Engineers (now see CIMGTechE)
FKCFellow, King’s College London
FKCHMSFellow, King’s College Hospital Medical School
FLFlorida (postal)
FLAFellow, Library Association (now see FCLIP)
FLASFellow, Chartered Land Agents’ Society (now (after amalgamation) see FRICS)
FLCMFellow, London College of Music
FLIFellow, Landscape Institute
FLIAFellow, Life Insurance Association
FLLAFellow, Association of Lawyers and Legal Advisers
FLSFellow, Linnean Society
FLSWFellow, Learned Society of Wales
FMAFellow, Museums Association
FMAATFellow Member, Association of Accounting Technicians
FMBAFellow, Marine Biological Association
FMedSciFellow, Academy of Medical Sciences
FMESFellow, Minerals Engineering Society
FMIFoundation for Manufacturing and Industry
FMinSocFellow, Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland
FMLMFaculty of Medical Leadership and Management
FMSFederated Malay States
Fellow, Medical Society
Fellow, Institute of Management Services
FMSAFellow, Mineralogical Society of America
FNAFellow, Indian National Science Academy
FNAEAFellow, National Association of Estate Agents
FNCOFleet Naval Constructor Officer
FNECInstFellow, North East Coast Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders
FNIFellow, Nautical Institute
Fellow, National Institute of Sciences in India (now see FNA)
FNIAFellow, Nigerian Institute of Architects
FNMFree National Movement
FNMCPFellow, Nigerian Medical College of Physicians
FNMSMFellow, North and Midlands School of Music
FNucIFellow, Nuclear Institute
FNZIAFellow, New Zealand Institute of Architects
FNZIASFellow, New Zealand Institute of Agricultural Science
FNZICFellow, New Zealand Institute of Chemistry
FNZIEFellow, New Zealand Institution of Engineers (now see FIPENZ)
FNZIMFellow, New Zealand Institute of Management
FNZPsSFellow, New Zealand Psychological Society
FOForeign Office (now see FCO)
Field Officer
Flag Officer
Flying Officer
FODCFranciscan Order of the Divine Compassion
FOICFlag Officer in charge
FOMAFlag Officer, Maritime Aviation
FOMIFaculty of Occupational Medicine of Ireland
FONAFlag Officer, Naval Aviation
FONACFlag Officer, Naval Air Command
FOSAFellow, Optical Society of America
FOSTFlag Officer Sea Training
FPAFamily Planning Association
FPCFamily Practitioner Committee (later FHSA)
Financial Planning Certificate
FPHFaculty of Public Health
FPHMFaculty of Public Health Medicine (see now FPH)
FPhSFellow, Philosophical Society of England
FPhysSFellow, Physical Society
FPIFellow, Plastics Institute (later FPRI)
FPIAFellow, Plastics Institute of Australia
Fellow, Planning Institute of Australia
FPMFaculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine
FPMIFellow, Pensions Management Institute
FPRIFellow, Plastics and Rubber Institute (later FIM)
FPSFellow, Pharmaceutical Society (now also FRPharmS)
Fauna Preservation Society (later FFPS)
FPWIFellow, Permanent Way Institution
FQNIFellow, Queen’s Nursing Institute
FRAFellow, Royal Academy
FRACFellow, Royal Agricultural College
FRACDSFellow, Royal Australian College of Dental Surgeons
FRACGPFellow, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
FRACIFellow, Royal Australian Chemical Institute
FRACMAFellow, Royal Australian College of Medical Administrators
FRACOFellow, Royal Australian College of Ophthalmologists
FRACOGFellow, Royal Australian College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (now see FRANZCOG)
FRACPFellow, Royal Australasian College of Physicians
FRACRFellow, Royal Australasian College of Radiologists
FRACSFellow, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
FRADFellow, Royal Academy of Dancing
FRAeSFellow, Royal Aeronautical Society
FRAgSFellow, Royal Agricultural Societies (ie of England, Scotland and Wales)
FRAHSFellow, Royal Australian Historical Society
FRAIFellow, Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain & Ireland
FRAIAFellow, Royal Australian Institute of Architects
FRAIBFellow, Royal Australian Institute of Building
FRAICFellow, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
FRAIPAFellow, Royal Australian Institute of Public Administration
FRAMFellow, Royal Academy of Music
FRAMEFund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments
FRANZCOGFellow, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
FRANZCPFellow, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists
FRANZCRFellow, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists
FRAPIFellow, Royal Australian Planning Institute (now see FPIA)
FRASFellow, Royal Astronomical Society
Fellow, Royal Asiatic Society
FRASEFellow, Royal Agricultural Society of England
FRBSFellow, Royal Society of British Sculptors
Fellow, Royal Botanic Society
FRCAFellow, Royal College of Art
Fellow, Royal College of Anaesthetists
FRCCOFellow, Royal Canadian College of Organists
FRCD(Can.)Fellow, Royal College of Dentists of Canada
FRCEMFellow, Royal College of Emergency Medicine
FRCGPFellow, Royal College of General Practitioners
FRCMFellow, Royal College of Music
FRCNFellow, Royal College of Nursing
FRCOFellow, Royal College of Organists
FRCO(CHM)Fellow, Royal College of Organists with Diploma in Choir Training
FRCOGFellow, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
FRCOphthFellow, Royal College of Ophthalmologists
FRCPFellow, Royal College of Physicians, London
FRCPAFellow, Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia
FRCP&S (Canada)Fellow, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
FRCPathFellow, Royal College of Pathologists
FRCPCFellow, Royal College of Physicians of Canada
FRCPCHFellow, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
Fellow, Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh
FRCPGlasFellow, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow
FRCPIFellow, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
FRCPSGlasHon. Fellow, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow
FRCPsychFellow, Royal College of Psychiatrists
FRCRFellow, Royal College of Radiologists
FRCSFellow, Royal College of Surgeons of England
FRCSCanFellow, Royal College of Surgeons of Canada
Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
FRCSGlasFellow, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow
FRCSIFellow, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
FRCSLTFellow, Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists
FRCSocFellow, Royal Commonwealth Society
FRCS (OMFS)Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons of England (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)
FRCSTFellow, Royal College of Surgeons of Thailand
FRCUSFellow, Royal College of University Surgeons (Denmark)
FRCVSFellow, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
FREconSFellow, Royal Economic Society
FREngFellow, Royal Academy of Engineering
FRESFellow, Royal Entomological Society of London
FRFPSGFellow, Royal Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow (now see FRCPGlas)
FRGFederal Republic of Germany
FRGSFellow, Royal Geographical Society
FRGSAFellow, Royal Geographical Society of Australasia
FRHistSFellow, Royal Historical Society
FRHSFellow, Royal Horticultural Society (now see MRHS)
FRIFellow, Royal Institution
FRIAIFellow, Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland
FRIASFellow, Royal Incorporation of Architects of Scotland
Royal Institute for the Advancement of Science
FRIBAFellow, Royal Institute of British Architects (and see RIBA)
FRICFellow, Royal Institute of Chemistry (now see FRSC)
FRICSFellow, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
FRIHFellow, Royal Institute of Horticulture (NZ)
FRINFellow, Royal Institute of Navigation
FRINAFellow, Royal Institution of Naval Architects
FRIPAFellow, Royal Institute of Public Administration (the Institute no longer has Fellows)
FRIPHFellow, Royal Institute of Public Health (now see FRSPH)
FRIPHHFellow, Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene (later FRIPH; now see FRSPH)
FRMCMFellow, Royal Manchester College of Music
FRMedSocFellow, Royal Medical Society
FRMetSFellow, Royal Meteorological Society
FRMIAFellow, Retail Management Institute of Australia
FRMSFellow, Royal Microscopical Society
FRNCMFellow, Royal Northern College of Music
FRNSFellow, Royal Numismatic Society
FRPharmSFellow, Royal Pharmaceutical Society
FRPSFellow, Royal Photographic Society
FRPSLFellow, Royal Philatelic Society, London
FRSFellow, Royal Society
FRSAFellow, Royal Society of Arts
FRSAIFellow, Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland
FRSAMDFellow, Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama
FRSBFellow, Royal Society of Biology
FRSCFellow, Royal Society of Canada
Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry
FRS(Can)Fellow, Royal Society of Canada (used when a person is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry)
FRSCMHon. Fellow, Royal School of Church Music
FRSC(UK)Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry (used when a person is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada)
FRSEFellow, Royal Society of Edinburgh
FRSGSFellow, Royal Scottish Geographical Society
FRSHFellow, Royal Society for the Promotion of Health (now see FRSPH)
FRSLFellow, Royal Society of Literature
FRSMFellow, Royal Schools of Music
FRSNFellow, Royal Society of New South Wales
FRSocMedFellow, Royal Society of Medicine
FRSNZFellow, Royal Society of New Zealand
FRSPHFellow, Royal Society for Public Health
FRSPSFellow, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society
FRSSAFellow, Royal Scottish Society for the Arts
FRSSAfFellow, Royal Society of South Africa
FRSTM&HFellow, Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
FRSVFellow, Royal Society of Victoria
FRTPIFellow, Royal Town Planning Institute
FRTSFellow, Royal Television Society
FRUSIFellow, Royal United Services Institute
FRVAFellow, Rating and Valuation Association (now see IRRV)
FRVCFellow, Royal Veterinary College
FRWCMDFellow, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama
FRZSScotFellow, Royal Zoological Society of Scotland
FSField Security
fsGraduate, Royal Air Force Staff College
FSAFellow, Society of Antiquaries
Financial Services Authority
FSACOGFellow, South African College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
FSAEFellow, Society of Automotive Engineers
Fellow, Society of Art Education
FSAIFellow, Society of Architectural Illustrators
FSArcFellow, Society of Architects (merged with the RIBA 1952)
FSaRSFellow, Safety and Reliability Society
FSAScotFellow, Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
FSBFellow, Society of Biology (now see FRSB)
FSBEFellow, Society of Business Economists
fscForeign Staff College
FSCAFellow, Society of Company and Commercial Accountants
FScotvecFellow, Scottish Vocational Education Council
FSCREFellow, Scottish Council for Research in Education
FSDCFellow, Society of Dyers and Colourists
FSEFellow, Society of Engineers
Fellow, Society for the Environment
FSEDAFellow, Staff and Higher Educational Development Association
FSESFellow, Society for Educational Studies
FSGFellow, Society of Genealogists
FSGDFellow, Society of Garden Designers
FSGTFellow, Society of Glass Technology
FSIFellow, Chartered Surveyors’ Institution (now see FRICS)
Fellow, Securities Institute (later Securities & Investment Institute, now see FCSI)
FSIAFellow, Securities Institute of Australia
Fellow, Society of Industrial Artists (later FSIAD)
FSIADFellow, Society of Industrial Artists and Designers (now see FCSD)
FSIPFellow, Society of Investment Professionals
FSLCOGFellow, Sri Lankan College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
FSLCPaedFellow, Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians
FSLTCFellow, Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists
FSMAFellow, Incorporated Sales Managers’ Association (later FInstMSM, then FInstM)
FSMCFreeman of the Spectacle-Makers’ Company
FSMEFellow, Society of Manufacturing Engineers
FSMPTEFellow, Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (US)
FSMSFellow, Strategic Management Society
FSNADFellow, Society of Numismatic Artists and Designers
FSNAMEFellow, American Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
FSOEFellow, Society of Operations Engineers
FSOGCFellow, Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada
FSPIFellow, Society of Practitioners of Insolvency
FSQAFellow, Scottish Qualifications Authority
FSRHEFellow, Society for Research into Higher Education
FSRPFellow, Society for Radiological Protection
FSSFellow, Royal Statistical Society
FSSIFellow, Society of Scribes and Illuminators
FSTDFellow, Society of Typographic Designers
FSVAFellow, Incorporated Society of Valuers and Auctioneers (now see RICS)
FTFinancial Times
FTCFlying Training Command
Full Technological Certificate, City and Guilds of London Institute
FTCDFellow, Trinity College, Dublin
FTCLFellow, Trinity College of Music, London
FTIFellow, Textile Institute
FTIIFellow, Chartered Institute (formerly Incorporated Institute, then Institute) of Taxation
FTMAFellow, Telecommunications Managers Association (now see FCMA)
FTSFellow, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (now see FTSE)
Flying Training School
Fellow, Tourism Society
FTSEFellow, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
FUCEBFellow, University of Central England in Birmingham
FUCUAFederation of University Conservative and Unionist Associations (now see FCS)
FUMISTFellow, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
FVCMFellow, Victoria College of Music
FVRDEFighting Vehicles Research and Development Establishment
FWAASFellow, World Academy of Arts and Sciences
FWACPFellow, West African College of Physicians
FWAGFarming and Wildlife Advisory Group
FWCBFellow, Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths
FWCMDFellow, Welsh College of Music and Drama (now see FRWCMD)
FWeldIFellow, Welding Institute
FWESFellow, Women’s Engineering Society
FWSOMFellow, Institute of Practitioners in Work Study, Organisation and Method (now see FMS)
FZSFellow, Zoological Society
FZSScotFellow, Zoological Society of Scotland (now see FRZSScot)


GAGeologists’ Association
Gaelic Athletic (Club)
Georgia (postal)
GAIGuild of Architectural Ironmongers
GAICDGraduate Member, Australian Institute of Company Directors
GAPGap Activity Projects
GAPANGuild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators
GATTGeneral Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (now World Trade Organisation)
GBGreat Britain
GBAGoverning Bodies Association
GBEKnight or Dame Grand Cross, Order of the British Empire
GBGSAGoverning Bodies of Girls’ Schools Association (formerly Association of Governing Bodies of Girls’ Public Schools)
GBMGrand Bauhinia Medal (Hong Kong)
GBSGold Bauhinia Star (Hong Kong)
GCGeorge Cross
GCBKnight or Dame Grand Cross, Order of the Bath
GCBSGeneral Council of British Shipping
GCCGeneral Chiropractic Council
GCCCGonville and Caius College, Cambridge
GCCFGrand Commander, Companion Order of Freedom (Zambia)
GCFRGrand Commander, Order of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
GCHKnight Grand Cross, Hanoverian Order
GCHQGovernment Communications Headquarters
GCIEKnight Grand Commander, Order of the Indian Empire
GCLGrand Chief, Order of Logohu (Papua New Guinea)
GCLJGrand Cross, Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem
GCMGold Crown of Merit (Barbados)
GCMAGlobal Certified Management Accountant
GCMGKnight or Dame Grand Cross, Order of St Michael and St George
GCMJKnight or Dame Grand Cross, Supreme Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem
GCNGKnight Grand Cross, Order of the Nation (Grenada)
GCONGrand Cross, Order of the Niger
GCSEGeneral Certificate of Secondary Education
GCSGKnight Grand Cross, Order of St Gregory the Great
GCSIKnight Grand Commander, Order of the Star of India
GCSJKnight Grand Cross of Justice, Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem (Knights Hospitaller)
GCSKGrand Commander, Order of the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean (Mauritius)
GCSLGrand Cross, Order of St Lucia
GCStGKnight Grand Cross, Order of St George
GCStJBailiff or Dame Grand Cross, Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem
GCVOKnight or Dame Grand Cross, Royal Victorian Order
GDBAGuide Dogs for the Blind Association
GDCGeneral Dental Council
GDRGerman Democratic Republic
GDSTGirls’ Day School Trust
GFDGeophysical Fluid Dynamics
GFSGirls’ Friendly Society
GGSMGraduate in Music, Guildhall School of Music and Drama
GHQGeneral Headquarters
GIMechEGraduate, Institution of Mechanical Engineers
GISGeographic Information Systems
GKTGuy’s, King’s and St Thomas’ (Medical and Dental School of King’s College London)
GLGrand Lodge
GLAGreater London Authority
GLAAGreater London Arts Association (now see GLAB)
GLCGreater London Council
GMGeorge Medal
Grand Medal (Ghana)
genetically modified
GMB(Union for) General, Municipal, Boilermakers
GMBATUGeneral, Municipal, Boilermakers and Allied Trades Union (now see GMB)
GmbHGesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
GMBPSGraduate Member, British Psychological Society
GMCGeneral Medical Council
Guild of Memorial Craftsmen
General Management Course (Henley)
GMHGibraltar Medallion of Honour
GMWUGeneral and Municipal Workers’ Union (later GMBATU; now see GMB)
GNCGeneral Nursing Council
GNVQGeneral National Vocational Qualification
GNZMKnight or Dame Grand Companion, New Zealand Order of Merit
GOCGeneral Officer Commanding
GOC-in-CGeneral Officer Commanding-in-Chief
GOEGeneral Ordination Examination
GOMLJGrand Officer of Merit, Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem
GOQGrand Officer, National Order of Quebec
GOSKGrand Officer, Order of the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean (Mauritius)
GPGeneral Practitioner
Grand Prix
GPDSTGirls’ Public Day School Trust (now see GDST)
GPMUGraphical, Paper and Media Union
GPOGeneral Post Office
GRGeneral Reconaissance
GRNCMGraduate of the Royal Northern College of Music
GRSMGraduate of the Royal Schools of Music
GSGeneral Staff
Grammar School
g sgrandson
GSAGirls’ Schools Association
GSDGibraltar Social Democrats
GSMGeneral Service Medal
(Member of) Guildhall School of Music and Drama
GSMDGuildhall School of Music and Drama
GSOGeneral Staff Officer
GTCLGraduate, Trinity College of Music
GTSGeneral Theological Seminary (New York)
GWRGreat Western Railway


HAHistorical Association
Health Authority
HAAHeavy Anti-Aircraft
HACHonourable Artillery Company
HACASHousing Association Consultancy and Advisory Service
HATHousing Action Trust
HBMHis (or Her) Britannic Majesty (Majesty’s)
Humming Bird Gold Medal (Trinidad)
hchonoris causa (honorary)
HCAHospital Corporation of America
HCFHonorary Chaplain to the Forces
HCIMAHotel, Catering and International (formerly Institutional) Management Association
HCOHigher Clerical Officer
HCPCHealth and Care Professions Council
HCSCHigher Command and Staff Course
HDAHawkesbury Diploma in Agriculture (Australia)
Health Development Agency
HDDHigher Dental Diploma
HDEHigher Diploma in Education
HDFAHigher Diploma in Fine Art
HDipEdHigher Diploma in Education
HDRHabilitation à diriger des recherches
HEHis (or Her) Excellency
His Eminence
Higher Education
HEAHealth Education Authority (later HDA)
HECEcole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales
Higher Education Corporation
HEFCEHigher Education Funding Council for England
HEFCWHigher Education Funding Council for Wales
HEHHis (or Her) Exalted Highness
HEOHigher Executive Officer
HEQCHigher Education Quality Council (now see QAA)
HERDA-SWHigher Education Regional Development Association - South West
HEROHigher Education Research Opportunities
HFEAHuman Fertilisation and Embryology Authority
HGTACHome Grown Timber Advisory Committee
HHHis (or Her) Highness
His Holiness
Member, Hesketh Hubbard Art Society
HHAHistoric Houses Association
HHDDoctor of Humanities (US)
HIHawaii (postal)
HIHHis (or Her) Imperial Highness
HIllHHis (or Her) Illustrious Highness
HIMHis (or Her) Imperial Majesty
HIVHuman Immunodeficiency Virus
HJHilal-e-Jurat (Pakistan)
HKIAHong Kong Institute of Architects
HKSARHong Kong Special Administrative Region
HLDDoctor of Humane Letters
HLFHeritage Lottery Fund
HLIHighland Light Infantry
HMHis (or Her) Majesty, or Majesty’s
HMAHead Masters’ Association
HMASHis (or Her) Majesty’s Australian Ship
HMCHeadmasters’ and Headmistresses’ (formerly Headmasters’) Conference
Hospital Management Committee
HMCICHis (or Her) Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary
HMCSHis (or Her) Majesty’s Canadian Ship
HMHSHis (or Her) Majesty’s Hospital Ship
HMIHis (or Her) Majesty’s Inspector
HMMTBHis (or Her) Majesty’s Motor Torpedo Boat
HMNZSHis (or Her) Majesty’s New Zealand Ship
HMOCSHis (or Her) Majesty’s Overseas Civil Service
HMPHis (or Her) Majesty’s Prison
HMRCHis (or Her) Majesty’s Revenue and Customs
HMSHis (or Her) Majesty’s Ship
HMSOHis (or Her) Majesty’s Stationery Office
HNCHigher National Certificate
HNDHigher National Diploma
H of CHouse of Commons
H of LHouse of Lords
HPAHealth Protection Agency
HPVHuman Papilloma Virus
HQAHilali-Quaid-i-Azam (Pakistan)
HRHuman Resources
HRAHorseracing Regulatory Authority
HRGIHonorary Member, The Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts
HRHHis (or Her) Royal Highness
HRHAHonorary Member, Royal Hibernian Academy
HRIHonorary Member, Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours
HROIHonorary Member, Royal Institute of Oil Painters
HRSAHonorary Member, Royal Scottish Academy
HRSWHonorary Member, Royal Scottish Water Colour Society
HRUAHon. Member, Royal Ulster Academy
HSCHealth and Safety Commission
Higher School Certificate
HSEHealth and Safety Executive
HSHHis (or Her) Serene Highness
HSOHigher Scientific Officer
HSSHealth and Social Services
Humanities (Classics)
HVCertHealth Visitor’s Certificate


IAIndian Army
Iowa (postal)
IAAInternational Academy of Architecture
IAAFInternational Association of Athletics Federations (formerly International Amateur Athletic Federation)
IABSEInternational Association of Bridge and Structural Engineers
IACIndian Armoured Corps
Institute of Amateur Cinematographers
IACPInternational Association of Chiefs of Police
IACRInstitute of Arable Crops Research
IADBInter American Development Bank
IADRInternational Association for Dental Research
IAEAInternational Atomic Energy Agency
IAFIndian Air Force
Indian Auxiliary Force
IAHSInternational Association of Hydrological Sciences
IALDMember, International Association of Lighting Designers
IAMInstitute of Advanced Motorists
Institute of Aviation Medicine
IAMASInternational Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences
IAMCIndian Army Medical Corps
IAOIncorporated Association of Organists
IAOCIndian Army Ordnance Corps
IAPSIndependent Association of Prep Schools (formerly Incorporated Association of Preparatory Schools)
IAPSOInternational Association for the Physical Sciences of the Oceans
IAROIndian Army Reserve of Officers
IASIndian Administrative Service
Institute for Advanced Studies
International Academy of Science
IASCInternational Arctic Science Committee
IASEInstitute of Advanced Studies in Education
IASPEIInternational Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth’s Interior
IATAInternational Air Transport Association
IATULInternational Association of Technological University Libraries
IAUInternational Astronomical Union
IAVCEIInternational Assembly of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior
IAWPRCInternational Association on Water Pollution Research and Control
ibidem (in the same place)
IBInternational Baccalaureate
IBAIndependent Broadcasting Authority
International Bar Association
IBBYInternational Board for Books for Young People
IBCAInternational Braille Chess Association
IBGInstitute of British Geographers (now part of RGS)
IBRDInternational Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank)
IBROInternational Bank Research Organisation
International Brain Research Organisation
IBTEInstitution of British Telecommunications Engineers
IBVMInstitute of the Blessed Virgin Mary
i/cin charge
in command
ICAInstitute of Contemporary Arts
Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (now see ICAEW)
ICACIndependent Commission Against Corruption, Hong Kong
ICAEWInstitute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
ICAIInstitute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland
ICAOInternational Civil Aviation Organization
ICASInstitute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland
ICBPInternational Council for Bird Preservation
ICCInternational Chamber of Commerce
International Cricket Council (formerly International Cricket Conference)
ICCAInternational Council for Commercial Arbitration
ICCROMInternational Centre for Conservation at Rome
ICDIuris Canonici Doctor (Doctor of Canon Law)
Independence Commemorative Decoration (Rhodesia)
ICD.DInstitute of Corporate Directors Director (Canada)
ICEInstitution of Civil Engineers
ICEDInternational Council for Educational Development
ICEFInternational Federation of Chemical, Energy and General Workers’ Unions
ICESInternational Council for the Exploration of the Sea
ICFInternational Federation of Chemical and General Workers’ Unions (now see ICEF)
ICFCIndustrial and Commercial Finance Corporation (later part of Investors in Industry)
ICFRInternational Centre for Financial Regulation
ICFTUInternational Confederation of Free Trade Unions
ICHInternational Conference on Harmonisation
ICHCAInternational Cargo Handling Co-ordination Association
IChemEInstitution of Chemical Engineers
ICIImperial Chemical Industries
ICJInternational Commission of Jurists
ICLInternational Computers Ltd
ICMInternational Confederation of Midwives
ICMAInstitute of Cost and Management Accountants (now see CIMA)
ICNLInternational Center for Not for Profit Law
ICOMInternational Council of Museums
ICOMOSInternational Council on Monuments and Sites
ICorrSTInstitution of Corrosion Science and Technology (now see ICorr)
ICPOInternational Criminal Police Organization (Interpol)
ICRCInternational Committee of the Red Cross
ICREAInstitució Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avançats
ICRFImperial Cancer Research Fund (now see CRUK)
ICSIndian Civil Service
ICSAInstitute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators
ICSDInternational Council for Scientific Development
ICSIDInternational Council of Societies of Industrial Design
International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes
ICSMImperial College School of Medicine
ICSTISIndependent Committee for Supervision of Telephone Information Services
ICSTMImperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London
ICSUInternational Council for Science (formerly International Council of Scientific Unions)
ICTInternational Computers and Tabulators Ltd (later ICL)
Information and Communications Technology
IDIndependence Decoration (Rhodesia)
Idaho (postal)
IDAInternational Development Association
IDBInternal Drainage Board
Industrial Development Board
IDCImperial Defence College (now see RCDS)
Inter-Diocesan Certificate
idccompleted a course at, or served for a year on the Staff of, the Imperial Defence College (now see rcds)
IDDAInterior Decorators and Designers Association (now see BIDA)
IDeAImprovement and Development Agency for Local Government
IDRCInternational Development Research Centre
IDSInstitute of Development Studies
Industry Department for Scotland
IEAInstitute of Economic Affairs
IECInternational Electrotechnical Commission
IEDInstitution of Engineering Designers
improvised explosive device
IEEInstitution of Electrical Engineers (now see IET)
IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (NY)
IEEIEInstitution of Electrical and Electronics Incorporated Engineers (later IIE)
IEETEInstitution of Electrical and Electronics Technician Engineers (later IIE)
IEIInstitution of Engineers of Ireland
IEIEInstitution of Electronics and Electrical Incorporated Engineers (later IIE)
IEMAInstitute of Environmental Management Assessment
IEMEInspectorate of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
IEngIncorporated Engineer
IEREInstitution of Electronic and Radio Engineers
IESIndian Educational Service
Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland
International Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Society
IETInstitution of Engineering and Technology
IExpEInstitute of Explosives Engineers
IFACInternational Federation of Automatic Control
International Federation of Accountants
IFADInternational Fund for Agricultural Development (UNO)
IFAWInternational Fund for Animal Welfare
IFBWWInternational Federation of Building Woodworkers
IFCInternational Finance Corporation
IFIASInternational Federation of Institutes of Advanced Study
IFIPInternational Federation for Information Processing
IFLAInternational Federation of Library Associations
Institute of Family Law Arbitrators
IFMGA(Member of) International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations
IFORImplementation Force
IFORSInternational Federation of Operational Research Societies
IFPIInternational Federation of the Phonographic Industry
IFSIrish Free State
Indian Forest Service
Institute for Fiscal Studies
IGInstructor in Gunnery
IGasEInstitution of Gas Engineers
IGCSEInternational General Certificate of Secondary Education
IGPPInstitute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics
IGSIndependent Grammar School
IGUInternational Geographical Union
International Gas Union
IHAInstitute of Health Service Administrators (later IHSM)
IHBC(Member of) Institute of Historic Building Conservation
IHMInstitute of Healthcare Management
IHSMInstitute of Health Services Management (now see IHM)
IHVEInstitution of Heating and Ventilating Engineers (later CIBS)
IIEInstitution of Incorporated Engineers (now see IET)
IIEBInstitut International d’Etudes Bancaires
IIExEInstitution of Incorporated Executive Engineers
IIMInstitution of Industrial Managers
IIRSMInternational Institute of Risk and Safety Management
IISInternational Institute of Sociology
IISIInternational Iron and Steel Institute
IISSInternational Institute of Strategic Studies
IITIndian Institute of Technology
ILIllinois (postal)
ILAInternational Law Association
ILACInternational Laboratory Accreditation Co-operation
ILEAInner London Education Authority
ILMInstitute of Leadership and Management
ILOInternational Labour Office
International Labour Organisation
ILPIndependent Labour Party
ILRIndependent Local Radio
International Labour Review
ILTMMember, Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (now see FHEA)
IMIndividual Merit
IMAInternational Music Association
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
IMCInstrument Meteorological Conditions
IMCBInternational Management Centre from Buckingham
IMCOInter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization (now see IMO)
IMEInstitute of Medical Ethics
IMechEInstitution of Mechanical Engineers
IMechIEInstitution of Mechanical Incorporated Engineers (later IIE)
IMEDEInstitut pour l’Etude des Méthodes de Direction de l’Entreprise
IMFInternational Monetary Fund
IMGTechEInstitution of Mechanical and General Technician Engineers
IMinEInstitution of Mining Engineers
IMMInstitution of Mining and Metallurgy (now see IMMM)
IMMMInstitute of Materials, Minerals and Mining
IMOInternational Maritime Organization
IMROInvestment Management Regulatory Organisation
IMSIndian Medical Service
Institute of Management Services
International Military Staff
IMTAInstitute of Municipal Treasurers and Accountants (now see CIPFA)
IMUInternational Mathematical Union
IMunEInstitution of Municipal Engineers (now amalgamated with Institution of Civil Engineers)
INIndian Navy
Indiana (postal)
INASFMHInternational Sports Association for People with Mental Handicap
INCAInternational Newspaper Colour Association
INFORMInformation Network Focus on New Religious Movements
INFORMSInstitute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
INSAIndian National Science Academy
Institut Européen d’Administration des Affaires
InstSMMInstitute of Sales and Marketing Management
INTELSATInternational Telecommunications Satellite Organisation
IOCInternational Olympic Committee
Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
IOCDInternational Organisation for Chemical Science in Development
IoDInstitute of Directors
I of MIsle of Man
IOMIsle of Man
Indian Order of Merit
IOPInstitute of Painters in Oil Colours
IOSCOInternational Organisation of Securities Commissions
IOSHInstitution of Occupational Safety and Health
IOTA(Fellow of) Institute of Transport Administration
IoWIsle of Wight
IPIntellectual Property
IPAInternational Publishers’ Association
IPCInternational Property Corporation
IPCISInternational Institute for Practitioners in Credit Insurance and Surety
IPEInternational Petroleum Exchange
IPFAMember or Associate, Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (now see CPFA)
IPHEInstitution of Public Health Engineers (later IWEM)
IPIInternational Press Institute
Institute of Patentees and Inventors
IPMInstitute of Personnel Management (later CIPD)
IPPAIndependent Programme Producers’ Association
IPPFInternational Planned Parenthood Federation
IPPRInstitute for Public Policy Research
IPPSInstitute of Physics and The Physical Society
IPRInstitute of Public Relations (now see CIPR)
IPRAInternational Public Relations Association
IProdEInstitution of Production Engineers (later Institution of Manufacturing Engineering)
IPSIndian Police Service
Indian Political Service
Institute of Purchasing and Supply
IPSMInstitute of Public Sector Managers
IPSOIndependent Press Standards Organisation
IPUInter-Parliamentary Union
IRAIrish Republican Army
IRADInstitute for Research on Animal Diseases
IRCIndustrial Reorganization Corporation
Interdisciplinary Research Centre
IRCAMInstitute for Research and Co-ordination in Acoustics and Music
IRCertIndustrial Relations Certificate
IRIInstitution of the Rubber Industry (now see PRI)
IRPAInternational Radiation Protection Association
IRRV(Fellow/Member of) Institute of Revenues, Rating and Valuation
IRTEInstitute of Road Transport Engineers
ISInternational Society of Sculptors, Painters and Gravers
Information Systems
ISAAInternational Spill Response Accreditation Association
ISAFInternational Sailing Federation
International Security Assistance Force
ISAKOSInternational Society for Arthroscopy and Knee Surgery
ISBAIncorporated Society of British Advertisers
ISCImperial Service College, Haileybury
Indian Staff Corps
Independent Schools Council
ISCisIndependent Schools Council Information Service
ISCMInternational Society for Contemporary Music
ISCOIndependent Schools Careers Organisation
ISIInternational Statistical Institute
Independent Schools Inspectorate
ISILIslamic State in Iraq and the Levant
ISISIndependent Schools Information Service (see now ISCis)
ISJCIndependent Schools Joint Council (now see ISC)
ISMIncorporated Society of Musicians
ISMARInternational Society of Magnetic Resonance
ISMEInternational Society for Musical Education
ISMPInternational Senior Management Program
ISOImperial Service Order
International Organization for Standardization
ISPRSInternational Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
ISSAInternational Social Security Association
ISTARIntelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance
ISTCIron and Steel Trades Confederation
Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators
ISTDImperial Society of Teachers of Dancing
Institute for the Study and Treatment of Delinquency
IStructEInstitution of Structural Engineers
ISVAIncorporated Society of Valuers and Auctioneers
ITInformation Technology
Indian Territory (US)
ITAIndependent Television Authority (later IBA)
ITABInformation Technology Advisory Board
ITBIndustry Training Board
ITCInternational Trade Centre
Independent Television Commission
ITCAIndependent Television Association (formerly Independent Television Companies Association Ltd)
ITDGIntermediate Technology Development Group
ITFInternational Transport Workers’ Federation
International Tennis Federation
ITNIndependent Television News
ITSAInformation Technology Services Agency
ITUInternational Telecommunication Union
ITUCInternational Trade Union Confederation
ITVIndependent Television
ITVAInternational Television Association
IUAInternational Union of Architects
IUBInternational Union of Biochemistry (now see IUBMB)
IUBMBInternational Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
IUCInter-University Council for Higher Education Overseas (now see IUPC)
IUCNInternational Union for Conservation of Nature (formerly International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, then World Conservation Union)
IUFInternational Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers’ Associations
IUGGInternational Union of Geodesy & Geophysics
IUGSInternational Union of Geological Sciences
IUHPSInternational Union of the History and Philosophy of Science
IULAInternational Union of Local Authorities
IUPABInternational Union of Pure and Applied Biophysics
IUPACInternational Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
IUPAPInternational Union of Pure and Applied Physics
IUPCInter-University and Polytechnic Council for Higher Education Overseas
IUPSInternational Union of Physiological Sciences
IUSSPInternational Union for the Scientific Study of Population
IUTAMInternational Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
IVFIn-vitro Fertilisation
IVSInternational Voluntary Service
IWAInland Waterways Association
IWEMInstitution of Water and Environmental Management (now see CIWEM)
IWESInstitution of Water Engineers and Scientists (later IWEM)
IWGCImperial War Graves Commission (now see CWGC)
IWMInstitution of Works Managers (now see IIM)
IWOInstitution of Water Officers
IWPCInstitute of Water Pollution Control (later IWEM)
IWSAInternational Water Supply Association
IWSOMInstitute of Practitioners in Work Study Organisation and Methods (now see IMS)
IWSPInstitute of Work Study Practitioners (now see IMS)
IYRUInternational Yacht Racing Union (now see ISAF)
IZI Zingari


JAJudge Advocate
JACTJoint Association of Classical Teachers
JAGJudge Advocate General
JCBJuris Canonici (or Civilis) Baccalaureus (Bachelor of Canon (or Civil) Law)
JCRJunior Common Room
JCSJournal of the Chemical Society
JCDJuris Canonici (or Civilis) Doctor (Doctor of Canon (or Civil) Law)
JCHMTJoint Committee on Higher Medical Training, Royal Medical Colleges (now see JRCPTB)
JCIJunior Chamber International
JCLJuris Canonici (or Civilis) Licentiatus (Licentiate in Canon (or Civil) Law)
JCOJoint Consultative Organisation (of AFRC, MAFF, and Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for Scotland)
JCPTGPJoint Committee on Postgraduate Training for General Practice
JDDoctor of Jurisprudence
jdjure dignitatis (by virtue of status)
JDipMAJoint Diploma in Management Accounting Services
JGJunior Grade
JILAJoint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics
JInstEJunior Institution of Engineers (now see IMGTechE)
Joint Information Systems Committee, Higher Education Funding Council
JMBJoint Matriculation Board
JMNJohan Mangku Negara (Malaysia)
JMOTSJoint Maritime Operational Training Staff
JNCCJoint Nature Conservation Committee
JPJustice of the Peace
JRCPTBJoint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board
jscqualified at a Junior Staff Course, or the equivalent, 1942-46
JSCSCJoint Services Command and Staff College
jscsccompleted a course at Joint Services Command and Staff College
JSDDoctor of Juristic Science
JSDCJoint Service Defence College
jsdccompleted a course at Joint Service Defence College
JSLOJoint Service Liaison Officer
JSLSJoint Services Liaison Staff
JSMJohan Setia Mahkota (Malaysia)
Master of the Science of Jurisprudence
JSPSJapan Society for the Promotion of Science
JSSCJoint Services Staff College
jssccompleted a course at Joint Services Staff College
JSUJoint Support Unit
jt, jtlyjoint, jointly
JUDJuris Utriusque Doctor (Doctor of Both Laws (Canon and Civil))
Jun.Opt.Junior Optime
Joint Warfare Staff


KAKnight of St Andrew, Order of Barbados
KARKing’s African Rifles
KBEKnight Commander, Order of the British Empire
KCKing’s Counsel
KCBKnight Commander, Order of the Bath
KCCCommander, Order of the Crown, Belgium and Congo Free State
KCGSJKnight Commander of Magisterial Grace, Order of St John of Jerusalem (Knights Hospitaller)
KCHKing’s College Hospital
Knight Commander, Hanoverian Order
KCHSKnight Commander, Order of the Holy Sepulchre
KCIEKnight Commander, Order of the Indian Empire
KCJSJKnight Commander of Justice, Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem (Knights Hospitaller)
KCLKing’s College London
KCLJKnight Commander, Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem
KCMGKnight Commander, Order of St Michael and St George
KCNKnight Commander, Most Distinguished Order of the Nation (Antigua and Barbuda)
KCSAKnight Commander, Military Order of the Collar of St Agatha of Paternò
KCSGKnight Commander, Order of St Gregory the Great
Knight Commander with Star, Order of the Holy Sepulchre
KCSIKnight Commander, Order of the Star of India
KCSJKnight Commander, Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem (Knights Hospitaller)
KCSSKnight Commander, Order of St Silvester
KCVOKnight Commander, Royal Victorian Order
KEOKing Edward’s Own
KFORKosovo Force
KGKnight, Order of the Garter
KGBKomitet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopanosti (Committee of State Security, USSR)
KGCHSKnight Grand Cross, Order of the Holy Sepulchre
KGCNKnight Grand Cross, Most Distinguished Order of the Nation (Antigua and Barbuda)
KGCSSKnight Grand Cross, Order of St Silvester
KGNKnight Grand Collar, Most Distinguished Order of the Nation (Antigua and Barbuda)
KGSJKnight of Grace, Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem (Knights Hospitaller)
KGStJKnight of Grace, Order of St John of Jerusalem (now see KStJ)
KHCHon. Chaplain to the King
KHDSHon. Dental Surgeon to the King
KHPHon. Physician to the King
KHSHon. Surgeon to the King
Knight, Order of the Holy Sepulchre
KJSJKnight of Justice, Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem (Knights Hospitaller)
KJStJKnight of Justice, Order of St John of Jerusalem (now see KStJ)
KLJKnight, Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem
KMKnight of Malta
KMJKnight, Supreme Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem
KMLJKnight of Merit, Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem
KNHKnight Companion, Most Exalted Order of National Hero (Antigua and Barbuda)
KNZMKnight Companion, New Zealand Order of Merit
KOMCompanion, National Order of Merit (Malta)
KORRKing’s Own Royal Regiment
KOSBKing’s Own Scottish Borderers
KOYLIKing’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
KPKnight, Order of St Patrick
KPMKing’s Police Medal
KrFKristelig Folkeparti
KRRCKing’s Royal Rifle Corps
KSKing’s Scholar
Kansas (postal)
KSCKnight of St Columba
KSGKnight, Order of St Gregory the Great
KSJKnight, Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem (Knights Hospitaller)
KSLIKing’s Shropshire Light Infantry
KSSKnight, Order of St Sylvester
KStJKnight, Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem
KStJ(A)Associate Knight of Justice, Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem
KTKnight, Order of the Thistle
KUOMCompanion of Honour, National Order of Merit (Malta)
KYKentucky (postal)


LALos Angeles
Library Association
Liverpool Academy
Louisiana (postal)
LAALight Anti-Aircraft
LACLondon Athletic Club
Los Angeles County
LACSABLocal Authorities Conditions of Service Advisory Board
LAMDALondon Academy of Music and Dramatic Art
LAMTPILegal Associate Member, Town Planning Institute (now see LMRTPI)
LAPADALondon & Provincial Antique Dealers’ Association
LARSPLanguage Assessment, Remediation and Screening Procedure
LARTPILegal Associate, Royal Town Planning Institute
LautroLife Assurance and Unit Trust Regulatory Organisation
LBCLondon Broadcasting Company
London Borough Council
LBHILicentiate, British Horological Institute
LBIPPLicentiate, British Institute of Professional Photography
LCCross of Leo
LCALicensed Companies Auditor
LCADLondon Certificate in Art and Design (University of London)
LCCLondon County Council (later GLC)
LCCILondon Chamber of Commerce and Industry
LCDLord Chancellor’s Department
LChLicentiate in Surgery
LCLLicentiate of Canon Law
LCM(Member of) London College of Music and Media
LCPLicentiate, College of Preceptors
LCSTLicentiate, College of Speech Therapists
LDLiberal and Democratic
Licentiate in Divinity
LDDCLondon Docklands Development Corporation
LDivLicentiate in Divinity
LDPLiberal Democratic Party (Japan)
LDSLicentiate in Dental Surgery
LDVLocal Defence Volunteers
LEALocal Education Authority
LEADLeadership in Environment and Development
LEADRLawyers Engaged in Alternative Dispute Resolution
LEDULocal Enterprise Development Unit
LEPLocal Ecumenical Project
Local Enterprise Partnership
LEPRABritish Leprosy Relief Association
LèsLLicencié ès lettres
LèsScLicencié ès Sciences
LGLady Companion, Order of the Garter
LGALocal Government Association
LGBTLesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender
LGBTILesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex
LGSMLicentiate, Guildhall School of Music and Drama
LGTBLocal Government Training Board
LHLight Horse
LHDLiterarum Humaniorum Doctor (Doctor of Literature)
LHSMLicentiate, Institute of Health Services Management
LILight Infantry
Long Island
LIBALloyd’s Insurance Brokers’ Association
Lib DemLiberal Democrat
LIBERLigue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche
LicMedLicentiate in Medicine
LIFFELondon International Financial Futures and Options Exchange
LIFTLocal Improvement Finance Trust
LIMALicentiate, Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association
LIOBLicentiate, Institute of Building
LISTDLicentiate, Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing
LitDDoctor of Literature
Doctor of Letters
Lit.Hum.Literae Humaniores (Classics)
LittDDoctor of Literature
Doctor of Letters
LJLord Justice
LLAMLicentiate, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art
LLBBachelor of Laws
LLCLimited Liability Company
LLCMLicentiate, London College of Music
LLDDoctor of Laws
LLLLicentiate in Laws
LLMMaster of Laws
LLPLimited Liability Partnership
LLSCLocal Learning and Skills Council
LMLicentiate in Midwifery
LMBCLady Margaret Boat Club
LMCLocal Medical Committee
LMCCLicentiate, Medical Council of Canada
LMedLicentiate in Medicine
LMHLady Margaret Hall, Oxford
LMRLondon Midland Region (BR)
LMSLondon, Midland and Scottish Railway
London Missionary Society
London Mathematical Society
LMSSALicentiate in Medicine and Surgery, Society of Apothecaries
LMRTPILegal Member, Royal Town Planning Institute
LNatLiberal National
LNERLondon and North Eastern Railway
LOCOGLondon Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games
L of CLibrary of Congress
Lines of Communication
LPLimited Partnership
LPhLicentiate in Philosophy
LPOLondon Philharmonic Orchestra
LPTBLondon Passenger Transport Board (later LTE)
LRADLicentiate, Royal Academy of Dancing
LRAMLicentiate, Royal Academy of Music
LRCPLicentiate, Royal College of Physicians, London
LRCPELicentiate, Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh
LRCPILicentiate, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
LRCPSGlasLicentiate, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow
LRCSLicentiate, Royal College of Surgeons of England
LRCSELicentiate, Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh
LRCSILicentiate, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
LRelScLicentiate in Religious Sciences
LRFPS(G)Licentiate, Royal Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow (now see LRCPSGlas)
LRIBALicentiate, Royal Institute of British Architects (now see RIBA)
LRPSLicentiate, Royal Photographic Society
LRSMLicentiate, Royal Schools of Music
LRTLondon Regional Transport
LSALicentiate, Society of Apothecaries
Licence in Agricultural Sciences
LSCLearning and Skills Council
LSELondon School of Economics and Political Science
LSHTMLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
LSOLondon Symphony Orchestra
LSSLicentiate in Sacred Scripture
LTLady, Order of the Thistle
London Transport (later LRT)
Licentiate in Teaching
LTALawn Tennis Association
LTBLondon Transport Board (later LTE)
LTCLLicentiate of Trinity College of Music, London
Lt ColLieutenant Colonel
LTELondon Transport Executive (later LRT)
Lt Gen.Lieutenant General
LThLicentiate in Theology
LTSLondon Topographical Society
LULiberal Unionist
LUOTCLondon University Officers’ Training Corps
LVOLieutenant, Royal Victorian Order (formerly MVO (Fourth Class))
LWTLondon Weekend Television


MAMaster of Arts
Military Assistant
Massachusetts (postal)
MAATMember, Association of Accounting Technicians
MACEMember, Australian College of Education
Member, Association of Conference Executives
MACMMember, Association of Computing Machines
MACSMember, American Chemical Society
MADOMember, Association of Dispensing Opticians
MAEMember, Academia Europaea
MAFMinistry of Agriculture and Fisheries
MAFFMinistry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
MAHLMaster of Arts in Hebrew Letters
MAIMagister in Arte Ingeniaria (Master of Engineering)
MAIAAMember, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
MAIBCMember, Architectural Institute of British Columbia
MAICDMember, Australian Institute of Company Directors
Maj. Gen.Major General
MALDMaster of Arts in Law and Diplomacy
M&AMergers and Acquisitions
MAOMaster of Obstetric Art
MAOTMember, Association of Occupational Therapists
MAOUMember, American Ornithologists’ Union
MAPMinistry of Aircraft Production
MAPMMember, Association for Project Management
MAppScMaster of Applied Science
MAPsSMember, Australian Psychological Society
MARACMember, Australasian Register of Agricultural Consultants
MArchMaster of Architecture
MARISMulti-State Aquatic Resources Information System
MASMinimal Access Surgery
MAScMaster of Applied Science
MASCEMember, American Society of Civil Engineers
MASMEMember, American Society of Mechanical Engineers
MATMaster of Arts and Teaching (US)
MAThMaster of Arts in Theology
MAusIMMMember, Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
MBMedal of Bravery (Canada)
Bachelor of Medicine
Manitoba (postal)
MBAMaster of Business Administration
MBASWMember, British Association of Social Workers
MBCMetropolitan/Municipal Borough Council
MBCSMember, British Computer Society
MBEMember, Order of the British Empire
MBESMember, Biological Engineering Society
MBFRMutual and Balanced Force Reductions (negotiations)
MBHIMember, British Horological Institute
MBIFDMember, British Institute of Funeral Directors
MBIIMember, British Institute of Innkeeping
MBIIDMember, British Institute of Interior Design
MBIMMember, British Institute of Management (later MIMgt)
MBKSMember, British Kinematograph Society (now see MBKSTS)
MBKSTSMember, British Kinematograph, Sound and Television Society
MBLMaster of Business Leadership
MBOUMember, British Ornithologists’ Union
MBPsSGraduate Member, British Psychological Society
MBritIREMember, British Institution of Radio Engineers (later MIERE)
MBSMember, Building Societies Institute (now see MCBSI)
MBScMaster of Business Science
MCMilitary Cross
Missionaries of Charity
MCBMaster in Clinical Biochemistry
Muslim Council of Britain
MCBSIMember, Chartered Building Societies Institute
MCCMarylebone Cricket Club
Metropolitan County Council
MCCDRCSMember in Clinical Community Dentistry, Royal College of Surgeons
MCDMaster of Civic Design
MCEMaster of Civil Engineering
MCFPMember, College of Family Physicians (Canada)
MCGIMember, City and Guilds of London Institute
Master in Surgery
MChDMaster of Dental Surgery
MChEMaster of Chemical Engineering
MChemAMaster in Chemical Analysis
MChOrthMaster of Orthopaedic Surgery
MCIArbMember, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
MCIBSMember, Chartered Institution of Building Services (now see MCIBSE)
Member, Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland
MCIBSEMember, Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers
MCICMMember, Chartered Institute of Credit Management
MCIEEMMember, Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management
MCIfAMember, Chartered Institute for Archaeologists
MCIHMember, Chartered Institute of Housing
MCIHortMember, Chartered Institute of Horticulture
MCIHTMember, Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation
MCIJMember, Chartered Institute of Journalists
MCILMember, Chartered Institute of Linguists
MCIMMember, Chartered Institute of Marketing
MCIMarEMember, Canadian Institute of Marine Engineers
MCIOBMember, Chartered Institute of Building
MCIPDMember, Charted Institute of Personnel and Development
MCIPRMember, Chartered Institute of Public Relations
MCIPSMember, Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply
MCISMember, Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators
MCITMember, Chartered Institute of Transport (now see CMILT)
MCIWEMMember, Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management
MCIWMMember, Chartered Institution of Wastes Management
MCLMaster in Civil Law
MCLIPMember, Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals
MCMIMember, Chartered Management Institute
MCollPMember, College of Preceptors
MComMaster of Commerce
MCommHMaster of Community Health
MConsEMember, Association of Consulting Engineers
MConsEIMember, Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland
MCOphthMember, College of Ophthalmologists (now see MRCOphth)
MCPMember of Colonial Parliament
Master of City Planning (US)
MCPAMember, College of Pathologists of Australia (now see MRCPA)
MCPPMember, College of Pharmacy Practice
MCPSMember, College of Physicians and Surgeons
MCSMalayan Civil Service
MCSDMember, Chartered Society of Designers
MCSEEMember, Canadian Society of Electrical Engineers
MCSIMember, Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment
MCSPMember, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
MCSTMember, College of Speech Therapists
MCTMember, Association of Corporate Treasurers
MDDoctor of Medicine
Military District
Maryland (postal)
MDAMasters in Defence Administration
MDCMetropolitan District Council
MDesMaster of Design
MDivMaster of Divinity
MDSMaster of Dental Surgery
MDScMaster of Dental Science
MEMining Engineer
Middle East
Master of Engineering
Maine (postal)
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis
MEAFMiddle East Air Force
MECMember of Executive Council
Middle East Command
MEcMaster of Economics
MECASMiddle East Centre for Arab Studies
MECIMember, Institute of Employment Consultants
MEdMaster of Education
MEDMaster of Environmental Design
MEdStMaster of Educational Studies
MEFMiddle East Force
MEIMember, Energy Institute
MEICMember, Engineering Institute of Canada
MELFMiddle East Land Forces
MencapRoyal Society for Mentally Handicapped Children and Adults
MEngMaster of Engineering
MEnvSMaster of Environmental Studies
MEOMarine Engineering Officer
MEPMember of the European Parliament
MESMaster of Environmental Studies
MEScMaster of Engineering Science
MetSocMetals Society (formed by amalgamation of Institute of Metals and Iron and Steel Institute; now merged with Institution of Metallurgists to form Institute of Metals)
MFMaster of Forestry
MFAMaster of Fine Arts
MFCMastership in Food Control
MFCMMember, Faculty of Community Medicine (later MFPHM)
MFFLMMember, Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine, Royal College of Physicians
MFFPMember, Faculty of Family Planning, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
MFGBMiners’ Federation of Great Britain (now see NUM)
MFGDPMember, Faculty of General Dental Practitioners, Royal College of Surgeons
MFHMaster of Foxhounds
MFHomMember, Faculty of Homoeopathy
MFOMMember, Faculty of Occupational Medicine
MFPaedMember, Faculty of Paediatrics, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
MFPHMember, Faculty of Public Health
MFPHMMember, Faculty of Public Health Medicine (now see MFPH)
MFPHMIMember, Faculty of Public Health Medicine of Ireland
MFPMMember, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine
MGDSRCSMember in General Dental Surgery, Royal College of Surgeons
MGIMember, Institute of Certificated Grocers
MGOMaster General of the Ordnance
Master of Gynaecology and Obstetrics
MHAMember of House of Assembly
Master of Health Administration
MHCIMAMember, Hotel Catering and International (formerly Institutional) Management Association (now see MIH)
MHKMember of the House of Keys
MHMMaster of Health Management
MHort (RHS)Master of Horticulture, Royal Horticultural Society
MHRMember of the House of Representatives
MHRAModern Humanities Research Association
MHSMMember, Institute of Health Services Management (now see MIHM)
MIMilitary Intelligence
Michigan (postal)
MIAeEMember, Institute of Aeronautical Engineers
MIAgrEMember, Institution of Agricultural Engineers
MIAMMember, Institute of Administrative Management
MIASMember, Institute of Aeronautical Science (US) (now see MAIAA)
Member, Institute of Architects and Surveyors
MIBCMember, Institute of Business Counsellors
Member, Institute of Building Control
MIBiolMember, Institute of Biology (later MSB, now see MRSB)
MICEMember, Institution of Civil Engineers
MICEIMember, Institution of Civil Engineers of Ireland
MICeramMember, Institute of Ceramics (later MIM)
MICForMember, Institute of Chartered Foresters
MIChemEMember, Institution of Chemical Engineers
MICMMember, Institute of Credit Management (now see MCICM)
MICorrMember, Institute of Corrosion
MICorrSTMember, Institution of Corrosion Science and Technology (now see MICorr)
MICSMember, Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
MIE(Aust)Member, Institution of Engineers, Australia
MIEDMember, Institution of Engineering Designers
MIEEMember, Institution of Electrical Engineers (now see MIET)
MIEEEMember, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (NY)
MIEEMMember, Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (now see MCIEEM)
MIEIMember, Institution of Engineering Inspection
MIEMAMember, Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment
MIEMgtMember, Institute of Environmental Management (now see MIEMA)
MIEnvScMember, Institution of Environmental Sciences
MIEREMember, Institution of Electronic and Radio Engineers (later MIEE)
MIESMember, Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders, Scotland
MIETMember, Institution of Engineering and Technology (formerly Member, Institute of Engineers and Technicians)
MIExMember, Institute of Export
MIExpEMember, Institute of Explosives Engineers
MIfAMember, Institute for Archaeologists (now see MCIfA)
MIFAMember, Institute of Field Archaeologists (later MIfA)
MIFFMember, Institute of Freight Forwarders (now see MIFP)
MIFireEMember, Institution of Fire Engineers
MIFMMember, Institute of Fisheries Management
MIForMember, Institute of Foresters (now see MICFor)
MIFPMember, Institute of Freight Professionals
MIGasEMember, Institution of Gas Engineers (now see MIGEM)
MIGEMMember, Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers
MIGeolMember, Institution of Geologists
MIHMember, Institute of Housing (now see MCIH)
Member, Institute of Hospitality
MIHMMember, Institute of Housing Managers (later MIH)
Member, Institute of Healthcare Management
MIHortMember, Institute of Horticulture (now see MCIHort)
MIHTMember, Institution of Highways and Transportation (now see MCIHT)
MIHVEMember, Institution of Heating and Ventilating Engineers (later MCIBS)
MIIAMember, Institute of Industrial Administration (later FBIM)
MIIEMember, Institution of Incorporated Engineers in Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (now see MIET)
MIIMMember, Institution of Industrial Managers
MIInfScMember, Institute of Information Sciences (now see MCLIP)
MILMember, Institute of Linguists (now see MCIL)
MILGAMember, Institute of Local Government Administrators
MILocoEMember, Institution of Locomotive Engineers
MILogMember, Institute of Logistics (now see MILT)
MILTMember, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
MIMMember, Institute of Materials (formerly Institution of Metallurgists, then Institute of Metals) (now see MIMMM)
MIMAMember, Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
MIMarEMember, Institute of Marine Engineers (now see MIMarEST)
MIMarESTMember, Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology
MIMCMember, Institute of Management Consultants
MIMechEMember, Institution of Mechanical Engineers
MIMEMMEMember, Institution of Mining Electrical & Mining Mechanical Engineers (later MIMinE)
MIMgtMember, Institute of Management (see now MCMI)
MIMGTechEMember, Institution of Mechanical and General Technician Engineers
MIMIMember, Institute of the Motor Industry
MIMinEMember, Institution of Mining Engineers (later MIMM)
MIMMMember, Institution of Mining and Metallurgy (now see MIMMM)
MIMMMMember, Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining
MIMunEMember, Institution of Municipal Engineers (now amalgamated with Institution of Civil Engineers)
MINMember, Institute of Navigation (now see MRIN)
MInstAMMember, Institute of Administrative Management
MInstBEMember, Institution of British Engineers
MInstCEMember, Institution of Civil Engineers (now see FICE)
MInstDMember, Institute of Directors
MInstEMember, Institute of Energy (now see MEI)
MInstFMember, Institute of Fuel (later MInstE)
MInstHEMember, Institution of Highway Engineers (later MIHT, now see MCIHT)
MInstKTMember, Institute of Knowledge Transfer
MInstLMMember, Institute of Leadership and Management
MInstMMember, Institute of Marketing (now see MCIM)
MInstMCMember, Institute of Measurement and Control
MInstMEMember, Institution of Mining Engineers
MInstMetMember, Institute of Metals (later part of Metals Society; then MIM)
MInstPMember, Institute of Physics
MInstPetMember, Institute of Petroleum (now see MEI)
MInstPkgMember, Institute of Packaging
MInstPSMember, Institute of Purchasing and Supply
MInstRAMember, Institute of Registered Architects
MInstREMember, Institution of Royal Engineers
MInstTMember, Institute of Transport (later MCIT)
MInstTAMember, Institute of Transport Administration
MInstWMember, Institute of Welding (now see MWeldI)
MInstWMMember, Institute of Wastes Management (now see MCIWM)
MINucEMember, Institution of Nuclear Engineers (now see MNucI)
MIOAMember, Institute of Acoustics
MIOBMember, Institute of Building (now see MCIOB)
MIOMMember, Institute of Office Management (now see MIAM)
MIOSHMember, Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
MIPAMember, Institute of Practitioners in Advertising
MIPDMember, Institute of Personnel and Development (now see MCIPD)
MIPEMMember, Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine
MIPlantEMember, Institution of Plant Engineers
MIPMMember, Institute of Personnel Management (later MIPD)
MIPRMember, Institute of Public Relations (now see MCIPR)
MIProdEMember, Institution of Production Engineers (later MIEE)
MIQMember, Institute of Quarrying
MIQAMember, Institute of Quality Assurance
MIREMember, Institution of Radio Engineers (later MIERE)
MIREE(Aust)Member, Institution of Radio and Electronics Engineers (Australia)
MIRMMember, Institute of Risk Management
MIROMineral Industry Research Organisation
Member, Institution of Railway Operators
MIRPMMember, Institute of Residential Property Management
MIRTMember, Institute of Reprographic Technicians
MIRTEMember, Institute of Road Transport Engineers
MISMember, Institute of Statisticians
MISIMember, Iron and Steel Institute (later part of Metals Society)
MIStructEMember, Institution of Structural Engineers
MITMassachusetts Institute of Technology
MITAMember, Industrial Transport Association
MITDMember, Institute of Training and Development (later MIPD)
MITEMember, Institution of Electrical and Electronics Technician Engineers
MITIMember, Institute of Translation & Interpreting
MITSAMember, Institute of Trading Standards Administration
MITTMember, Institute of Travel and Tourism
MIWEMember, Institution of Water Engineers (later MIWES)
MIWEMMember, Institution of Water and Environmental Management (now see MCIWEM)
MIWESMember, Institution of Water Engineers and Scientists (later MIWEM)
MIWMMember, Institution of Works Managers (now see MIIM)
MIWPCMember, Institute of Water Pollution Control (later MIWEM)
MIWSPMember, Institute of Work Study Practitioners (now see MMS)
MJAMedical Journalists Association
MJIMember, Institute of Journalists (now see MCIJ)
MJIEMember, Junior Institution of Engineers (now see MIGTechE)
MJurMagister Juris (Master of Law)
MLLicentiate in Medicine
Master of Laws
MLAMember of Legislative Assembly
Modern Language Association
Master in Landscape Architecture
Museums, Libraries and Archives Council
MLCMember of Legislative Council
Meat and Livestock Commission
MLCOMMember, London College of Osteopathic Medicine
MLIMember, Landscape Institute
MLibMaster of Librarianship
MLittMaster of Letters
MLOMilitary Liaison Officer
MLRModern Language Review
MLSMaster of Library Science
MMMilitary Medal
Merchant Marine
MMAMetropolitan Museum of Art
MManMaster of Management
MMathMaster of Mathematics
MMBMilk Marketing Board
MMDMovement for Multi-Party Democracy
MMEMaster of Mining Engineering
MMechEMaster of Mechanical Engineering
MMEdMaster in Medical Education
MMedSciMaster in Medical Science
MMetMaster of Metallurgy
MMGIMember, Mining, Geological and Metallurgical Institute of India
MMinMaster of Ministry
MMLMasters in Medical Law
MMLJMember of Merit, Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem
MMMMember, Order of Military Merit (Canada)
MMRSMember, Market Research Society
MMSMember, Institute of Management Services
MMusMaster of Music
MNMerchant Navy
Minnesota (postal)
MNASMember, National Academy of Sciences (US)
MNDMotor Neurone Disease
MNECInstMember, North East Coast Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders
MNIMember, Nautical Institute
MNIMHMember, National Institute of Medical Herbalists
MNucIMember, Nuclear Institute
MNZISMember, New Zealand Institute of Surveyors
MNZMMember, New Zealand Order of Merit
MNZPIMember, New Zealand Planning Institute
MOMedical Officer
Military Operations
Missouri (postal)
MoDMinistry of Defence
ModsModerations (Oxford)
MOHMedical Officer(s) of Health
MoJMinistry of Justice
MOMMember, Order of Merit (Malta)
MOMAMuseum of Modern Art
MOMIMuseum of the Moving Image
MOPMinistry of Power
MOrthRCSMember in Orthodontics, Royal College of Surgeons
Most Rev.Most Reverend
MoTMinistry of Transport
MOVMember, Order of Volta (Ghana)
MPMember of Parliament
MPAMaster of Public Administration
Member, Parliamentary Assembly, Northern Ireland
MPAGBMember, Photographic Alliance of Great Britain
MPBWMinistry of Public Building and Works
MPHMaster of Public Health
MPhilMaster of Philosophy
MPhysMaster of Physics
MPIAMaster of Public and International Affairs
MPLAMajor Projects Leadership Academy
MPMIMember, Property Management Institute
MPOManagement and Personnel Office
MPodAMember, Podiatry Association
MPPMember, Provincial Parliament
Master in Public Policy (Harvard)
MPRISAMember, Public Relations Institute of South Africa
MProfMasters in Professional Studies
MPSMember, Pharmaceutical Society (now see MRPharmS)
MPTSMedical Practitioners Tribunal Service
MRMaster of the Rolls
Municipal Reform
MRACMember, Royal Agricultural College
MRACPMember, Royal Australasian College of Physicians
MRACSMember, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
MRadMaster of Radiology
MRAeSMember, Royal Aeronautical Society
MRAICMember, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
MRASMember, Royal Asiatic Society
MRCMedical Research Council
MRCAMulti-Role Combat Aircraft
MRCGPMember, Royal College of General Practitioners
MRC-LMBMedical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology
MRCOGMember, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
MRCOphthMember, Royal College of Ophthalmologists
MRCPMember, Royal College of Physicians, London
Member, Royal College of Physicians, United Kingdom
MRCPAMember, Royal College of Pathologists of Australia
MRCPathMember, Royal College of Pathologists
MRCPCHMember, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
MRCPEMember, Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh
MRCPGlasMember, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow
MRCPIMember, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
MRCPsychMember, Royal College of Psychiatrists
MRCSMember, Royal College of Surgeons of England
MRCSEMember, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
MRCSIMember, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
MRCVSMember, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
MRD RCSMember in Restorative Dentistry, Royal College of Surgeons
MREMaster of Religious Education
MResMaster of Research
MRHSMember, Royal Horticultural Society
MRIMagnetic Resonance Imaging
Member, Royal Institution
MRIAMember, Royal Irish Academy
MRIAIMember, Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland
MRICMember, Royal Institute of Chemistry (now see MRSC)
MRICSMember, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
MRINMember, Royal Institute of Navigation
MRINAMember, Royal Institution of Naval Architects
MRNZCGPMember, Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners
MRPharmSMember, Royal Pharmaceutical Society
MRSBMember, Royal Society of Biology
MRSCMember, Royal Society of Chemistry
MRSHMember, Royal Society for the Promotion of Health (now see MRSPH)
MRSLMember, Order of the Republic of Sierra Leone
MRSocMedMember, Royal Society of Medicine
MRSPHMember, Royal Society for Public Health
MRTPIMember, Royal Town Planning Institute
MRurScMaster of Rural Science
MRUSIMember, Royal United Service Institution
MRVAMember, Rating and Valuation Association
MSMaster of Surgery
Master of Science (US)
Mississippi (postal)
Multiple Sclerosis
Motor Ship
MS, MSSManuscript, Manuscripts
MSAMaster of Science, Agriculture (US)
Mineralogical Society of America
Motor Sports Association
MSAAIEMember, Southern African Association of Industrial Editors
MSAEMember, Society of Automotive Engineeers (US)
MSAICEMember, South African Institution of Civil Engineers
MSAInstMMMember, South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
MSBMember, Society of Biology (now see MRSB)
MSCManpower Services Commission
Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
MScMaster of Science
MScDMaster of Dental Science
MScEMaster of Science in Engineering
MSciMaster of Natural Sciences
MScSocMaster of Social Sciences
MScSocMedMaster of Science in Social Medicine
MSDMeritorious Service Decoration (Fiji)
MSEMaster of Science in Engineering (US)
MSF(Union for) Manufacturing, Science, Finance
MSFAMember, Society of Financial Advisers
MSHygMaster of Science in Hygiene
MSIMember, Securities Institute (later Securities & Investment Institute, now see MCSI)
MSIAMember, Society of Industrial Artists
MSIADMember, Society of Industrial Artists and Designers (now see MCSD)
MSITMember, Society of Instrument Technology (now see MInstMC)
MSLMaster of Studies in Law
MSLSMaster of Science in Library Science
MSMMeritorious Service Medal
Madras Sappers and Miners
Master in Science Management
MSNMaster of Science in Nursing
MSocAdminMaster of Social Administration
MSocISMember, Société des Ingénieurs et Scientifiques de France
MSocScMaster of Social Sciences
MSocWorkMaster of Social Work
MSoFHTMember, Society of Food Hygiene Technology
MSPMember, Scottish Parliament
Managing Successful Programmes
MSRMember, Society of Radiographers
MSRPMember, Society for Radiological Protection
MSScMaster of Social Sciences
MSSCMarine Society & Sea Cadets
MStMaster of Studies
MSTDMember, Society of Typographic Designers
MStJMember, Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem
MSWMaster of Social Work
MSzPMagyar Szocialista Párt
MTMechanical Transport
Montana (postal)
MTAMusic Trades Association
MTBMotor Torpedo Boat
MTCAMinistry of Transport and Civil Aviation
MTDMidwife Teachers’ Diploma
MTechMaster of Technology
MTEFLMaster in the Teaching of English as a Foreign or Second Language
MThMaster of Theology
MTIAMetal Trades Industry Association
MTIRAMachine Tool Industry Research Association (now see AMTRI)
MTPIMember, Town Planning Institute (now see MRTPI)
MTSMaster of Theological Studies
Ministerial Training Scheme
MUnivHonorary Master of the University
MusBBachelor of Music
MusDDoctor of Music
MusMMaster of Music
MVMerchant Vessel, Motor Vessel (naval)
MVBBachelor of Veterinary Medicine
MVEEMilitary Vehicles and Engineering Establishment
MVOMember, Royal Victorian Order
MVScMaster of Veterinary Science
MWMaster of Wine
MWAMystery Writers of America
MWeldIMember, Welding Institute
MWSOMMember, Institute of Practitioners in Work Study Organisation and Methods (now see MMS)


Navigating Duties
NANational Academician (America)
NAACPNational Association for the Advancement of Colored People
NAAFINavy, Army and Air Force Institutes
NAASNational Agricultural Advisory Service
NABNational Advisory Body for Public Sector Higher Education
NABCNational Association of Boys’ Clubs (later NABC-CYP)
NABC-CYPNational Association of Boys’ Clubs - Clubs for Young People
NACNational Agriculture Centre
NACABNational Association of Citizens’ Advice Bureaux
NACCBNational Accreditation Council for Certification Bodies
NACETTNational Advisory Council for Education and Training Targets
NACFNational Art-Collections Fund
NACRONational Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders
NADFASNational Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies
NAENational Academy of Engineering
NAEWNato Airborn Early Warning
NAHANational Association of Health Authorities (now see NAHAT)
NAHATNational Association of Health Authorities and Trusts
NAHTNational Association of Head Teachers
National and Local Government Officers’ Association
NAMASNational Measurement and Accreditation Service
NAMCWNational Association for Maternal and Child Welfare
NAMHMIND (National Association for Mental Health)
NAMMANATO MRCA Management Agency
NAPAGNational Academies Policy Advisory Group
NARMNational Association of Recording Merchandisers (US)
NASNational Academy of Sciences
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration (US)
NASDNational Association of Securities Dealers
NASDAQNational Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System
NASDIMNational Association of Securities Dealers and Investment Managers (later FIMBRA)
NAS/UWTNational Association of Schoolmasters/Union of Women Teachers
NATCSNational Air Traffic Control Services (now see NATS)
NATFHENational Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education (combining ATCDE and ATTI)
NATLASNational Testing Laboratory Accreditation Scheme
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NATSNational Air Traffic Services
Nat. Sci.Natural Sciences
NATSOPANational Society of Operative Printers, Graphical and Media Personnel (formerly of Operative Printers and Assistants)
NAYCYouth Clubs UK (formerly National Association of Youth Clubs)
NBNew Brunswick
Nebraska (postal)
NBANorth British Academy
NBCNational Book Council (later NBL)
National Broadcasting Company (US)
NBLNational Book League
NBPINational Board for Prices and Incomes
NCNational Certificate
North Carolina
NCANational Certificate of Agriculture
NCARBNational Council of Architectural Registration Boards
NCASNatural Environment Research Council Centres for Atmospheric Science
NCBNational Coal Board
NCCNational Computing Centre
Nature Conservancy Council (later NCCE)
National Consumer Council
NCCENature Conservancy Council for England (English Nature)
NCCLNational Council for Civil Liberties
NCDNational Capital District, Papua New Guinea
NCDADNational Council for Diplomas in Art and Design
NCEANational Council for Educational Awards
NCETNational Council for Educational Technology
NCHNational Children’s Homes
NCLCNational Council of Labour Colleges
NCOPNational Council of Provinces (South Africa)
NCOPFNational Council for One Parent Families
NCRINational Cancer Research Institute
NCSSNational Council of Social Service
NCTJNational Council for the Training of Journalists
NCVCCONational Council of Voluntary Child Care Organisations
NCVONational Council for Voluntary Organisations
NCVQNational Council for Vocational Qualifications
NCYPENational Centre for Young People with Epilepsy
NDNorth Dakota
NDANational Diploma in Agriculture
NDCNational Defence College
NATO Defence College
NDDNational Diploma in Dairying
National Diploma in Design
NDEANational Defense Education Act
NDHNational Diploma in Horticulture
NDICNational Defence Industries Council
NDPNew Democratic Party
NDRINational Disease Research Interchange
NDTANational Defense Transportation Association (US)
NEABNorthern Examinations and Assessment Board
NEACNew English Art Club
NEAFNear East Air Force
NEARELFNear East Land Forces
NEBNational Enterprise Board
NECNational Executive Committee
NECInstNorth East Coast Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders
NEDCNational Economic Development Council
North East Development Council
NEDONational Economic Development Office
NEHNational Endowment for the Humanities
NELNational Engineering Laboratory
NERCNatural Environment Research Council
NESTANational Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts
NFNewfoundland and Labrador (postal)
NFCNational Freight Consortium (formerly Corporation, then Company)
NFCGNational Federation of Consumer Groups
NFERNational Foundation for Educational Research
NFHANational Federation of Housing Associations
NFMSNational Federation of Music Societies
NFSHNational Federation of Spiritual Healers
NFTNational Film Theatre
NFUNational Farmers’ Union
NFWINational Federation of Women’s Institutes
NGONon-Governmental Organisation(s)
NGTENational Gas Turbine Establishment
NHNew Hampshire
NH&MRCNational Health and Medical Research Council (Australia)
NHBCNational House-Building Council
NHMFNational Heritage Memorial Fund
NHSNational Health Service
NHSUNational Health Service University
NINorthern Ireland
Native Infantry
NIABNational Institute of Agricultural Botany
NIACENational Institute of Adult Continuing Education
NIACRONorthern Ireland Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders
NIAENational Institute of Agricultural Engineering
NIAIDNational Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
NICENational Institute for Health and Care Excellence (formerly National Institute of Clinical Excellence, then National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence)
NICECNational Institute for Careers Education and Counselling
NICEICNational Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting
NICGNationalised Industries Chairmen’s Group
NICRONational Institute for Crime Prevention and Re-integration of Offenders
NICSNorthern Ireland Civil Service
NIDNaval Intelligence Division
National Institute for the Deaf
Northern Ireland District
National Institute of Design (India)
NIESRNational Institute of Economic and Social Research
NIHNational Institutes of Health (US)
NIHECNorthern Ireland Higher Education Council
NIHRNational Institute of Health Research
NIINuclear Installations Inspectorate
NILPNorthern Ireland Labour Party
NIMRNational Institute for Medical Research
NISTRONorthern Ireland Science and Technology Regional Organisation
NISWNational Institute of Social Work
NIUNorthern Ireland Unionist
NJNew Jersey
NLNational Liberal
No Liability
Newfoundland and Labrador
NLCSNorth London Collegiate School
NLYLNational League of Young Liberals
NMNew Mexico (postal)
NMCNursing and Midwifery Council
NMRNuclear Magnetic Resonance
NMRSNational Monuments Record of Scotland
NMSINational Museum of Science and Industry
NNMANigerian National Merit Award
NNOMNigerian National Order of Merit
NONavigating Officer
NODANational Operatic and Dramatic Association
NPNotary Public
NPANewspaper Publishers’ Association
NPFANational Playing Fields Association
NPGNational Portrait Gallery
NPLNational Physical Laboratory
NPQHNational Professional Qualification for Headship
NRANational Rifle Association
National Recovery Administration (US)
National Rivers Authority
NRAONational Radio Astronomy Observatory
NRCCNational Research Council of Canada
NRDNational Registered Designer
NRDCNational Research Development Corporation
NRMANational Roads and Motorists’ Association
NRPBNational Radiological Protection Board
NRRNorthern Rhodesia Regiment
NRSANational Research Service Award (US)
NSNova Scotia
New Style in the Calendar (in Great Britain since 1752)
National Society
National Service
nsGraduate of Royal Naval Staff College, Greenwich
NSANational Skating Association (now see NISA)
NSAIVDistinguished Order of Shaheed Ali (Maldives)
NSERCNatural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, Canada
NSFNational Science Foundation (US)
NSMNon-Stipendiary Minister
NSMHCNational Society for Mentally Handicapped Children (now see Mencap)
NSPCCNational Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children
NSRANational Small-bore Rifle Association
N/SSFNovice, Society of St Francis
NSWNew South Wales
NTNew Testament
Northern Territory (Australia)
Northwest Territories (Canada)
National Theatre
National Trust
NT&SANational Trust & Savings Association
NTONational Training Organisation
NTUCNational Trades Union Congress
NUAAWNational Union of Agricultural and Allied Workers
NUBENational Union of Bank Employees (later BIFU)
NUFLATNational Union of Footwear Leather and Allied Trades (now see NUKFAT)
NUGMWNational Union of General and Municipal Workers (later GMBATU)
NUHKWNational Union of Hosiery and Knitwear Workers (now see NUKFAT)
NUINational University of Ireland
NUJNational Union of Journalists
NUJMBNorthern Universities Joint Matriculation Board
NUMNational Union of Mineworkers
NUMASTNational Union of Marine, Aviation and Shipping Transport Officers
NUPENational Union of Public Employees
NURNational Union of Railwaymen (now see RMT)
NUSNational Union of Students
National University of Singapore
NUTNational Union of Teachers
NUUNew University of Ulster
NVNevada (postal)
NVQNational Vocational Qualification
NWCNational Water Council
NWFPNorth-West Frontier Province
NWPNorth-Western Province
NWTNorth-Western Territories
NYNew York
NYCNew York City
NYONational Youth Orchestra
NYTNational Youth Theatre
NZNew Zealand
NZEFNew Zealand Expeditionary Force
NZIANew Zealand Institute of Architects
NZTFNew Zealand Territorial Force


OAMMedal of the Order of Australia
O&Morganisation and method
OAPOld Age Pensioner
OASOrganisation of American States
On Active Service
OASCOfficer Aircrew Selection Centre
OAUOrganisation for African Unity
OBOrder of Barbados
Order of Belize
OBCOrder of British Columbia
OBEOfficer, Order of the British Empire
OCOfficer, Order of Canada (equivalent to former award SM)
Officer Commanding
oconly child
OCCOrder of the Caribbean Community
OCDSocds Can
Overseas College of Defence Studies (Canada)
OCFOfficiating Chaplain to the Forces
OCHAOffice for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
OCPAOffice of the Commissioner for Public Appointments
OCSOfficer Candidates School
Officer Cadet School
OCSSOxford and Cambridge Shakespeare Society
OCTUOfficer Cadet Training Unit
OCUOperational Conversion Unit
ODOfficer, Order of Distinction (Jamaica)
Order of Distinction (Antigua)
ODAOverseas Development Administration
ODIOverseas Development Institute
ODMMinistry of Overseas Development
ODPMOffice of the Deputy Prime Minister
ODSMOrder of Diplomatic Service Merit (Lesotho)
OEOrder of Excellence (Guyana)
OECDOrganization for Economic Co-operation and Development
OEDOxford English Dictionary
OEECOrganization for European Economic Co-operation (now see OECD)
OFOrder of the Founder, Salvation Army
Office of Communications
OFEMAOffice Française d’Exportation de Matériel Aéronautique
OFFEROffice of Electricity Regulation
OfgemOffice of Gas and Electricity Markets
OFMOrder of Friars Minor (Franciscans)
OFMCapOrder of Friars Minor Capuchin (Franciscans)
OFMConvOrder of Friars Minor Conventual (Franciscans)
OfqualOffice of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation
OFROrder of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
OFSOrange Free State
OFSTEDOffice for Standards in Education
OFTOffice of Fair Trading
OftelOffice of Telecommunications
OfwatOffice of Water Services
OGCOffice of Government Commerce
OGSOratory of the Good Shepherd
OHOhio (postal)
OHMSOn His (or Her) Majesty’s Service
O i/cOfficer in charge
OJOrder of Jamaica
OKOklahoma (postal)
OLOfficer, Order of Leopold
Order of the Leopard (Lesotho)
OLJOfficer, Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem
OLMOfficer, Legion of Merit (Rhodesia)
Ordained Local Minister
OMOrder of Merit
Order of Manitoba
OMCSOffice of the Minister for the Civil Service
OMFIFOfficial Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum
OMIOblate of Mary Immaculate
OMLJOfficer, Order of Merit, Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem
OMMOfficer, Order of Military Merit (Canada)
ONOrder of the Nation (Jamaica)
Ontario (postal)
ONCOrdinary National Certificate
ONDOrdinary National Diploma
ONDAOrdinary National Diploma in Agriculture
ONSOffice for National Statistics
Order of Nova Scotia
ONZOrder of New Zealand
ONZMOfficer, New Zealand Order of Merit
OONOfficer, Order of the Niger
OOntOrder of Ontario
OOVOfficer, Order of the Volta (Ghana)
OPOrdinis Praedicatorum (of the Order of Preachers (Dominican))
Observation Post
OPCONOperational Control
OPCSOffice of Population Censuses and Surveys (now see ONS)
OPCWOrganisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
OPECOrganisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries
OPEIOrder of Prince Edward Island
OPMOwner President Management program
OPRAOccupational Pensions Regulatory Authority
OPSOffice of Public Service
OPSSOffice of Public Service and Science (later OPS)
OQOfficer, National Order of Quebec
OROrder of Rorima (Guyana)
Operational Research
Oregon (postal)
ORGALIMEOrganisme de Liaison des Industries Métalliques Européennes
ORHA/CPAOffice of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance/Coalition Provisional Authority
ORSOperational Research Society
ORSAOperations Research Society of America (now see INFORMS)
ORSLOrder of the Republic of Sierra Leone
ORTOrganization for Rehabilitation through Training
ORTFOffice de la Radiodiffusion et Télévision Française
ORTTOrder of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
o sonly son
OSAOrder of St Augustine (Augustinian)
Ontario Society of Artists
OSBOrder of St Benedict (Benedictine)
OSCOrder of Simon of Cyrene
oscGraduate of Overseas Staff College
OSCEOrganisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe
OSCHROffice for Strategic Co-ordination of Health Research
OSFCFranciscan (Capuchin) Order
O/SigOrdinary Signalman
OSMTHOrdo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani (Supreme Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem)
ospobiit sine prole (died without issue)
OSSOffice of Strategic Services
OSTOffice of Science and Technology
OStJOfficer, Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem
OSUKOphthalmological Society of the United Kingdom
OTOld Testament
OTCOfficers’ Training Corps
OTLOfficer, Order of Toussaint L’Ouverture (Haiti)
OTSOffice of the Third Sector
OTUOperational Training Unit
OTWSAOu-Testamentiese Werkgemeenskap in Suider-Afrika
OUOxford University
Open University
OUACOxford University Athletic Club
OUAFCOxford University Association Football Club
OUBCOxford University Boat Club
OUCCOxford University Cricket Club
OUDSOxford University Dramatic Society
OUPOxford University Press
Official Unionist Party
OURCOxford University Rifle Club
OURFCOxford University Rugby Football Club
OURTOrder of the United Republic of Tanzania
Oxoniensis (of Oxford)


PAPakistan Army
Personal Assistant
Pennsylvania (postal)
PAAPresident, Australian Academy of Science
pacpassed the final examination of the Advanced Class, The Military College of Science
PACEProtestant and Catholic Encounter
Property Advisers to the Civil Estate
PACTAProfessional Associate, Clinical Theology Association
PALSPartnership for Active Leisure Scheme for Disabled Children
P&OPeninsular and Oriental Steamship Co.
P&OSNCo.Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co.
PAOPrince Albert’s Own
PASOKPanhellenic Socialist Movement
PBFAProvincial Booksellers Fairs Association
PBSPublic Broadcasting Service
PCPrivy Counsellor
Police Constable
Perpetual Curate
Peace Commissioner (Ireland)
Progressive Conservative (Canada)
pcper centum (in the hundred)
PCCParochial Church Council
Protected Cell Company (Guernsey)
Private Cell Company
PCEPostgraduate Certificate of Education
pcepassed command examinations
PCFCPolytechnics and Colleges Funding Council
PCGPrimary Care Group
PCLPolytechnic of Central London
PCMOPrincipal Colonial Medical Officer
PCNZMPrincipal Companion, New Zealand Order of Merit
PCSParti Chrétien-Social
Public and Commercial Services Union
PCTPrimary Care Trust
PdDDoctor of Pedagogy (US)
PDGPrésident Directeur Général
PDipHEdPostgraduate Diploma in Health Education
PDRPeople’s Democratic Republic
PDRApost doctoral research assistant
PDSAPeople’s Dispensary for Sick Animals
PDTCProfessional Dancer’s Training Course Diploma
PDTDipProfessional Dancer’s Teaching Diploma
PEProcurement Executive
Prince Edward Island (postal)
PEIPrince Edward Island
PENPoets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists, Novelists (Club)
PEngRegistered Professional Engineer (Canada)
Member, Society of Professional Engineers
PEPPolitical and Economic Planning (now see PSI)
PERProfessional and Executive Recruitment
PESParty of European Socialists
PESTPressure for Economic and Social Toryism
PFAProfessional Footballers’ Association
pfcGraduate of RAF Flying College
PFHEAPrincipal Fellow, Higher Education Academy
PFIPrivate Finance Initiative
PGAProfessional Golfers’ Association
PGCAPost Graduate Certificate of Adjudication
PGCEPost Graduate Certificate of Education
PGCFHEPost Graduate Certificate in Further and Higher Education
PGCHEPost Graduate Certificate in Higher Education
PGCThPostgraduate Certificate in Theology
PGDCCIPostgraduate Diploma in Computing for Commerce and Industry
PGDipMinPostgraduate Diploma in Ministry
PGDPTPostgraduate Diploma in Pastoral Theology
PGTCPostgraduate Teaching Certificate
PGTCSEPostgraduate Teaching Certificate in Secondary Education
PHPresidential Order of Honour (Botswana)
PHABPhysically Handicapped & Able-bodied
PhBBachelor of Philosophy
PhCPharmaceutical Chemist
PhDDoctor of Philosophy
PHEPublic Health England
PhLLicentiate in Philosophy
PHLSPublic Health Laboratory Service
PhMMaster of Philosophy (USA)
PhmBBachelor of Pharmacy
PIAPersonal Investment Authority
PIARCPermanent International Association of Road Congresses
PIBPrices and Incomes Board (later NBPI)
PICAOProvisional International Civil Aviation Organization (now ICAO)
PICTFORParliamentary Internet Communications and Technology Forum
pinx.pinxit (he painted it)
PITCOMParliamentary Information Technology Committee (now see PICTFOR)
PJGPingat Jasa Gemilang (Singapore)
PJHQPermanent Joint Headquarters
PJKPingkat Jasa Kebaktian (Malaysia)
PLAPort of London Authority
PLABProfessional and Linguistic Assessments Board
public limited company
PLIPresident, Landscape Institute
PLPParliamentary Labour Party
Progressive Liberal Party (Bahamas)
PLRPublic Lending Right
PMAPersonal Military Assistant
PMCPersonnel Management Centre
PMDProgram for Management Development
PMedSciPresident, Academy of Medical Sciences
PMETBPostgraduate Medical Education and Training Board
PMNPanglima Mangku Negara (Malaysia)
PMOPrincipal Medical Officer
Princess Mary’s Own
PMRAFNSPrincess Mary’s Royal Air Force Nursing Service
PMSPresidential Order of Meritorious Service (Botswana)
President, Miniature Society
PNBSPanglima Negara Bintang Sarawak
PNEUParents’ National Educational Union
PNGPapua New Guinea
PNPPeople’s National Party
POPost Office
POBPresidential Order of Botswana
POSTParliamentary Office of Science and Technology
POUNCPost Office Users’ National Council
POWPrisoner of War
Prince of Wales’s
PPParish Priest
Past President
PPAPeriodical Publishers Association
PPARCParticle Physics and Astronomy Research Council
PPCLIPrincess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry
PPCSDPast President, Chartered Society of Designers
PPDFParti Populaire pour la Démocratie Française
PPEPhilosophy, Politics and Economics
PPInstHEPast President, Institution of Highway Engineers
PPIStructEPast President, Institution of Structural Engineers
PPITBPrinting and Publishing Industry Training Board
PPPPrivate Patients Plan
Psychology, Philosophy and Physiology
PPRAPast President, Royal Academy
PPRBAPast President, Royal Society of British Artists
PPRBSPast President, Royal Society of British Sculptors
PPREPast President, Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (formerly of Painter-Etchers and Engravers)
PPRIBAPast President, Royal Institute of British Architects
PPRNCMDiploma in Professional Performance, Royal Northern College of Music
PPROIPast President, Royal Institute of Oil Painters
PPRPPast President, Royal Society of Portrait Painters
PPRSAPast President, Royal Scottish Academy
PPRSWPast President, Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Water Colours
PPRTPIPast President, Royal Town Planning Institute
PPRWAPast President, Royal Watercolour Association
PPRWSPast President, Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours
PPSParliamentary Private Secretary
PPSAProficiency, Photographic Society of America
PPSIADPast President, Society of Industrial Artists and Designers
PQProvince of Quebec
PQCCCPost Qualification Certificate in Child Care
PQEProfessional Qualifying Examination
PRPublic Relations
Parti républicain
PRAPresident, Royal Academy
PRASEGAssociate Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group
PRBSPresident, Royal Society of British Sculptors
PRCAPublic Relations Consultants Association
PRCSPresident, Royal College of Surgeons
PrDDoctor of Professional Practice
PREPresident, Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (formerly of Painter-Etchers and Engravers)
PRHAPresident, Royal Hibernian Academy
PRIPresident, Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours
Plastics and Rubber Institute
PRIAPresident, Royal Irish Academy
PRIASPresident, Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland
PRISAPublic Relations Institute of South Africa
PRLLiberal Reform Party (Belgium)
PROPublic Relations Officer
Public Records Office
PROIPresident, Royal Institute of Oil Painters
PRO NEDPromotion of Non-Executive Directors
Pro tem.Pro tempore (for the time being)
ProtUProtestant Unionist Party
Prox.Proximo (next)
Prox.acc.Proxime accessit (next in order of merit to the winner)
PRSPresident, Royal Society
Performing Right Society Ltd
PRSAPresident, Royal Scottish Academy
PRSEPresident, Royal Society of Edinburgh
PRSHPresident, Royal Society for the Promotion of Health
PRSWPresident, Royal Scottish Water Colour Society
PRUAAPresident, Royal Ulster Academy of Arts
PRWAPresident, Royal West of England Academy
PRWSPresident, Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours
PSPastel Society
Paddle Steamer
pspassed School of Instruction (of Officers)
PSAProperty Services Agency
Petty Sessions Area
psaGraduate of RAF Staff College
pscGraduate of Staff College († indicates Graduate of Senior Wing Staff College)
Personal Services Company
PSDPetty Sessional Division
Social Democratic Party (Portugal)
Panglima Setia Diraja
PSEParty of European Socialists
PSGBPharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (now see RPSGB)
PSIPolicy Studies Institute
PSIADPresident, Society of Industrial Artists and Designers
PSMPanglima Setia Mahkota (Malaysia)
psmCertificate of Royal Military School of Music
PSMAPresident, Society of Marine Artists
PSOPrincipal Scientific Officer
Personal Staff Officer
PSOEPartido Socialista Obrero Español
PSSSociety of Priests of St Sulpice
PsyDDoctor of Psychology
PTAPassenger Transport Authority
Parent-Teacher Association
PTCPersonnel and Training Command
PTEPassenger Transport Executive
ptscpassed Technical Staff College
PUPPeople’s United Party
Progressive Unionist Party
PVSMParam Vishishc Seva Medal (India)
PWOPrince of Wales’s Own
PWO(CEW)Principal Warfare Officer (Communications and Electronic Warfare)
PWO(U)Principal Warfare Officer (Underwater Warfare)
PWRPressurized Water Reactor
PYBTPrince’s Youth Business Trust


QAAQuality Assurance Agency for Higher Education
QAIMNSQueen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service
QARANCQueen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps
QARNNSQueen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service
QBDQueen’s Bench Division
QCQueen’s Counsel
Quebec (postal)
QCAQualifications and Curriculum Authority
QCBQueen’s Commendation for Bravery
QCDAQualifications and Curriculum Development Agency
QCVSQueen’s Commendation for Valuable Service
QCVSAQueen’s Commendation for Valuable Service in the Air
QDRQualified in Dispute Resolution
QEHQueen Elizabeth Hall
QEOQueen Elizabeth’s Own
QFSMQueen’s Fire Service Medal for Distinguished Service
QGMQueen’s Gallantry Medal
QHCHonorary Chaplain to the Queen
QHDSHonorary Dental Surgeon to the Queen
QHNSHonorary Nursing Sister to the Queen
QHPHonorary Physician to the Queen
QHSHonorary Surgeon to the Queen
QMAACQueen Mary’s Army Auxiliary Corps
QMCQueen Mary College, London
QMIPRIQueen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute
QMOQueen Mary’s Own
QMULQueen Mary, University of London
QMWQueen Mary and Westfield College, London (now see QMUL)
QOQualified Officer
QOOHQueen’s Own Oxfordshire Hussars
Q(ops)Quartering (operations)
Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment
QOYQueen’s Own Yeomanry
QPMQueen’s Police Medal
QPSMQueen’s Public Service Medal (New Zealand)
QRIHQueen’s Royal Irish Hussars
QSQuarter Sessions
Quantity Surveying
qsRAF graduates of the Military or Naval Staff College
QSMQueen’s Service Medal (NZ)
QSOQueen’s Service Order (NZ)
QTSQualified Teacher Status
QUBQueen’s University, Belfast
qvquod vide (which see)
QVRMQueen’s Volunteer Reserve Medal
qwiQualified Weapons Instructor


RARoyal Academician
Royal Academy
Royal (Regiment of) Artillery
RAARegional Arts Association
Royal Australian Artillery
RAAFRoyal Australian Air Force
RAAMCRoyal Australian Army Medical Corps
RABIRoyal Agricultural Benevolent Institution
RACRoyal Automobile Club
Royal Agricultural College
Royal Armoured Corps
RACDSRoyal Australian College of Dental Surgeons
RACGPRoyal Australian College of General Practitioners
RAChDRoyal Army Chaplains’ Department
RACIRoyal Australian Chemical Institute
RACORoyal Australian College of Ophthalmologists
RACOGRoyal Australian College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
RACPRoyal Australasian College of Physicians
RACSRoyal Australasian College of Surgeons
Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society
RADRoyal Academy of Dance
RADARoyal Academy of Dramatic Art
RADARRoyal Association for Disability Rights (formerly Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation)
RADCRoyal Army Dental Corps
RAERoyal Australian Engineers
Royal Aerospace Establishment (formerly Royal Aircraft Establishment)
Research Assessment Exercise
RAECRoyal Army Educational Corps
RAEngRoyal Academy of Engineering
RAeSRoyal Aeronautical Society
RAFRoyal Air Force
RAFARoyal Air Forces Association
RAFOReserve of Air Force Officers (now see RAFRO)
RAFRRoyal Air Force Reserve
RAFRORoyal Air Force Reserve of Officers
RAFVRRoyal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
RAIRoyal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain & Ireland
Radio Audizioni Italiane
RAIARoyal Australian Institute of Architects
RAICRoyal Architectural Institute of Canada
RAM(Member of) Royal Academy of Music
RAMCRoyal Army Medical Corps
RANRoyal Australian Navy
R&DResearch and Development
RANRRoyal Australian Naval Reserve
RANVRRoyal Australian Naval Volunteer Reserve
RAOCRoyal Army Ordnance Corps
RAPCRoyal Army Pay Corps
RARDERoyal Armament Research and Development Establishment
RARORegular Army Reserve of Officers
RASRoyal Astronomical Society
Royal Asiatic Society
Recruitment and Assessment Services
RASCRoyal Army Service Corps (now see RCT)
RASERoyal Agricultural Society of England
RAURoyal Agricultural University
RAuxAFRoyal Auxiliary Air Force
RAVCRoyal Army Veterinary Corps
RBRifle Brigade
RBAMember, Royal Society of British Artists
RBK&CRoyal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
RBLRoyal British Legion
RBSRoyal Society of British Sculptors
RBSA(Member of) Royal Birmingham Society of Artists
RBYRoyal Bucks Yeomanry
RCRoman Catholic
RCAMember, Royal Canadian Academy of Arts
Royal College of Art
(Member of) Royal Cambrian Academy
RCACRoyal Canadian Armoured Corps
RCAFRoyal Canadian Air Force
RCamAMember, Royal Cambrian Academy
RCAnaesRoyal College of Anaesthetists
RCASRoyal Central Asian Society (now see RSAA)
RCDSRoyal College of Defence Studies
rcdscompleted a course at, or served for a year on the Staff of, the Royal College of Defence Studies
RCGPRoyal College of General Practitioners
RCHARoyal Canadian Horse Artillery
RCHMERoyal Commission on Historical Monuments of England
RCM(Member of) Royal College of Music
RCNRoyal Canadian Navy
Royal College of Nursing
RCNCRoyal Corps of Naval Constructors
RCNRRoyal Canadian Naval Reserve
RCNVRRoyal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve
RCORoyal College of Organists
RCOGRoyal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
RCPRoyal College of Physicians, London
RCPARoyal College of Pathologists of Australia
RCPathRoyal College of Pathologists
RCPCHRoyal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh
RCPIRoyal College of Physicians of Ireland
RCPSGRoyal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow
RCPsychRoyal College of Psychiatrists
RCRRoyal College of Radiologists
RCSRoyal College of Surgeons of England
Royal Corps of Signals
Royal College of Science
Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
RCSIRoyal College of Surgeons in Ireland
RCTRoyal Corps of Transport
RCVSRoyal College of Veterinary Surgeons
RDRural Dean
Royal Naval and Royal Marine Forces Reserve Decoration
RDADiploma of Roseworthy Agricultural College, South Australia
Regional Development Agency
RDCRural District Council
RDFRoyal Dublin Fusiliers
RDIRoyal Designer for Industry (Royal Society of Arts)
RERoyal Engineers
Fellow, Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (formerly of Painter-Etchers and Engravers)
Religious Education
REACHRetired Executives Action Clearing House
Rear Adm.Rear Admiral
REconSRoyal Economic Society
REFResearch Excellence Framework
REITReal Estate Investment Trust
REMERoyal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
REngDesRegistered Engineering Designer
RERORoyal Engineers Reserve of Officers
RFARoyal Field Artillery
RFCRoyal Flying Corps (now RAF)
Rugby Football Club
RFCAReserve Forces and Cadets Association
RFDReserve Force Decoration
RFHRoyal Festival Hall
RFPRegistered Forensic Practitioner
RFPS(G)Royal Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow (now see RCPSG)
RFRRassemblement des Français pour la République
RFURugby Football Union
RGARoyal Garrison Artillery
RGIRoyal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts
RGJRoyal Green Jackets
RGNRegistered General Nurse
RGSRoyal Geographical Society
RGSARoyal Geographical Society of Australasia
RHARoyal Hibernian Academy
Royal Horse Artillery
Regional Health Authority
RHASSRoyal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland
RHBRegional Hospital Board
RHBNCRoyal Holloway and Bedford New College, London
RHCRoyal Holloway College, London (later RHBNC)
RHFRoyal Highland Fusiliers
RHGRoyal Horse Guards
RHistSRoyal Historical Society
RHQRegional Headquarters
RHRRoyal Highland Regiment
RHSRoyal Horticultural Society
Royal Humane Society
RHULRoyal Holloway, University of London
RHVRoyal Health Visitor
Registered Health Visitor
RI(Member of) Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours
Rhode Island
RIARoyal Irish Academy
RIAIRoyal Institute of the Architects of Ireland
RIASRoyal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland
RIASCRoyal Indian Army Service Corps
RIBA(Member of) Royal Institute of British Architects
RIBIRotary International in Great Britain and Ireland
RICRoyal Irish Constabulary
Royal Institute of Chemistry (now see RSC)
RICS(Member of) Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
RIFRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers
RIIARoyal Institute of International Affairs
RILEMRéunion internationale des laboratoires d’essais et de recherches sur les matériaux et les constructions
RINRoyal Indian Navy
RINARoyal Institution of Naval Architects
RIPARoyal Institute of Public Administration
RIPHRoyal Institute of Public Health (now see RSPH)
RIPH&HRoyal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene (later RIPH; now see RSPH)
RIrFRoyal Irish Fusiliers
RLCRoyal Logistic Corps
RLFCRugby League Football Club
RLSSRoyal Life Saving Society
RMRoyal Marines
Resident Magistrate
Registered Midwife
RMARoyal Marine Artillery
Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (now incorporating Royal Military Academy, Woolwich)
RMCRoyal Military College Sandhurst (now see RMA)
RMCM(Member of) Royal Manchester College of Music
RMCSRoyal Military College of Science
RMedSocRoyal Medical Society, Edinburgh
RMetSRoyal Meteorological Society
RMFVRRoyal Marine Forces Volunteer Reserve
RMITRoyal Melbourne Institute of Technology
RMLIRoyal Marine Light Infantry
RMNRegistered Mental Nurse
RMOResident Medical Officer(s)
RMPRoyal Military Police
RMPARoyal Medico-Psychological Association
RMSRoyal Microscopical Society
Royal Mail Steamer
Royal Society of Miniature Painters
Royal Mail Ship
RMTNational Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers
Registered Massage Therapist
RNRoyal Navy
Royal Naval
Registered Nurse
RNASRoyal Naval Air Service
RNAYRoyal Naval Aircraft Yard
RNCRoyal Naval College
RNCM(Member of) Royal Northern College of Music
RNECRoyal Naval Engineering College
RNIBRoyal National Institute of Blind People (formerly Royal National Institute for the Blind, then Royal National Institute of the Blind)
RNIDRoyal National Institute for Deaf People (formerly Royal National Institute for the Deaf)
RNLIRoyal National Life-boat Institution
RNLORoyal Naval Liaison Officer
RNLTARoyal Naval Lawn Tennis Association
RNRRoyal Naval Reserve
RNRURoyal Navy Rugby Union
RNSRoyal Numismatic Society
RNSARoyal Naval Sailing Association
RNSCRoyal Naval Staff College
RNTRegistered Nurse Tutor
Royal National Theatre
RNTNEHRoyal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital
RNVRRoyal Naval Volunteer Reserve
RNVSRRoyal Naval Volunteer Supplementary Reserve
RNXSRoyal Naval Auxiliary Service
RNZARoyal New Zealand Artillery
RNZACRoyal New Zealand Armoured Corps
RNZAFRoyal New Zealand Air Force
RNZIRRoyal New Zealand Infantry Regiment
RNZNRoyal New Zealand Navy
RNZNVRRoyal New Zealand Naval Volunteer Reserve
ROCRoyal Observer Corps
ROFRoyal Ordnance Factories
R of OReserve of Officers
ROHRoyal Opera House
ROIMember, Royal Institute of Oil Painters
RoSPARoyal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
RP(Member of) Royal Society of Portrait Painters
RPCRoyal Pioneer Corps
RPERocket Propulsion Establishment
RPFRassemblement pour la France
RPMSRoyal Postgraduate Medical School
RPORoyal Philharmonic Orchestra
RPPRegistered Project Professional
RPRRassemblement pour la République
RPSRoyal Photographic Society
RPSGBRoyal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
RRCRoyal Red Cross
Rapid Reaction Corps
RRERoyal Radar Establishment (later RSRE)
RRFRoyal Regiment of Fusiliers
RRSRoyal Research Ship
RSARoyal Scottish Academician
Royal Society of Arts
Republic of South Africa
RSAARoyal Society for Asian Affairs
RSAFRoyal Small Arms Factory
RSAIRoyal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland
RSAMDRoyal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama
RSanIRoyal Sanitary Institute (later RSH; now see RSPH)
RSASRoyal Surgical Aid Society
RSCRoyal Society of Canada
Royal Society of Chemistry
Royal Shakespeare Company
RSCM(Member of) Royal School of Church Music
RSCNRegistered Sick Children’s Nurse
RSERoyal Society of Edinburgh
RSFRoyal Scots Fusiliers
RSFSRRussian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic
RSGSRoyal Scottish Geographical Society
RSHRoyal Society for the Promotion of Health (now see RSPH)
RSLRoyal Society of Literature
Returned Services League of Australia
RSMRoyal School of Mines
Royal Society of Medicine
RSMA(Member of) Royal Society of Marine Artists
RSMERoyal School of Military Engineering
RSMHCARoyal Society for Mentally Handicapped Children and Adults (see Mencap)
RSNCRoyal Society for Nature Conservation
RSORural Sub-Office
Railway Sub-Office
Resident Surgical Officer
RSPBRoyal Society for Protection of Birds
RSPCARoyal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
RSPHRoyal Society for Public Health
RSRERoyal Signals and Radar Establishment
RSSAfRoyal Society of South Africa
RSSAILAReturned Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen’s Imperial League of Australia (now see RSL)
RSSPCCRoyal Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children
RSTM&HRoyal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
RSUARoyal Society of Ulster Architects
RSVRevised Standard Version
Respiratory Syncytial Virus
RSWMember, Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Water Colours
RTERadio Telefis Eireann
Rt Hon.Right Honourable
RTLRadio-Télévision Luxembourg
RTPIRoyal Town Planning Institute
RTRRoyal Tank Regiment
Rt Rev.Right Reverend
RTSReligious Tract Society
Royal Toxophilite Society
Royal Television Society
RTYCRoyal Thames Yacht Club
RURugby Union
RUARoyal Ulster Academy
RUCRoyal Ulster Constabulary
RUKBARoyal United Kingdom Beneficent Association
RURRoyal Ulster Regiment
RURALSociety for the Responsible Use of Resources in Agriculture & on the Land
RUSIRoyal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (formerly Royal United Service Institution)
RVCRoyal Veterinary College
RVSRoyal Voluntary Service
RWA(Member of) Royal West of England Academy
RWAFFRoyal West African Frontier Force
RWCMDRoyal Welsh College of Music and Drama
RWFRoyal Welch Fusiliers
RWS(Member of) Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours
RYARoyal Yachting Association
RYSRoyal Yacht Squadron
RZSScotRoyal Zoological Society of Scotland


(S)(in Navy) Paymaster
SASouth Australia
South Africa
Société Anonyme
Society of the Atonement
SAAFSouth African Air Force
SABCSouth African Broadcasting Corporation
SACScientific Advisory Committee
sacqualified at small arms technical long course
SACCSouth African Council of Churches
SACEURSupreme Allied Commander Europe
SACIFsociedad anónima commercial industrial financiera
SACLANTSupreme Allied Commander Atlantic
SACROScottish Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders
SA de CVsociedad anónima de capital variable
SADGSociété des Architectes Diplômés par le Gouvernement
SAESociety of Automobile Engineers (US)
SAHFOSSir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science
SANSenior Advocate of Nigeria
SARLSociété à Responsabilité Limitée
SASSpecial Air Service
SASOSenior Air Staff Officer
SATSenior Member, Association of Accounting Technicians
SATBSoprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass
SATROScience and Technology Regional Organisation
SBBachelor of Science (US)
SBAASovereign Base Areas Administration
SBACSociety of British Aerospace Companies (formerly Society of British Aircraft Constructors)
SBSSpecial Boat Service
Silver Bauhinia Star (Hong Kong)
SBStJServing Brother, Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem
SCStar of Courage (Canada)
Senior Counsel
South Carolina
scstudent at the Staff College
SCASociety of Catholic Apostolate (Pallottine Fathers)
Société en Commandité par Actions
SCAASchool Curriculum and Assessment Authority
SCAOSenior Civil Affairs Officer
SCARScientific Committee for Antarctic Research
ScDDoctor of Science
SCDIScottish Council for Development and Industry
SCFSenior Chaplain to the Forces
Save the Children Fund
SChStJSenior Chaplain, Order of St John of Jerusalem
SCISociety of Chemical Industry
SCIESocial Care Institute of Excellence
SCISScottish Council of Independent Schools
SCLStudent in Civil Law
SCLCShort Service Limited Commission
SCLISomerset and Cornwall Light Infantry
SCMState Certified Midwife
Student Christian Movement
SCOBSupreme Counsellor of Baobab (South Africa)
SCONULStanding Conference of National and University Libraries
ScotBICScottish Business in the Community
SCOTVECScottish Vocational Education Council
SCRLSociedade Cooperativa de Responsabilidade Limitada
SCVOScottish Council for Voluntary Organisations
SDStaff Duties
South Dakota (postal)
SDASocial Democratic Alliance
Scottish Diploma in Agriculture
Scottish Development Agency
SDFSudan Defence Force
Social Democratic Federation
SDIStrategic Defence Initiative
SDLPSocial Democratic and Labour Party
SDPSocial Democratic Party
SEACSouth-East Asia Command
SEATOSouth-East Asia Treaty Organization
SECSecurity Exchange Commission
SEDScottish Education Department
SEESociety of Environmental Engineers
SEEDASouth East England Development Agency
SEFIEuropean Society for Engineering Education
SENState Enrolled Nurse
Special Educational Needs
SEPStanford Executive Program
SEPAScottish Environmental Protection Agency
SERCScience and Engineering Research Council
SERTSociety of Electronic and Radio Technicians (later IEIE)
SESOSenior Equipment Staff Officer
SFSinn Féin
SFASecurities and Futures Authority
SFCScottish Further and Higher Education Funding Council
SFHEASenior Fellow, Higher Education Academy
SFORStabilisation Force
SFSEDASenior Fellow, Staff and Higher Educational Development Association
SFTASociety of Film and Television Arts (now see BAFTA)
SGAMember, Society of Graphic Art
SHASecondary Heads Association (now see ASCL)
Special Health Authority
SHACLondon Housing Aid Centre
SHAEFSupreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force
SHAPESupreme Headquarters, Allied Powers, Europe
SHEFCScottish Higher Education Funding Council (now see SFC)
SHHDScottish Home and Health Department
SHNDScottish Higher National Diploma
SHOSenior House Officer
SIASecurity Industry Authority
SIADSociety of Industrial Artists and Designers (now see CSD)
SIAMSociety of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (US)
SIBShipbuilding Industry Board
Securities and Investments Board (now see FSA)
SICA-FICAFoundation for International Commercial Arbitration
SICAVSociété d’Investissement à Capital Variable
SICOTSociété Internationale de Chirurgie Orthopédique et de Traumatologie
SIDSociety for International Development
SIMESecurity Intelligence Middle East
SIMGSocietas Internationalis Medicinae Generalis
SIROTSociété Internationale pour Recherche en Orthopédie et Traumatologie
SISSecret Intelligence Service
SITASociété Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques
SITPROSimpler Trade Procedures Board (formerly Simplification of International Trade Procedures)
SJSociety of Jesus (Jesuits)
SJABSt John Ambulance Brigade
SJDDoctor of Juristic Science
SKSaskatchewan (postal)
Sociedad Limitada
SLACStanford Linear Accelerator Centre
SLCSt Lucia Cross
SLDSocial and Liberal Democrats
SLJSeri Laila Jasa (Brunei)
SLPScottish Labour Party
SLSSociety of Legal Scholars
SMMedal of Service (Canada) (now see OC)
Master of Science
Officer qualified for Submarine Duties
SMASociety of Marine Artists (now see RSMA)
SMBSetia Mahkota Brunei
SMCCSubmarine Commanding Officers’ Command Course
SMESchool of Military Engineering (now see RSME)
SMEOSquadron Marine Engineer Officer
SMHOSovereign Military Hospitaller Order (Malta)
SMIEESenior Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (New York)
SMMTSociety of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Ltd
SMNSeri Maharaja Mangku Negara (Malaysia)
SMOSenior Medical Officer
Sovereign Military Order
SMPSenior Managers’ Program
SMPTESociety of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (US)
SMSShort Message Service
SNAMESociety of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (US)
SNCFSociété Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français
SNDSisters of Notre Dame
SNHScottish Natural Heritage
SNPScottish National Party
SNTSSociety for New Testament Studies
SOStaff Officer
Scientific Officer
Symphony Orchestra
SOAFSultan of Oman’s Air Force
SOASSchool of Oriental and African Studies
Socialist (France, Belgium)
SOCASerious and Organised Crime Agency
Soc & Lib DemSocial and Liberal Democrats (now see Lib Dem)
Soc DemSocial Democrats
SOESpecial Operations Executive
Society of Operations Engineers
SOGATSociety of Graphical and Allied Trades (now see GPMU)
Society of Local Authority Chief Executives
SOLTSociety of London Theatre
SOMSociety of Occupational Medicine
Saskatchewan Order of Merit (Canada)
SOScSociety of Ordained Scientists
SOTSSociety for Old Testament Study
sowcSenior Officers’ War Course
SPSelf-Propelled (Anti-Tank Regiment)
spsine prole (without issue)
SpASocietà per Azioni
SPABSociety for the Protection of Ancient Buildings
SPARKSSport Aiding Medical Research for Children
SPCASociety for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
SPCKSociety for Promoting Christian Knowledge
SPCMDarjah Seri Paduka Cura Si Manja Kini (Malaysia)
SPDSalisbury Plain District
Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands
SPDKSeri Panglima Darjal Kinabalu
SPGSociety for the Propagation of the Gospel (now see USPG)
SPMBSeri Paduka Makhota Brunei
SPMKDarjah Kebasaran Seri Paduka Mahkota Kelantan (Malaysia)
SPMOSenior Principal Medical Officer
SPNCSociety for the Promotion of Nature Conservation (now see RSNC)
SPNMSociety for the Promotion of New Music
SPRSociety for Psychical Research
sprlsociété de personnes à responsabilité limitée
SPSOSenior Principal Scientific Officer
SPTLSociety of Public Teachers of Law (now see SLS)
SPUCSociety for the Protection of Unborn Children (formerly the Unborn Child)
sqstaff qualified
SQASitara-i-Quaid-i-Azam (Pakistan)
SRSpecial Reserve
Southern Railway
Southern Region (BR)
SRASolicitors Regulation Authority
SRCScience Research Council (later SERC)
Students’ Representative Council
SRChState Registered Chiropodist
SRHESociety for Research into Higher Education
SRISScience Reference Information Service
SRNState Registered Nurse
SROSupplementary Reserve of Officers
Self-Regulatory Organisation
SRPState Registered Physiotherapist
Straits Settlements
SSASociety of Scottish Artists
Side Saddle Association
SSACSocial Security Advisory Committee
SSAFASoldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (formerly Soldiers’, Sailors’, and Airmen’s Families Association, then Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association Forces Help)
SSBNNuclear Submarine, Ballistic
SSCSolicitor before Supreme Court (Scotland)
Sculptors Society of Canada
Societas Sanctae Crucis (Society of the Holy Cross)
Short Service Commission
SSEBSouth of Scotland Electricity Board
SSEESSchool of Slavonic and East European Studies
SSFSociety of St Francis
SSJESociety of St John the Evangelist
SSLCShort Service Limited Commission
SSMSociety of the Sacred Mission
Seri Setia Mahkota (Malaysia)
SSOSenior Supply Officer
Senior Scientific Officer
SSRSoviet Socialist Republic
SSRCSocial Science Research Council (now see ESRC)
SSSISites of Special Scientific Interest
SSSRSociety for the Scientific Study of Religion
SSStJServing Sister, Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem
STASail Training Association
STBSacrae Theologiae Baccalaureus (Bachelor of Sacred Theology)
STCSenior Training Corps
STDSacrae Theologiae Doctor (Doctor of Sacred Theology)
STEPSkills To Empower Programme
STETSSouthern Theological Education and Training Scheme
STFCScience and Technology Facilities Council
SThScholar in Theology
STLSacrae Theologiae Lector (Reader or a Professor of Sacred Theology)
STMSacrae Theologiae Magister (Master of Sacred Theology)
STPSacrae Theologiae Professor (Professor of Divinity, old form of DD)
STSOSenior Technical Staff Officer
STVScottish Television
SUNYState University of New York
Supp. Res.Supplementary Reserve (of Officers)
SWETSociety of West End Theatre (now see SOLT)
SWOStaff Warfare Officer
SWRBSadler’s Wells Royal Ballet


TATelegraphic Address
Territorial Army
TAFTactical Air Force
T&AVRTerritorial and Army Volunteer Reserve
TAROTerritorial Army Reserve of Officers
TASTorpedo and Anti Submarine Course
TASSTechnical, Administrative and Supervisory Section of AUEW (now part of MSF)
Territorial Auxiliary and Volunteer Reserve Association (now see RFCA)
TCOrder of the Trinity Cross (Trinidad and Tobago)
TCCBTest and County Cricket Board (now see ECB)
TCDTrinity College, Dublin (University of Dublin, Trinity College)
TCFTemporary Chaplain to the Forces
TCPATown and Country Planning Association
TDTerritorial Efficiency Decoration
Efficiency Decoration (T&AVR) (since April 1967)
Teachta Dala (Member of the Dáil, Eire)
TDATraining and Development Agency for Schools
TDDTubercular Diseases Diploma
TETechnical Engineer
TECTechnician Education Council (later BTEC)
Training and Enterprise Council
TechRICSTechnical Member, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
TEFTeaching Excellence Framework
TEFLTeaching English as a Foreign Language
TEFLATeaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults
TEMTerritorial Efficiency Medal
TEMATelecommunication Engineering and Manufacturing Association
TEng(CEI)Technician Engineer (now see IEng)
TEOTeaching English Overseas
TESTimes Educational Supplement
TESLTeaching English as a Second Language
TESOLTeaching English to Speakers of other Languages
TFTerritorial Force
TfLTransport for London
TFRTerritorial Force Reserve
TFTSTactical Fighter Training Squadron
TGEWTimber Growers England and Wales Ltd
TGOTimber Growers’ Organisation (now see TGEW)
TGWUTransport and General Workers’ Union
ThDDoctor of Theology
THESTimes Higher Education Supplement
ThLTheological Licentiate
ThMMaster of Theology
ThScholScholar in Theology
TIMSThe Institute of Management Sciences (now see INFORMS)
TISCAThe Independent Schools Christian Alliance
TLSTimes Literary Supplement
TMATheatrical Management Association
TNTennessee (postal)
TNCTheatres National Committee
TOPSSTraining Organisation for the Personal Social Services
TPITown Planning Institute (now see RTPI)
TPPTransport Planning Professional
TPsychTrainer in Psychiatry
TQTeaching Qualification
TRATenants’ and Residents’ Association
TrATBTreble, Alto, Tenor, Bass
TRCThames Rowing Club
TRETelecommunications Research Establishment (later RRE)
TRHTheir Royal Highnesses
TRICTelevision and Radio Industries Club
TRLTransport Research Laboratory
TRRLTransport and Road Research Laboratory (now see TRL)
TSTraining Ship
Turbine Steamer
TSBTrustee Savings Bank
tscpassed a Territorial Army Course in Staff Duties
TSETransmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies
TSSATransport Salaried Staffs’ Association
TSSFTertiary, Society of St Francis
TSWATelevision South West Arts
TTATeacher Training Agency (now see TDA)
TUCTrades Union Congress
TUSTrade Union Side
TUSCTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
TUVTraditional Unionist Voice
TVEITechnical and Vocational Education Initiative
TWAThames Water Authority
TXTexas (postal)


UAUnitary Authority
UACEUniversities Association for Continuing Education
UAEUnited Arab Emirates
UALUniversity of the Arts London
UAUUniversities Athletic Union
UBCUniversity of British Columbia
UCUniversity College
UCASUniversities and Colleges Admissions Service
UCCAUniversities Central Council on Admissions
UCCFUniversities and Colleges Christian Fellowship of Evangelical Unions
UCDUniversity College Dublin
UCEUniversity of Central England
UCEAUniversities and Colleges Employers Association
UCETUniversities Council for Education of Teachers
UCHUniversity College Hospital (London)
UCIUnion Cycliste Internationale
UCLUniversity College London
UCLAUniversity of California at Los Angeles
UCLESUniversity of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate
UCLHUniversity College London Hospital
UCMSMUniversity College and Middlesex School of Medicine
UCNWUniversity College of North Wales
UCSUniversity College School
UCSBUniversity of California at Santa Barbara
UCSDUniversity of California at San Diego
UCSFUniversity of California at San Francisco
UCUNFUlster Conservatives and Unionists - New Force
UCWUniversity College of Wales
Union of Communication Workers (now see CWU)
UDCUrban District Council
Urban Development Corporation
UDFUnion Defence Force
Union pour la démocratie française
UDMUnited Democratic Movement (South Africa)
UDRUlster Defence Regiment
Union des Démocrates pour la VèmeRépublique (later RPR)
UDSRUnion Démocratique et Socialiste de la Résistance
United Empire Loyalist
UEAUniversity of East Anglia
UEFAUnion of European Football Associations
UELUniversity of East London
UEMSUnion Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes
UFUnited Free Church
UFAWUniversities Federation for Animal Welfare
UFCUniversities’ Funding Council
UGCUniversity Grants Committee (later UFC)
UHIUniversity of the Highlands and Islands (formerly University of the Highlands and Islands Millennium Institute)
UIAAUnion Internationale des Associations d’Alpinisme
UICCUnion Internationale contre le Cancer
UIEUnion Internationale des Etudiants
UISPPUnion Internationale des Sciences Préhistoriques et Protohistoriques
UITPInternational Union of Public Transport
UJDUtriusque Juris Doctor (Doctor of both Laws, Doctor of Canon and Civil Law)
UKUnited Kingdom
UKAEAUnited Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
UKCCUnited Kingdom Central Council for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting
UKCCCRUnited Kingdom Co-ordinating Committee on Cancer Research
UKCICCUnited Kingdom Commanders-in-Chief Committees
UKCISAUnited Kingdom Council for International Student Affairs
UKCOSAUnited Kingdom Council for Overseas Student Affairs (now see UKCISA)
UKCPUnited Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy
UKERNAUnited Kingdom Education and Research Networking Association
UKIASUnited Kingdom Immigrants’ Advisory Service
UKICUnited Kingdom Institute for Conservation
UKIPUnited Kingdom Independence Party
UKLFUnited Kingdom Land Forces
UKMEAUnited Kingdom, Middle East and Africa
UKMF(L)United Kingdom Military Forces (Land)
UKMISUnited Kingdom Mission
UKOLNUnited Kingdom Office of Library Networking
UKOOAUnited Kingdom Offshore Operators Association
UKPIAUnited Kingdom Petroleum Industry Association Ltd
UKSCUnited Kingdom Support Command
UKSLSUnited Kingdom Services Liaison Staff
UKTIUK Trade & Investment
UKUUnited Kingdom Unionist
ULPSUnion of Liberal and Progressive Synagogues
UMDSUnited Medical and Dental Schools
UMISTUniversity of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
UMPUnion pour un Mouvement Populaire (formerly Union pour la Majorité Présidentielle)
UNUnited Nations
UNAUnited Nations Association
UNCASTUnited Nations Conference on the Applications of Science and Technology
UNCIOUnited Nations Conference on International Organisation
UNCITRALUnited Nations Commission on International Trade Law
UNCSTDUnited Nations Conference on Science and Technology for Development
United Nations Commission for Trade and Development
UNDPUnited Nations Development Programme
UNDROUnited Nations Disaster Relief Organisation
UNECAUnited Nations Economic Commission for Asia
UNECEUnited Nations Economic Commission for Europe
UNEDUnited Nations Environment and Development
UNEPUnited Nations Environment Programme
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
UNFAOUnited Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation
UNFICYPUnited Nations Force in Cyprus
UNHCRUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UNICEUnion des Industries de la Communauté Européenne
United Nations Children’s Fund (formerly United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund)
UNIDOUnited Nations Industrial Development Organisation
UNIDROITInstitut International pour l’Unification du Droit Privé
UNIFEMUnited Nations Development Fund for Women
UNIFILUnited Nations Interim Force in Lebanon
UNIPEDEUnion Internationale des Producteurs et Distributeurs d’Energie Electrique
UNISISTUniversal System for Information in Science and Technology
UNITARUnited Nations Institute of Training and Research
UNOUnited Nations Organization
UNODCUnited Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
UNRRAUnited Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
UNRWAUnited Nations Relief and Works Agency
UNSCOBUnited Nations Special Commission on the Balkans
UPUnited Provinces
Uttar Pradesh
United Presbyterian
UPGCUniversity and Polytechnic Grants Committee
UPNIUnionist Party of Northern Ireland
UPUUniversal Postal Union
UPUPUlster Popular Unionist Party
URCUnited Reformed Church
Urban Regeneration Company
URSIUnion Radio-Scientifique Internationale
USUnited States
USAUnited States of America
USAAFUnited States Army Air Force
USAFUnited States Air Force
USAIDUnited States Agency for International Development
USARUnited States Army Reserve
USCUniversity of Southern California
USDAWUnion of Shop Distributive and Allied Workers
USMUnlisted Securities Market
USMAUnited States Military Academy
USMCUnited States Marine Corps
USNUnited States Navy
USNRUnited States Naval Reserve
USPGUnited Society Partners in the Gospel (formerly United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel)
USPHSUnited States Public Health Service
USPSUnited States Postal Service
USSUnited States Ship
USSRUnion of Soviet Socialist Republics
USVIUnited States Virgin Islands
UTUtah (postal)
UTCUniversity Training Corps
U3AUniversity of the Third Age
UTSUniversity of Technology, Sydney
UUUlster Unionist
UUKUniversities UK
UUPUlster Unionist Party
UUUCUnited Ulster Unionist Coalition
UUUPUnited Ulster Unionist Party
UWCCUniversity of Wales College of Cardiff
UWCMUniversity of Wales College of Medicine
UWEUniversity of the West of England
UWICUniversity of Wales Institute, Cardiff
UWISTUniversity of Wales Institute of Science and Technology
UWPUnited Workers’ Party (Dominica)
UWSUniversity of the West of Scotland
UWTUnion of Women Teachers
UWTSDUniversity of Wales Trinity Saint David


VFive (Roman numerals)
vversus (against)
vide (see)
VAVirginia (postal)
VADVoluntary Aid Detachment
V&AVictoria and Albert
VATValue Added Tax
VCVictoria Cross
Voluntary Controlled
VCASVice Chief of the Air Staff
VCDSVice Chief of the Defence Staff
VCGSVice Chief of the General Staff
VCMMember, Victoria College of Music
VCNSVice Chief of the Naval Staff
VCTVenture Capital Trust
VDRoyal Naval Volunteer Reserve Officers’ Decoration (now VRD)
Volunteer Officers’ Decoration
Victorian Decoration
VDCVolunteer Defence Corps
VetMBBachelor of Veterinary Medicine
Vice Adm.Vice Admiral
VIPVery Important Person
VLSIVery Large Scale Integration
VLVVoice of the Listener and Viewer
VMVictory Medal
VMAFixed Wing Marine Attack
VMGOVice Master General of the Ordnance
VMHVictoria Medal of Honour (Royal Horticultural Society)
VMSMVoluntary Medical Services Medal
VPPVolunteer Political Party
VPRPVice-President, Royal Society of Portrait Painters
VRVictoria Regina (Queen Victoria)
Volunteer Reserve
VRDRoyal Naval Volunteer Reserve Officers’ Decoration
VRSMVolunteer Reserves Service Medal
VSOVoluntary Service Overseas
VTVermont (postal)
VUPVanguard Unionist Party
VVDVolkspartij voor Vrijheiden Democratie


WAWestern Australia
Washington (postal)
WAAFWomen’s Auxiliary Air Force (later WRAF)
WACLWomen in Advertising and Communications, London
WAOSWelsh Agricultural Organisations Society
WashWashington State
WCCWorld Council of Churches
W/CdrWing Commander
WCMDWelsh College of Music and Drama (now see RWCMD)